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What/Which Zumba Dance Shoes? Review By A Zumba Instructor

Updated on December 20, 2014

Zumba Dance Shoes Review

I teach Zumba classes which means that I have tried out many different types of sneakers/trainers and Zumba dance shoes. If you love Zumba,or any other type of dance class you will appreciate the need for the correct footwear. If you are planning to try a dance fitness class then you are probably looking for what to wear without spending a fortune.

In this article you will find various footwear options for your dance class, including Bloch dance sneakers, Capezio Dance Sneakers and other dance trainers, along with the pros and cons of each option. You can get the lowdown on each style and tips for how to chose the right one for you.

(Images are all from Amazon with permission)

So Which Dance Shoes Should I Choose For Zumba?

The two main brands of dance sneaker you will find on the market at the moment are Bloch and Capezio. Zumba also do their own fun, colorful range which you can see below. There are others, and these are the main ones, and the brands that I have experience of. All of these three brands offer lightweight sneakers, designed specifically for dancing. Personally I prefer the look and feel of my Capezio trainers, however when I need extra support for my ankle I will wear my Bloch dance shoes.

I haven't tried the Zumba ones for myself however I know people who have them and love them. They are fit for purpose as they are designed specifically for Zumba, and they are really fun and funky. As with most things Zumba they are colorful! You can see the Zumba Dance Trainers here.

Capezio Dance Sneakers

I have a pair of these and I LOVE them!

They are lightweight and so feel great for dancing in and they have the split sole making them ideal for turning. They look nice too, not too chunky. I've had mine for about 1.5 years and t hey get HEAVY usage and they are STILL going. Capezio dance shoes tend to come up on the smallish side so bear this in mind, it might be worth getting a larger size, especially if you are between sizes or if you plan to add insoles (I use Oder-eaters soles in mine!).

Bloch 522 Twist Sneakers - For sneakers with a twist

Bloch Women's Twist Dance Silver Fashion Sneakers 9 X
Bloch Women's Twist Dance Silver Fashion Sneakers 9 X

For me these are the most stylish of the styles. They have all the same features as the standard and Criss Cross sneakers, and they look stunning, combining leather and material for a sleek effect.


Can't I just wear ordinary sneakers for my Zumba class?

Yes you can. And it is fine to do so. However if you are considering taking up dance fitness classes as a regular hobby it's worth investing in a pair of dance sneakers. Ordinary trainers tend to be designed for forward motion (like running) and in most dance fitness classes (like Zumba) you will find that there is also a lot of twisting and side to side movement. Dance sneakers are designed to give you the safest and best experience for this type of movement.

Many people often start doing classes wearing their normal sneakers, and then after a few classes, once they have got the hang of the movements and steps, they will look around for something more suitable. Ordinary trainers can hinder your movement and prevent you from being able to twist and shimmy, which can lessen your enjoyment of the class. At worst case there is a risk of causing injury to the knees or ankles, because the trainers do not allow your feet to twist on the floor.

The Standard Bloch Dance Trainers - Suitable for most people.

Bloch Women's Boost Mesh Dance Sneaker S0538L, Black, 9 X(Medium) US
Bloch Women's Boost Mesh Dance Sneaker S0538L, Black, 9 X(Medium) US

The trainers are lightweight and so ideal for dancing. They feature breathable material to let your feet breath when they get hot and a split sole to allow for movement when you are twisting and turning. This makes the movements much easier to do and eliminates much of the risk of knee injury. They have a light grip on the sole however there is a rotation pad on the toe section to allow for even easier turning.


Feet are Amazing!

"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the a celebration of that miracle."

Martha Washington

An Important Note About Sizing!

Both Bloch and Capezio sneakers tend to come up small, so it is advisable to order a size larger than you normally wear. So many of my Zumba class customers have been caught out that way and have needed to return the sneakers and order a larger size.

A Splash of Color - Colorful Zumba Dance Shoes!

The Bloch trainers below have all the features of the standard Bloch trainers and will suit those who like more colourful footwear.

Beautiful and Poignant

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" - Martha Graham

Bloch Wave Dance Sneakers

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Tell me what you think about the Zumba dance shoes I have mentioned

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    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @dwnovacek: Yes, they are great!


    • dwnovacek profile image

      dwnovacek 4 years ago

      Had no idea they made such a thing. Thanks for letting us know about them!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @Joan4: Hello Joan,

      Yes it made a BIG difference to my dancing, and in turn to my enjoyment of the class. You feel more free when you can turn and move easily!

    • profile image

      Joan4 4 years ago

      Your explanation re the need for dance shoes is very helpful. I have tried Zumba in the past, had fun, but I think I would do better next time with zumba shoes!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @dsr485: I know. :-)

      They just feel so great to wear and really cheer my up, apart from being great for dancing in too!

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • dsr485 profile image

      dsr485 4 years ago

      They are fantastic! I love Zumba and these shoes are perfect. I love the vibrant colors.

    • malikaehf profile image

      malikaehf 5 years ago

      Always on my way to try Zumba ...., great to know where to find the best Zumba shoes!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 5 years ago

      @Thamisgith: Ha ha... good for her - Glad she is enjoying it. Well you know where to come if she does ;-)

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Yes Zumba is big right now :-)

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 5 years ago

      @Joan4: Hi Joan4. Thank you for the blessing :-)

      Yes Zumba great fun.


    • profile image

      Joan4 5 years ago

      I did take zumba lessons for a while and had fun! These Bloch dance sneakers look like they would be very helpful too.

    • markweiland profile image

      markweiland 5 years ago

      This is a great collection of shoes. Great lens too.

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 5 years ago

      @SuzieJames: Oh do try it - it's so fun. And if you pick a community based class they are usually really friendly!

    • SuzieJames profile image

      SuzieJames 5 years ago

      never been brave enough to try zumba...but would wear these sneakers just for the great colors!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Seem to be hearing more and more about Zumba every day. Perfect timing then for this website.

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 5 years ago

      My wife is a big Zumba fan. I expect she'll want a pair of these before much longer.

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 5 years ago

      @smoothielover lm: @smoothielover you are very welcome. Let me know how you get on!

      Just taking note of your name, I love smoothies, are some of your lens on smoothies?


    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 5 years ago

      Zumba is such fun and it always pays to have the right footwear - thank you for pointing me in the right direction