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Bones the TV Show, My Guilty Addiction

Updated on December 5, 2014

I love the TV Show Bones! It's my guilty addiction, ok I don't feel guilty about it, I LOVE the show. To me it's the perfect blend of a crime show, who dunnit, mixed with science, mixed with drama, sprinkled with intricate character development and relationships.

David Boreanaz is a family tradition between my daughter and myself. He is what drew me to the show over eight years ago. My daughter and I started watching him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then on the spin off show Angel. Yes she was young, probably too young at the time, to watch Buffy, but she survived and is a well adjusted college student.

I don't watch much TV, in fact during the summer the TV wouldn't get turned on for months at a time. But come the series premieres in the fall we planned our week around David Boreanaz and Bones.

Show Synopsis

The show revolves around two central players. Booth, the hot, sexy, funny, handsome, emotional, spontaneous, loyal (need I go on?) FBI detective and his partner in the Forensics crime lab, Breenan. She is the opposite, an introverted, afraid of her feelings, intellectual, careful, a stereotypical brainiac.

They are both surrounded by a cast of characters , a team of squints, who for lack of a better definition are quirky science intellectuals in the crime lab and a district attorney who always has their back and bends the rules.

Forsenic science, the science of bones and determining clues from corpses, dead people and skeletons are the bones (get it) of the show. I've always liked shows such as CSI and Law and Order. Bones, takes the crime show formula a few steps forward with focusing on the science and the interpersonal relationships. Did I mention a love story or two sprinkled throughout the plot lines.

So there you have it, something for everyone in the show. Bones has been our Mother-Daughter date for years and now that my daughter is in college I text her on Bones night and we get our Bones fix.

Bones: Season 7
Bones: Season 7

A baby comes into the picture, a serial killer, Brennan goes on the run, engagements, but no wedding. What happens? I'm not going to spoil it. You'll just have to buy it and find out yourself.


My kids know what to get me for my birthday every September, the newest season of Bones, before the newest season premier comes on TV. I love watching TV shows on DVD, or Netflix, no commercials and I can have a Bones marathon on the weekend and get my David Boreanaz fix.

It's fun to go back to previous seasons, especially the first season and see how the relationships developed. I can also share my Bones addiction with friends who have never watched the show and see it through their eyes. We normally start with the first season, a big bowl of popcorn and an empty Saturday afternoon. The day turns into a night viewing with pizza and my friend borrowing the next season to watch at home,

Bones: Season 6 [Blu-ray]
Bones: Season 6 [Blu-ray]

They get serious in this season, is this the one with the "First Kiss" episode? I don't remember, but I giggled and had to watch the scene over and over again. The wonders of having it on DVD

Bones: Season 1
Bones: Season 1

If you haven't watched the first season of Bones then this has to be on your Amazon wish list. You won't be disappointed as you learn how Bones and Booth first met and what kindled the initial spark between them.


Booth is a Hunk!

Booth, sigh, what a hunk, I love the tall dark and handsome sprinkled with faith in God. Yup, my husband knows, he's okay with it,

He's so nice to look at, and yes I sometimes get personally involved in my shows! I know Booth is not real, but hey a woman can dream right?

David Boreanaz in a pre-season interview before season 8, get a sneak peek into what to expect this season.

Bones teaser, and maybe a spoiler. Where are Booth and Brennan heading with their relationship this season. Will they or won't they? Fans want to know.

Have you Watched Bones?

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    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile imageAUTHOR

      Dawn Romine 

      5 years ago from Nebraska

      @SusanDeppner: I'm the same way, I get so involved in the show.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I love Bones, too. I know it's just a TV show, but I love how the characters have evolved through the years. Makes it seem so real!


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