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Eight Movies with a Blind Heroine

Updated on June 9, 2014

There are a few movies out there with female characters who are blind. Often the blindness is used to amp up the tension, as when she is around a murderer and doesn't know it, other times it is used for pure inspiration, movie audiences meant to feel amazed that she could accomplish anything at all. Sadly, it is still rare to find a movie whose heroine is blind for no ulterior motive, just a regular person with the same dreams, worries, thoughts, and fears as anyone else.

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Here are eight movies where a main female character is blind, in chronological order to when they came out...

The Miracle Worker


First up is the based-on-true-events story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, the woman who helped her learn how to navigate the world.

Many people see this movie in school and it is the introduction of the concept of blindness to lots of children. It is an interesting story and provides some insight into how someone who can neither see nor hear can still connect with the world.

The most important thing to note is how Helen's parents and family did not expect her to be able to do anything, and so they mostly ignored her and let her run wild. Once Anne comes along, it becomes clear that they did not have to do this. Helen is capable and smart.

Since the movie only shows the beginning of Helen Keller's life, many people don't know that she went on to have a huge influence on the world. She was an activist and an outspoken feminist in her adult life.

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A Patch of Blue


I loved this movie when I first saw it as a teenager. It tells the story of a blind girl who has been given no education or opportunities in life, living in a very abusive situation who meets and befriends a compassionate black man played by Sidney Poitier.

Blindness here is used to tell an interesting story of race issues because Selena doesn't know at first that her new friend is black. Her mother is furious when she finds out, but Selena is firm. She knows that no matter what her mother tells her about black people, this man has been kinder to her than anyone in her family ever has.

He helps her gain confidence and she really blossoms.

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Wait Until Dark


Audrey Hepburn plays a woman who is blind and has accidentally come into possession of a doll that has drugs in it and the people transporting those drugs want it back.

Her husband is out of town, leaving her very vulnerable. But the movie has a great arc as Hepburn goes from nervous and afraid to confident. She ends up using her blindness as an advantage against the bad guys.

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Ice Castles

1978 (remade in 2010)

A young woman talented at figure skating has an accident that leaves her blind. With the help of family and loved ones, she learns that her dreams don't have to be over.

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Jennifer Eight


Uma Thurman plays a blind woman whom a cop suspects might be the next victim of a serial killer. While working with her to protect her, he starts to fall in love, which complicates the investigation.

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The Langoliers


Passengers on a plane wake up to find that most people have vanished and they land the plane themselves only to find the airport empty. They struggle to figure out what has happened and why they are still there.

Of the group of surviving people, one is a young woman who is blind. She has the stereotypical enhanced hearing ability and has a mysterious other-worldly quality about her (hearkening back to ancient myths that connect physical blindness with a spiritual seeing).

This movie is based on a Stephen King story.

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Red Dragon


This is a prequel to Silence of the Lambs and has a similar structure of Hannibal Lector helping an FBI agent track down a killer. A killer who has targeted a blind woman. Again, using blindness as a way to really emphasize how vulnerable she is.

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The Village


M. Night Shyamalan's The Village features a blind young woman who is the daughter of the leader of the village. She is well liked and an intregal part of the workings of the village. It is also she who falls in love and has to go on a quest to find help when the man she loves is attacked and left dying.

Shyamalan's "big twist" makes it clear why it had to be her, but I was also impressed at how capable she was shown to be. Though not perfect, I think this is probably the most well-rounded bind character on this list.

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What movies am I missing? - Do you know of other movies with blind female characters? Let me know!

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