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Bryan Adams Makes My Heart Throb!

Updated on April 19, 2014

What Can I say?

Bryan Adams has always made my heart skip. As a swooning teenage girl I always turned to Bryan Adams to keep the love alive. And with his album "Reckless" he kicks it up to sweaty high impact hotness. He starts it off with "One Night Love Affair" where he bring us into his world of dangerous love. Then he rocks us with "She's Only Happy When She's Dancin". But when he get's to track 3 that is when my heart just melts. "Run To You" is one of those songs I always turn to when I want my heart strings pulled. The rest of the album is just simply classic. Bryan Adams is one of the few 80's rockers that really knows how to rock you and romance you at the same time.

This is one of those albums that has become timeless. Well at least in my heart it has. I remember nights of staying up late and playing this album, in cassette form, and just wishing I could find a man with that much passion. I remember after a boy ripped my heart out I would listen to this cassette and just cry. I also remember all the boys in my school trying to look like him.

Bryan Adams has a classic sound that I feel is missing a bit in rock today. I just hope someone, somewhere, brings that raspy sound back to music. Bring back the passion. Bring back the romance. Bring back Bryan Adams and Reckless; the best album ever. And then I can rest!

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