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British Detectives - Bergerac

Updated on March 20, 2010

Bergerac / Detective Bergerac

Bergerac is another classic detective television series set on the lovely Channel Island of Jersey. Jim Bergerac is a detective thats been injured in the line of duty and sent to work at the Bureau Des Estrangers who are responsible for investigating doddy dealings of non islanders, this normally involved the activities of some of the super rich islanders. Bergerac was played by the excellent actor John Nettles who goes on to be in Midsomer Murders.

Jim's ex father in law Charlie Hungerford played by Terrance Alexander has a dubious background but means well, Jim uses his knowledge of the locals to gain information about any illigal activities going on. His life and loves are central to the plots and he falls in and out of love with a galexy of stars such as Louise Jameson and Liza Goddard also his ex-wife is played by Deborah Grant.


More on Bergerac

The series Bergerac consisted of 87 episodes of 60 minutes and 6 special 90 minute episodes and Ran from 1981 to 1991. Mostly set on the lovely island of Jersey but towards the end more frequently set on the french mainland. Jim drives a classic car the Triumph Roadster, which was totally unsuitable for the narrow Jersey roads due to the long bonnet and its inability to stop when you want it too, its totally unrelieble and they had to have 2, one on standby to replace the other.

See the great series with its wonderful scenery and good plots, I am sure you will enjoy this classic British Detective series. Now being repeated on Satalite and cable channels

Jersey the home of Bergerac

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