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Brave Soundtrack List Features Music by Birdy, Mumford & Sons, Julie Fowlis and Emma Thompson

Updated on May 27, 2013

Music From Disney Pixar Movie Brave

Thanks to Scottish folk musician and singer Julie Fowlis who has persistently crusaded to protect traditional Scottish Gaelic traditional music and now thanks to DIsney/Pixar, the music will travel beyond the Highland hills with Fowlis contributing two songs on the Brave Soundtrack List.

Oh so cute, and oh so Disney appropriate, is the addition of British musician, Birdy who at only 16 years of age, sports a full set of braces in a behind the scenes interview video about Brave where she talks about her excitement in getting to collaborate with Mumford & Sons on the track "Learn Me Right".

No one could be better suited and none more proud to score Brave than Scottish composer Patrick Doyle whose credits include Sense and Sensibility, Gosford Park, Dead Again, Frankenstein, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire & Hamlet. Though Doyle has been nominated for Academy, BAFTA & Golden Globe Awards, he has yet to bring home an Oscar. So here's hoping the Brave O.S.T. will help him bring home a golden statuette.

Doyle was a frequent collaborator with Kenneth Branagh, Emma's Thompson's former suitor. I'm sure their association made it that much more comfortable for Thompson who's best known for her acting more than her singing when it came time for Thompson to sing "Noble Maiden Fair" with Peigl Barker.

Brave was initially released in Australia, New Zealand & Russia June 21, 2012 and in the U.S. was released on June 22, 2012.

Songs and Story Brave

Source: Disney Pixar |

Updated 5/24 & 5/27/2013

Brave Composer Patrick Doyle - DP/30

Patrick Doyle ASCAP Interview

Patrick Doyle at the Movie Premiere

More About Scottish Gaelic Singer & Musician Julie Fowlis

Source: Wikipedia

If You Loved Julie Fowlis Singing in Brave - Check Out This Beatles Cover of Blackbird

Best version ever of this classic Beatles tune sung in Gaelic. Wonderfully authentic and oh so beautiful.

Behind the Scenes Interviews With the Brave Musical Talent


Mumford & Sons

Patrick Doyle

"Learn Me Right" by Birdy - Plays Over the Closing Credits

Mumford & Sons on Working With Pixar

"Freedom Broch" Classic Bagpipe Hits - K-Tel Record Bagpipe Compliation Album Spoof

Even though they poke fun at an all bagpipe compilation CD, there are some real CDs available of bagpipe hits.

Movie Trailers Disney Pixar's Brave

See additional preview clips and television spots on

The Brave YouTube Channel

"A Modern Fairytale

With Ginger Flair"

Reel Movie Nation

"Families Legend" Movie Trailer - Preview Brave Online

"The Prize" Movie Trailer

Kilt - Are You Brave Enough to Wear One? - From Ralph McLauren


4 More Clips From Brave

"The Suitors" Brave Movie Clip

"Advice to Elinor" - Brave Preview Clip

"Potion Making" Clip From Brave

"Fergus Shares a Legend" Movie Clip

"Cutting Class" Clip - King Fergus & Feisty Merida

Brave "Wisps" Clip - Merida & Angus

Brave Release Date

June 22, 2012

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Extended Behind the Scenes Featurette - Pixar / Disney Movie

Inside Look at Brave

Brave Producer & Director - Katherine Sarafian & Mark Andrews

Sarafian reveals the success to Pixar movies is the script being worked and re-worked and that the process is not rushed, culminating in a 4-6 year production cycle.

Brave Producer Katherine Sarafian - Worked on Brave Since 2006

Brave Director Mark Andrews - Dressed in Full Kilt

Google Talks With Director Mark Andrews - Hour Long Interview at Google L.A.

Craig Ferguson as Lord McIntosh

Merida's Speaking Voice - Kelly MacDonald on Craig Ferguson

Grey's Anatomy's "Kevin McKidd" - Craig Ferguson Interview

Pixar Behind the Scenes - A Peek At the Animation Team

Pixar "La Luna" Short - Screens With Brave

Be sure to get to the movie theater a bit early so you won't miss the new Pixar animated short "La Luna" which plays before Brave.

Brave Soundtrack

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