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Not a Cop

Updated on July 13, 2017

If life is a book series, mine will be a crime scene.

Each page would be filled with yellow tape of striped black.

All words will be typewritten in red, bloody ink.

And the headings and titles would be cracked.

Ciphers and codes will be its plot and twists.

But the key to decoding will never be found.

Scratch your head all you want and wait.

But no one will know how it will ground.

I am the villain and the heroine at the same time.

But missing clues will soon be unraveled.

Given time and space combined in each volume.

It is as if you have gone mad and travelled.

Life is no joke but being a police officer is crazy.

A partner worthy enough to balance your demons,

And keep you in check and sane each passing day,

Doesn't have to be yourself but a real live summons.



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