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The Best Blur Albums

Updated on January 22, 2013

Blur - My favorite Band

When I was 17 Blur were at their peak, they were the epitomy of Brit Pop and a new culture of the 90s

Park Life was a huge success and the media war between Blur and Oasis was at top gear.

While Oasis were popular, Blur's songs and albums varied so much in my mind they always outclassed Oasis.

Brit Pop bands sprang up everywhere in an attempt to capture their magic.

Here are their albums (in date order) I hope you enjoy them as much as I have :)

I've put in some of my favorite songs (there are far too many to post all the videos but I have put in a lot!)

Who was better in the 90s?

Which Brit Pop Band did you support?

Blur - Beetlebum

Leisure (1991) - Their Debut Album

Here are the songs, my favorite is She's So High

  • "She's So High" - 4:45

    "Bang" - 3:36

    "Slow Down" - 3:11

    "Repetition" - 5:25

    "Bad Day" - 4:23

    "Sing" - 6:00

    "There's No Other Way" - 3:23

    "Fool" - 3:15

    "Come Together" - 3:51

    "High Cool" - 3:37

    "Birthday" - 3:50

    "Wear Me Down" - 4:49

Blur - Country House

  • "For Tomorrow" – 4:18

    "Advert" – 3:43

    "Colin Zeal" – 3:14

    "Pressure on Julian" – 3:30

    "Star Shaped" – 3:25

    "Blue Jeans" – 3:53

    "Chemical World" – 4:02

    "Intermission" – 2:27

    "Sunday Sunday" – 2:36

    "Oily Water" – 4:59

    "Miss America" – 5:34

    "Villa Rosie" – 3:54

    "Coping" – 3:23

    "Turn It Up" – 3:21

    "Resigned" – 5:13

    "Commercial Break" – 0:56

Modern Life is rubbish

Blur - The Universal

Bit of Clockwork Orange?

Parklife - Released 1994

This is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 90s

  • "Girls & Boys" – 4:50

    "Tracy Jacks" – 4:20

    "End of a Century" – 2:46

    "Parklife" – 3:05

    "Bank Holiday" – 1:42

    "Badhead" – 3:25

    "The Debt Collector" – 2:10

    "Far Out" – 1:41

    "To the End" – 4:05

    "London Loves" – 4:15

    "Trouble in the Message Centre" – 4:09

    "Clover Over Dover" – 3:22

    "Magic America" – 3:38

    "Jubilee" – 2:47

    "This Is a Low" – 5:07

    "Lot 105" – 1:17

Blur - Parklife

  • "Stereotypes" – 3:10

    "Country House" – 3:57

    "Best Days" – 4:49

    "Charmless Man" – 3:34

    "Fade Away" – 4:19

    "Top Man" – 4:00

    "The Universal" – 3:58

    "Mr. Robinson's Quango" – 4:02

    "He Thought of Cars" – 4:15

    "It Could Be You" – 3:14

    "Ernold Same" – 2:07

    "Globe Alone" – 2:23

    "Dan Abnormal" – 3:24

    "Entertain Me" – 4:19

    "Yuko and Hiro" – 5:24

The Great Escape

Blur - She's so High

Blur - Released 1997

Beetlebum is class!

  • "Beetlebum" - 5:04

    "Song 2" - 2:02

    "Country Sad Ballad Man" - 4:50

    "M.O.R." - 3:27 (Albarn/David Bowie/Coxon/Brian Eno/James/Rowntree)

    "On Your Own" - 4:26

    "Theme from Retro" - 3:37

    "You're So Great" - 3:35 (Coxon)

    "Death of a Party" - 4:33

    "Chinese Bombs" - 1:24

    "I'm Just a Killer for Your Love" - 4:11

    "Look Inside America" - 3:50

    "Strange News from Another Star" - 4:02

    "Movin' On" - 3:44

    "Essex Dogs" (includes hidden tracks "Dancehall" and "Interlude") - 8:08

Blur - Girls and Boys

  • "Tender" - 7:40

    "Bugman" - 4:47

    "Coffee & TV" - 5:58

    "Swamp Song" - 4:36

    "1992" - 5:29

    "B.L.U.R.E.M.I." - 2:52

    "Battle" - 7:43

    "Mellow Song" - 3:56

    "Trailerpark" - 4:26

    "Caramel" - 7:38

    "Trimm Trabb" - 5:37

    "No Distance Left to Run" - 3:27

    "Optigan 1" - 2:34

Blur - End of a Century

  • Disc one

    All tracks written by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree.

    "Beetlebum" (from Blur) - 5:05

    "Song 2" (from Blur) - 2:02

    "There's No Other Way" (from Leisure) - 3:14

    "The Universal" (from The Great Escape) - 4:00

    "Coffee & TV" (Edit) (from 13) - 5:18

    "Parklife" (from Parklife) - 3:07

    "End of a Century" (from Parklife) - 2:47

    "No Distance Left to Run" (from 13) - 3:26

    "Tender" (from 13) - 7:41

    "Girls & Boys" (Edit) (from Parklife) - 4:18

    "Charmless Man" (from The Great Escape) - 3:33

    "She's So High" (Edit) (from Leisure) - 3:49

    "Country House" (from The Great Escape) - 3:57

    "To the End" (Edit) (from Parklife) - 3:51

    "On Your Own" (from Blur) - 4:27

    "This Is a Low" (From Parklife) - 5:02

    "For Tomorrow" (Visit To Primrose Hill Extended) (from Modern Life Is Rubbish) - 6:02

    "Music Is My Radar" (album exclusive track) - 5:29

    Disc two (Limited Edition)

    Recorded live at Wembley Arena, 11 December 1999.

    "She's So High" - 5:24

    "Girls & Boys" - 4:21

    "To The End" - 4:08

    "End of a Century" - 3:00

    "Stereotypes" - 3:27

    "Charmless Man" - 3:31

    "Beetlebum" - 6:09

    "M.O.R." - 3:09

    "Tender" - 6:20

    "No Distance Left to Run" - 4:09

The Best of Blur

Blur - Theres no other way

  • "Me, White Noise" (pregap hidden track) – 6:48

    "Ambulance" – 5:09

    "Out of Time" – 3:52

    "Crazy Beat" – 3:15

    "Good Song" – 3:09

    "On the Way to the Club" (Albarn, James Dring, James, Rowntree) – 3:48

    "Brothers and Sisters" – 3:47

    "Caravan" – 4:36

    "We've Got a File on You" – 1:03

    "Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club" – 3:03

    "Sweet Song" – 4:01

    "Jets" (Albarn, James, Rowntree, Mike Smith) – 6:25

    "Gene by Gene" – 3:49

    "Battery in Your Leg" (Albarn, Graham Coxon, James, Rowntree) – 3:20

Think Tank

Blur - Coffee and TV

Blur, are they great or what?

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    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image


      8 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I'm sorry, I had never heard of them before. Thanks for introducing them to me. : )

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Yeah! I loved Parklife :) Blessed today :)


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