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How It Works: Rent Movies From Blockbuster Online

Updated on February 26, 2009

$4.25 A Movie In The Store?!?!?

It almost costs as much to rent a movie as it does to go see the thing during the matinee time in the theaters.

For me, movie rentals cost even more. I have a problem with late fees. No, wait I have a problem with the late fees I aquire due to late returns. So that $4.50 movie can actually end up costing me much much more.. Before Blockbuster did away with late fee's I paid the rent on the store near us.

3 movies out a few too many days, eventually considered lost, $97. WOW! Yes that's right, $97 charge to my credit card. Eventually part of it was refunded because I finally returned the darn things but $97 is a very expensive price for 3 rentals. I don't think the movies were all that good either.

I swore off renting movies after that.. Till I came across Blockbuster Online it was a really great program and I only quit because I was trying to elimiate some of the "extras" I was spending on.

This Guy Explains The Program Better Then I Ever Could

Saved Movie Queue

What I loved about Blockbuster Online is that I could go through the 75,000+ movie titles and spend some time picking out some movies I'm interested in. I could save as many as I wanted. Then I arranged them so that the ones I wanted to see the most are first in line.

Blockbuster automatically would go through my list everytime they received my movies back and would then send whatever I have next in line. If my first preference was not available, the second in line would be sent and I could add, remove, and rearrage as I saw fit.

Resident Evil Extinction
Resident Evil Extinction

Returning Movies and Delivery Times

I will admit that I am even so lazy and forgetful that taking these movies out to the mailbox in the morning didn't happen to often. I dropped off my mail for my work down at the post office so once I got into the habit of sticking the movies we finished into my purse the night before and dropping it off with the rest of the mail. With Blockbuster Online, I returned my movies as quick as possible so that I could get the next ones. You should have seen how fast I could watch a complete season of a TV show. There was no late fee's though, so that stress was lifted and I didn't feel bad if I did have the movies a few more days then normal.

Blockbuster Online says...

  • You may return them via USPS using the prepaid postage-paid envelopes provided.
  • Or, with BLOCKBUSTER Total Access, you can take your DVDs from, sealed in their return envelopes, to your local participating BLOCKBUSTER store. Your online DVDs may be exchanged for free in-store rentals; you'll receive one free in-store movie rental for each online DVD sealed in its return mailer. We'll even mail back your online DVDs for you.
  • In general, DVDs received each morning of each business day are processed that same afternoon. In most cases, your next DVD will ship either the same business day we received your returned DVD or the next business day.
  • Online DVDs should arrive in your mailbox within 1-3 days of shipment. Keep in mind that USPS delivery times may be affected by holidays, extreme weather and other factors. You can find the estimated arrival date of your DVD, based on USPS First-Class Domestic Delivery schedules, in your Queue.
  • We will notify you via email when selections are mailed and when returned items are received.

I found that I could drop a movie off on tuesday and thursday i'd have new movies. When the new option to drop off movies at the Blockbuster store the turn around was even quicker. If I dropped movies off in the morning, not only did I get to pick a few from the stores selection, but I would recieve the next titles on my queue list the next day.


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    • shailini profile image


      10 years ago from Bangalore, India

      I wish Blockbuster comes to

    • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Western Washington

      they charge by the month and it varies depending apon how many movies you want out at a time.. I'll go look up the excat amounts and update this hub soon!! :)

    • djtphn1 profile image


      10 years ago from Riverside County, California

      Hey, how much is it? Do they charge per month, per movie or do you know?????


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