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But there has to be more

Updated on December 7, 2012

7" Release by Danish Band "LOWER"

Lower the Band from Denmark debuted in 2012 with the Walk on Heads EP. This has now been followed up by the double sided release Someone's got it in for me/But there has to be more.

The songs released by the four man band fronted by Adrian Toubro have greatly impressed me so far but especially the track "But there has to be more" is especially gripping. It's dark with a lot of tension.

The sound of "Lower" reminds me vaguely of Suuns in the way tension is built up. The actual sound is quite distinctive. The drummer Anton Rothstein named Venom P.Stinger and Scott Walker as musical influences in an interview with music magazine Pitchfork. Venom P. Stinger clearly resonates in the bands early releases. To hear Walker you need a little bit more imagination.

First US TOUR of LOWER - Lower plays in Austin Texas June 2013


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      pinoyrecipe 5 years ago

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