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Bruce Lee Movies List

Updated on April 1, 2014

The Full Bruce Lee Movies List

Ever wanted to see the full Bruce Lee Movies List? Bruce Lee starred in several movies, both as a child actor and as an adult. His child acting days were the old school Chinese black and white type movies. His adult movies were all action movies with amazing fight scenes that Bruce Lee choreographed by himself.

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Keep reading below for a full Bruce Lee Movies List plus videos and photos of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee!

Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Way of the Dragon and more Bruce Lee movies below! Check it out.

Bruce Lee's acting career lasted from 1941 until 1973.

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Complete List of Movies Bruce Lee Acted In

What Movies Did Bruce Lee Star In? Read The List below!

Bruce Lee was the son of an actor. Therefore Bruce Lee got a very early start at acting in movies. Being cast in his first role as just an infant baby. You can say that Bruce Lee was born to be an actor! His real passion and talents were in his fighting style and the dedication to his body.

Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection

(The Big Boss / Fist of Fury / Way of the Dragon / Game of Death / Game of Death II)

Game of Death

What was your favorite Bruce Lee Movie? - Vote on Your Favorite from this Bruce Lee Movies List

Got a second? I mean you are already here anyway right? Go ahead and vote in this poll. Tell us which Bruce Lee movie is your favorite! It will only take one second. Just click on the selection of your choice and click vote!

Which Bruce Lee Movie was your Favorite?

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Bruce Lee Movies List Continued
Bruce Lee Movies List Continued

Bruce Lee Movies List Continued

What Movies Was Bruce Lee in as a Child? The Bruce Lee Child Movies List

Ren hai gu hong (1960)

Lei yu (1957)

Zha dian na fu (1956)

Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia (1956)

Er nu zhai (1955)

Gu xing xue lei (1955)

Gu er xing (1955)

Ai (1955)

Wei lou chun xiao (1953)

Ci mu lei (1953)

Ku hai ming deng (1953)

Qian wan ren jia (1953)

Fu zhi guo (1953)

Ren zhi Chu (1951)

Xi lu xiang (1950)

Meng li xi shi (1949)

Fu gui fu yun (1948)

The Birth of Mankind (1946)

Golden Gate Girl (1941)

Buy Bruce Lee Movies

Below are several of the best Bruce Lee Movies on DVD. Buy these movies today!

Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee - Two-Disc Special Edition of Enter The Dragon from 1973

Enter the Dragon was released only 3 weeks after the death of Bruce Lee. His death helped to launch this movie into super stardom and made Bruce Lee famous world wide. Buy the two disc DVD set of Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee.

Game of Death with Bruce Lee - The Final Bruce Lee Movie was Game of Death in 1978

The Game of Death was released in 1978, 5 years after Bruce Lee died. Game of Death features many scenes with Bruce Lee but most of the non fight scenes had to be filmed using stand in actors.

Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon DVD - Bruce Lee Movies on DVD

The Return of the Dragon features Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in the Rome Coliseum. This is a must have Bruce Lee movie for your collection. Buy Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon DVD right now and add it to your collection!

Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury on DVD - Bruce Lee Movies on DVD

The second full length martial arts movie that starred Bruce Lee was Fist of Fury. Released first in Hong Kong to a packed movie house, Fist of Fury was a huge hit that launched Bruce Lee into Super Star mode.

The Green Hornet with Bruce Lee - Bruce Lee Played Kato in The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee found a glimmer of stardom appearing as Kato in The Green Hornet series. The series was short lived and canceled before the end of a full season. It did help launch Bruce Lee into a household name in China though. Which later helped Bruce Lee secure movie deals in China. Now you can own this Bruce Lee The Green Hornet Series on DVD and enjoy the classic series anytime you want! See Bruce Lee in his young days when he was first breaking into being a star.

Bruce Lee Movies List from Amazon - The Best Selling Bruce Lee Movies

Bruce Lee Quote

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." - Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Video Interview - Watch this video interview with Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon Highlights - Bruce Lee Movie Highlights

Enter The Dragon - Fight With O'Hara - Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon


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