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Brazilians - The Hottest Women in the World - Part 2

Updated on January 7, 2017

More of The Hottest Women in the World

Since the first article about the women of Brazil was so popular, I thought I'd make another one.

After all, there are plenty of beautiful women.

This time, models don't dominate, and there aren't so many Victoria's Secret models.

A lot of these women are actresses and we actually have a lawyer.

And it seems that Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo seem to be having some type of weird competition....

Ana Beatriz Barros

Former Victoria's Secret Angel Ana Beatriz Barros
Former Victoria's Secret Angel Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros

Wow...finally a Victoria's Secret model!

Ana Beatriz Barros was born on May 29th, 1982 in Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Not Rio?

That's okay, her family moved to Rio de Janeiro when she was a kid and she grew up there.

Besides VS, Ana has worked for Guess?, Christian Dior, Armani Jeans, Oakley, Loreal, Diesel and a whole slew of other designers and companies.

Vera Fischer
Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer

Here we have a beautiful lady that is separate from the crowd.

Miss Brazil of 1969, Vera Fischer, was born on November 27th, 1951, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

She has appeared in over forty films and telenovelas, her first being Sinal Vermelho - As Femeas in 1972.

In 2010 she added author to her resume when she released the book, Serena, the first of nine books about women.

Isabeli Fontana
Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Fontana

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana was born on July 4th, 1983 in Curitiba, Brazil.

Isabeli made it to the Elite Model Look finals when she was only 13 and in 1997 she moved to Milan, Italy, to start her modeling career.

She appeared in Victoria's Secret catalog when she was 16, which caused quite a fuss.

The fuss didn't hurt her career any, because right after that, she started working for designers and companies like Versace, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Marie Claire, ELLE and Vogue.

Alice Braga
Alice Braga

Alice Braga

Alice Braga was born on April 15th, 1983 in (you guessed it) Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her mother Ana Braga was an actress, but you may be more familiar with her aunt, Golden Globe and an Emmy nominee Sonia Braga.

Alice has appeared in eighteen films since her 1998 debut in the film Trampolim.

You may have seen her in I Am Legend (with Will Smith), Repo Men or Predators.

Adriane Galisteu
Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu

Another beautiful young lady from San Paulo is Adriane Galisteu.

This Brazilian model, actress and TV host was born on April 18th, 1973, in (like I said) San Paulo.

Sadly, Adriane rose to fame because she was the girlfriend of Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna when he died in a car crash.

Deborah Secco
Deborah Secco

Deborah Secco

Brazilian actress Deborah Secco was born on November 26th, 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It looks like Rio and San Paulo have the market cornered huh?

Since her acting debut in "Mico Preto" (1990), Deborah has appeared in over thirty TV shows and films including the very interesting sounding O Beijo do Vampiro (Vampire Kiss).

Tais Araujo-brazilians-women of brazil-beautiful brazilian women
Tais Araujo-brazilians-women of brazil-beautiful brazilian women

Tais Araujo

Actress Tais Araujo was born on November 25th,1978 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tais is famous for being the very first black heroine in Brazilian telenovela (Xica da Silva,1996).

Since her 1994 acting debut in the television series Pátria Minha, she has gone on to appear in twenty TV series and telenovelas, and seven films.

Tais also appeared in Yo soy Betty, la fea, the Colombian soap opera that Mexico's La Fea Más Bella and the US's Ugly Betty were both based on.

Karina Bacchi-brazilian female models-ladies of brazil-Brazil-Brazilian
Karina Bacchi-brazilian female models-ladies of brazil-Brazil-Brazilian

Karina Bacchi

Brazilian actress, model and reality television star Karina Bacchi was born on October 8th, 1976 in Sao Manuel, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She is mainly famous for her appearances on soap operas like Marisol, O Clone (which interestingly enough, IS about a clone!), Da Cor do Pecado and Caminhos do Coração.

She also appeared on the reality TV shows Dança dos Famosos (the Brazilian Version of Dancing with the Stars), Simple Life: Mudando de Vida (which as you may have guess was the Brazilian version of the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie series The Simple Life), Bacchi com Karina and A Fazenda (the Brazilian version of the UK series).

Renata Fan-brazilians-women of brazil-beautiful brazilian women
Renata Fan-brazilians-women of brazil-beautiful brazilian women

Renata Fan

And now for something a little different.

Renata Fan is a former Miss Brasil Universe, a lawyer and journalist student.

I think that alone sets her apart.

She is the host of the Sports program on Band TV in Brazil.

Daniela Cicarelli-brazilian female models-ladies of brazil-Brazil-Brazilian
Daniela Cicarelli-brazilian female models-ladies of brazil-Brazil-Brazilian

Daniela Cicarelli

Former fashion model and MTV Brasil hostess Daniela Cicarelli was born on November 6th, 1978, in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Wow...not Rio or Sao Paulo...

Like most Brazilian supermodels, she was engaged to Brazilian footballer Ronaldo at one time.

To put it mildly, he gets around!

Debora Nascimento
Debora Nascimento

Debora Nascimento

Brazilian actress and model Débora Nascimento was born on June 16, 1985 in Suzano, Brazil.
She has appeared in fourteen Brazilian TV shows and six films.
You may have seen her as Martina in the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk

So Who Is Muy Caliente?

So who is the most beautiful Brazilian woman on this Lens?

See results

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    • michelgf profile image

      Michel Golfe 2 years ago from Itapema, SC, Brasil

      Brazilian girls are amazing!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i love brazilians. hope to see more lens from you.

    • bensen32 lm profile image

      bensen32 lm 5 years ago

      all amazing looking

    • profile image

      achanaweb 5 years ago

      WaW.. show de bola mesmo! Gorgeous women, all of them! Mas a Galisteu 'forçou' nessa foto... LOL dá uma olhada na diferença

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 6 years ago


    • profile image

      mothersdayflowersmacon 6 years ago

      amazingly beautiful

    • Outbak profile image

      Outbak 7 years ago

      Great lens - Brazilian girls are amazing!

    • MarianaFargasch profile image

      MarianaFargasch 7 years ago

      nice lens! I am brazilian :)

    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Beautiful lens!...It's nice to know that not all Brazilian females are models!( that's the perception among many) favorites are Tais Araujo(she is a pioneer), Karina Bacchi, Ana Beatriz Barros(Victoria's Secrets model), Alice Braga(Actress, starred in I Am Legend with Will Smith who played Muhammad Ali in the movie), and last but not least Renata Fan(her legal mind and gorgeously sexy good looks are captivating).

      Sao Paulo is the cultural, financial, communications, and fashion center while Rio de Janerio is famous for Carnivale and Sugar Loaf Hill. When it comes to TV Personalities, Actresses, Models, and Journalist(like Renata) I'll take Sao Paulo, Brasil. Very interesting and visually captivating lens, Sabreblade. I will be waiting on the third one.