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Blood Simple Review

Updated on November 4, 2014
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Produced by Joel and Ethan Coen, this 1984 film depicts a dark thrilling neo-noir crime thriller. A keystone to the spire of the 1980s, this movie is now a classic. As far as box office numbers are considered it was a modest success of 3.8 million dollars. Critical acclaim however still holds true all these years later and at the end of the day isn't that all that matters? Lets take a look at the brass tacks of Blood Simple.

Target Audience

There are many intelligent schemes and dialogue within which force the viewer to think critically, making this a thought-provoking piece. At the same time the fast pace keeps one purely entertained. The themes are of a violent nature making this at least a PG-13 rating and therefore eliminating any type of child viewer. The target audience would be an intelligent adult male. Race is White and Black because character Meurice is a large Blackman. Women tend to not like violence as much as men and thus are not part of the Target Audience.

Blood Simple Trailer


The story begins with Abby and Ray driving. We soon learn they are lovers. At this point Julian Marty is introduced. Through the efforts of Loren Visser, the private detective, he learns of his cheating wife. Ray who works for Marty quits his job after Marty explains that he knows.

Marty hires Visser to kill Ray and Abby. Visser takes the plan a step forward and doctors photos to make it look as if he killed Abby and Ray upon which he would take 10,000 dollars from Marty and kill him with Abby’s gun. Marty and Ray get into a fight at the bar that Marty owns. After a struggle Marty appears dead. Ray drives him to a field whereupon he finds Marty is still alive. He buries Marty alive. Before all the dirt goes above his head he pulls out a gun and shoots at Ray. The Gun is empty making for a very climatic scene where Marty is buried alive. This scene is most intense.

Later Ray explains to Abby what he has done and the phone rings. She says Marty is on the other end. Abby and Ray soon leave because they fear Marty is after them. Little do they know Visser knows their next location. Visser finds them and snipes Ray killing him. Abby hides and Visser comes into a bathroom looking for her. She shoots him and he falls. Abby says “I’m not afraid of you, Marty”. Visser laughs and says, “I’ll give him the message”. This leaves the viewer thinking that Marty may be dead and called from beyond the grave after he was buried.

Cool Scene From Blood Simple


Ray: This is the bartender who works for Marty and has a secret love encounter with Abby. He is a controversial character that we like although he cheats on his bosses wife. This makes the character gripping.

Loren Visser: The detective has a compelling force to him because he backstabs his Boss Marty. His plans are simple he wants money and everyone else dead. This character symbolizes human desire for greed.

Julian Marty: The antagonist, Marty, loses his mind due to the love affair. An enticing aspect is his loss of fear. He wants Abby and Ray dead at any cost. Ironically he is the one who dies or so we think.

Abby: The protagonist Abby is the only character to survive. She is the catalyst being the link between Ray, Marty, and Visser. Her compelling effect is her actions leave everyone dead except her. We feel connected to her because she lives and therefore feel the story came from her.


The dialogue is powerful but not overbearing. The action drives the story and the dialogue feels real as it illustrates the main points. The feeling of a dirty underworld comes alive through the discourse. Many counterparts to this film had cheesy over the top 80s verbiage. The world ring true here the story is simple, its blood simple.

Story Strengths

The story has a lot of twists. Just when you think you know what is going on you get spun 180 degrees. The three main characters all die but Marty may still be alive you are left not exactly sure what his status is. The plot is very simple entailing a heated boss who wants his employee and wife dead. This simplicity keeps the viewer entranced but not confused.

Opportunities for products are available. This crime type movie could easily become a hit video game where each character can be played and try to kill the other character. Ray and Marty can combat in numerous different levels from scenery in the movie. The cars used within the scenes could be tied into a specific car company for product placement. There could even be a dark comedy commercial for a garbage bag company saying it is so strong it can hold Marty’s body.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is Blood Simple is indeed simple but complex in the fact that the characters don’t know what is going on. This keeps you engaged and makes it a worthwhile script.

You can see more info on Blood Simple Here.


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