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Bridal Mask / Gaksital - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on October 13, 2014

Action, Historical, Patriotic Korean Drama

Bridal Mask or Gaksital is based on a very popular Korean comic (manhwa) published in 1974 titled "Gaksital", and it depicts a story about a police officer under Japanese Imperialist regime turned into a nameless hero (who disguised himself by wearing a rosy-cheek bridal mask) to fight against Japanese Imperialism during Korea's darkest time.

Set in year 1930s, I'm excited to see how this drama will incorporate Japanese colonial era and how this nameless hero will fight for justice and involve in the independence movement. I think Gaksital will lean towards a heavy-meat rich drama, with a sprinkle of romance in between. It's totally my cup-of-tea drama. With budget around $9 million USD, I hope this drama will present the viewers with amazing cinematography, music, costumes, as well as high quality script and solid acting across the board.

This drama depicts a really sensitive subject and the Director mentioned that he had a hard time casting the casts. As I never really research anything about Japanese Imperialism during year 1930s, I hope this drama will open my eyes about the historical facts and the reality of what happened during those times.

Main lead Joo Won will be tackling a multi-dimensional character as police officer / detective Lee Kang To as well as the nameless hero "Gaksital". He's one talented young actor so I believe he will do amazing job portraying this character.

And I know all the casts will give their very best to portray their respective characters, so bring it on and fighting!

Image Credit: KBSgaksital

Details & Brief Synopsis

Bridal Mask
Bridal Mask

Teasers (English Sub)


Number of Episodes: 24 extended to 28

Also Known As: Bride Mask, Gaksital

Based on Mahnwa: Gaksital by Huh Young Man

Original run:

May 30, 2012 - September 6, 2012 on KBS2 every Wednesday & Thursday 21.55KST

Genre: Historical, Action, Thriller, Melodrama


- Joo Won as Lee Kang To

- Jin Se Yun as Mok Dan

- Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji

- Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong Joo

- Jeon Noh Min as Dam Sa Ri

- Shin Hyun Joon as Lee Kang San

- Song Ok Soo

Director: Yoon Sung Sik (A Man's Story)

Scriptwriter: Yoo Hyun Min

Official Website: Gaksital

Brief Synopsis

*** Brief synopsis ***

Lee Kang To (played by Joo Won) is a police officer who doesn't have any compassion towards other people. But everything changes and ironically, he becomes the nameless hero wearing a mask and fighting against the Japanese Imperialism (in the past, he has declared himself to be loyal to Japan empire).

Lee Kang San (played by Shin Hyun Joon) is Kang To's older brother and at the moment I'm guessing that he's the original Bridal Mask. Unfortunately, he's mentally retarded.

Mok Dan (played by Jin Se Yun) is a daughter of an army general. One day, as her mother & her were looking for her father, she lost her mother & she almost lost her life. Thankfully, Kang To saved her. With her bright personality, she travels around the country with her traveling theater troupe to search for her savior and her father.

Teacher Kimura Shunji (played by Park Ki Woong) is raised by a samurai Father and he's taught about swordsmanship. With his gentle personality, he decided to become a teacher and fall in love with Korea. Love triangle will unfold and Shunji's character will change when he knows that Mok Dan falls in love with her savior, Shunji's friend, Kang To.

The antagonist of this drama is Chae Hong Joo / Ueno Rie (played by Han Chae Ah). Her parents were killed before she turned 9 years old, so she grows up to be a really tough woman, took a Japanese identity and at 9 years old, she became a gisaeng. Full of lies, a spy and gambler, she is trying her best to seek revenge for her parents' unfair death (her father was killed because he didn't want to financially support the independence army movement). Burning with rage and fury against Joseon / Korea, one Japanese man adopted her as his daughter and trained her to catch & kill Gaksital

Gaksital Episode 21, 23 - 25, 27 Preview

Gaksital Episode 12 - 15, 17 - 20 Preview

Gaksital Episode 1 - 7 & 9-11 Preview

Bridal Mask OST - Official Music Video

Bridal Mask OST

Bridal Mask OST Part 1 - Released June 13, 2012

Goodbye Day by Ulala Session

Bridal Mask OST Part 2 - Released June 27, 2012

It Has to be You by 4Men

Bridal Mask OST Part 3 - Released July 12, 2012

After the Sunset by Gavy NJ

Bridal Mask OST Part 4 - Released August 8, 2012

You in My Arms by Bohemian

Judgement Day by Joo Won & Lee Jung Hyun

Bridal Mask OST Part 5 - Released August 22, 2012

That Word by DayBreak

Bridal Mask OST Album - Released August 29, 2012

Title Track: Love and Love by Joo Won

Bridal Mask OST Album is now available on YesAsia

Bridal Mask - Awards

KBS Drama Awards 2012

- Excellence Actor (Drama): Joo Won

- Popularity Award: Joo Won

- Best Supporting Actor: Park Ki Woong

- Rookie Actress Award: Jin Se Yun

Bridal Mask - Casts Interviews / Star Date

I created this page solely as a fan of Bridal Mask / Gaksital Korean Drama. Bridal Mask / Gaksital is copyright of KBS, its respective writesr, production teams, actors, actresses and everyone's involved in this drama.

Bridal Mask / Gaksital details were taken from Daum. Please do not take any portion of the this page without any link back to this site. Thank you for your co-operation.


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