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Best Boxee Review: Boxee Box

Updated on March 8, 2013

100% Honest Boxee Review For The Boxee Box TV Companion

When it comes to TV gadgets, there really is nothing better than an honest opinion, that is why I am writing this Boxee review. I have been researching good alternatives to other devices like the Apple TV and Google TV. While these are great I have heard many complaints. While on my hunt for alternatives I ran into Boxee TV. This device really met every expectation that I had and more. The features are amazing, the price is great and I have everything that I needed for my home theater.

If you are not familiar with the Boxee Box then let me explain. This device will give you internet type freedom right on your TV. They are great HTPC devices as well as standalone. With Boxee you can watch anything you normally watch on your computer right on your TV from the comfort of you couch!

There are no complicated setup procedures or crazy software. Basically all you need is the box, HDMI cable and an internet connection. It will basically create a home network for you where you can share and view pictures, movies, home videos or whatever else you want from your computer. This is my personal Boxee review.

Some of the things I like best about the Boxee is that you can watch other subscribe services through it like Netflix and Vudu. You get to enjoy the newest updated software like Netflix 3.0. You get use the super easy interface to navigate the 1,000's of movies and shows.

Another feature that I really enjoy all the time is the Boxee Live TV feature. With the live TV I can watch everything from sports, news, special events and even some local broadcast stations. I get the local stations with my HD antenna.

Because of all these features I have stopped my cable service. I though at first that I would miss it but I have never once wanted to turn it back on. I get everything I want to watch for close to nothing.

Another feature that is always overlooked but is very important is the remote. A good remote and make or break a product. If you have a really bad remote and navigation is too difficult it can really ruin an experience. What I love about the Boxee remote is that it is double sided. On one side I get a full QWERTY keyboard and on the other a great remote to control my box.

Although the QWERTY keyboard might not sound super useful I guarantee you will fall in love with it. I use to have a Roku before I switch and let me tell you, navigating YouTube or any other interface was to tedious it was painful. With the Boxee remote it is a breexe and I get to what I want faster and with less frustration.

I also love that I can stream to my TV using the box. I can stream anything that I am watching on my iPad straight to my TV. That even includes games, pics and anything else.

Another huge bonus for me is that the actual box itself is nearly silent. I also really like the small size of the box and can easily place it anywhere without re-arranging my other devices to make room.

I have streamed almost every video format on my box with absolutely no problems. I have a huge library of local movies and music and all have play excellently. Another option you get is connecting your Boxee to your social media.You can get updates and see what your friends are watching. I have not tried this feature out but I have heard good things about it.

My overall review of this device is 9 out of 10 stars.

The only thing that I am not thrilled about is that there is no local storage on the device. This means that I you loose internet connection or your PC is off there is really not much you can do on your box. That being said I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable alternative to cable, Apple TV or even Google TV.


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      I had never heard of this before. Great lens.

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      I haven't heard pf this till now. Definitely sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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