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Buy Music Videos Online To Own Or Hire

Updated on December 20, 2012

Music Videos Online

Since MTV stopped airing music videos, it's been a challenge to get consistently high quality music videos. YouTube can only be trusted to a certain degree, as much of the audio and video samples can be fuzzy or muffled, not to mention they usually get taken down after a few days due to copyright infringement.

Even if the video is hosted by the copyright holders, viewers are forced to deal with endless ads before and even during the video in the form of pop-ups and commercials. Stray from YouTube and you cross into dangerous territory - many websites like this are a bed of viruses and pop-up ads.

Watching music videos online has become infuriating, slow, and even hazardous for your computer. And with few other sources to turn to, such as TV stations, there are few options left for music video enthusiasts.

Fear not - there's still some hope for those who wish to watch music videos. Not only that, but there's an option that far surpasses just simply watching. What if you owned a copy?

Why Buy Music Videos?

The most reliable source to turn to for watching music videos is to actually buy them. In the digital age, the price is no longer as steep as it has been in the past. Physical copies of music videos, no matter how short, would go for the price of a DVD. Today, you can get music videos for as little as $1.

If you're a real music video enthusiast, buying a music video is a safe investment. You can watch it whenever you want - no ads, no extra charges, no buffering time or additional waits required. In most cases, you won't even need to be connected to the internet to enjoy your video.

There are more reasons to buy music videos than simply to watch them for your own entertainment. Many DJ's enjoy playing music videos at their venues - whether it's in a club or the privacy of your own home, nothing completes the musical experience more than having the video to play along with the music.

How To Buy Music Videos

Buying music videos online is no sure bet on safety - there are a number of sites that are, frankly, not trustworthy. You could be downloading extra material with your video that will infect your computer. Where can you download your music videos online, and know you will be safe doing it?

If you've never downloaded anything before, congratulations on your big leap! If, however, you've simply never bought or downloaded a music video before, welcome to the club - you're one among many.

Buying music videos online isn't much different from buying regular content online. The big difference here is that you won't have to worry about shipping (a nice bonus for those who don't like to wait), and you will be housing the videos on your computer or other digital storage device. Each website you encounter might have a slightly different way of approach it, but you can be assured that once you buy a video, any reputable website will have detailed instructions on what to do next.

The real issue is finding those reputable websites.

Where Should You Buy Music Videos?

Notice, this is where SHOULD you buy music videos. You CAN buy music videos at a whole host of locations - the numbers are almost endless, with more sites popping up every day. Many of these sites can't be trusted, as they tend to make the majority of their money off of the viruses they package with the downloads.

There are, however, sites that are known to be reputable and trustworthy. Below are a few of the more popular websites, along with how you can find, purchase, and play the music videos they offer.

Amazon Music Videos

An online buyer's best friend, Amazon has been around since the dawn of internet shopping. As technology advances, so does Amazon... so it wasn't much of a surprise when they started offering digital downloadable content. What was a surprise was the high quality and ease with which you could download that content. It is just below iTunes in the size of it's catalog - not the most content, but still a great amount.

Amazon gives you the option to buy, rent, or stream their videos. If you care to stream your videos, Amazon has several options - save the videos on their Amazon Cloud if you wish, and you can play it back on up to eight devices. For downloading to your computer or device, you may be required to install an additional program. Renting is a unique feature, where you can stream your content for a certain period. Be careful and pay attention to the details of the rental agreement - some videos only let you play them a certain amount of times, rather than stream them for a certain amount of days.

Amazon gives you two options for the actual format of the videos - one better more Mac users, and the other better for Windows users. Their material is also consistently high in quality.

Be careful with the material that you buy from Amazon - if it's lost, Amazon won't replace it.


For those with Apple devices, iTunes is a breeze to deal with. It easily downloads content to your Apple or iOS device for portable video watching, and stores fairly easily on your computer as well. Be prepared for some wait times, however, if you want to download content to portable devices - it can take a while.

iTunes also has the widest variety of content when it comes to music videos that can be downloaded. Admittedly, there are some lower quality videos that are offered.

To buy music videos, you'll need iTunes downloaded on your computer. Once you've got that done, open it and click on the "Go to Store" button. You can browse videos there by artist, genre, and of course song title - do this by typing the search item into the "Search iTunes Store" box. You can use the 1-click buy option, if your purchase information is saved, or the more traditional add-to-shopping-cart method. With the shopping cart, you'll simply click "Add Video" to put it in your cart. Head over to the Shopping Cart page, click "Buy Now", and it will ask for your purchase information. Fill that in, and you're done!

Google Play

Newer to the scene is Google Play - while it hasn't had much time to develop a fan base yet, you can trust the quality, seeing as the content is hosted by Google. If there's one thing you can be sure of with Google, it's quality. They have even less available content than Amazon or iTunes, but this is simply because they are so new - as time goes on, many expect Google to have even more content than the other two. For now, however, they're steadily growing.

Sadly, Google Play doesn't have as many device options as Amazon or iTunes - if you're intending on playing your videos primarily on your computer, Google Play is a good bet. Otherwise, you might want to opt for one of the other two providers mentioned.

Google Play is one of the best when it comes to letting you access your content from anywhere - it automatically stores your videos in your Google Play library, which can be accessed from any computer. If you want downloads straight on to your computer, you can authorize up to ten devices to download material to.

Google has a great amount of freedom when it comes to purchasing - how to purchase, where to store, the list goes on and it keeps growing. As Google Play is still in flux, the way you buy items is subject to change. Keep an eye on this one, as it will most likely be where digital media is primarily downloaded from in the years to come.

Are There Other Ways of Buying Music Videos Online?

Of course! There are more ways than can be counted to buy your music videos online - the three places mentioned above are only the most popular. There are many trustworthy places to purchase your music videos, and just as many untrustworthy ones. Feel free to browse!

If you're looking for a music video by a particular artist or band, search their website site. They may offer to sell you their music video directly through their website, or list affiliates who sell the videos online. This is a good way to locate a trustworthy option, as generally the websites are screened by the artist or musical group before they are listed

How Can You Know It's Safe?

While there are many places to buy music videos online, the biggest concern is always the validity of the website and content. Not only can you get viruses from downloaded material, but simply browsing through unsafe websites can put your computer at risk.

This shouldn't stop you from looking through less known or independent websites. Arm yourself with knowledge about how to avoid pitfalls and dangers when buying music videos online.

The first step is to do a little research online - go to a search engine (like Google) and enter the name of the website that you're interested in making a purchase at, followed by some key words like "reviews" or "safe", even "scam" or "virus". This will most likely lead you to any cases where customers have complained (or praised) the website in question.

Read through the site's privacy policy. Here's where many company's will show their true colors - some places will take your information that you use to buy with and sell it to other parties. Reading through the policy will let you know just what they plan on doing with your information. Do they use your info beyond the transaction for things such as email updates or "deals"? Be careful! Trustworthy companies will be open with their information, and how they may use yours. Look for a seal of approval, or trust mark programs that might have posted their stamp (or lack thereof) with this company.

In the end, it's hard to really research any place enough. But if you work with reviews, marks of approval, and read through the privacy policy yourself, you'll have a better idea about the company and their reputation. Never make a purchase without research!

Tips For Buying Music Videos Online

1. Always back up the music videos you'd downloaded. This means you should either save it on to another device, such as a portable hard drive or thumb drive, or even attach it to an email and email it to yourself. This is important as the info is digital - if something happens to you computer, your only copy of your purchased music video will be gone.

2. Read over the Terms and Conditions of downloading for each website. Some website have certain rules that apply to how you use the video, for instance some may not be alright with you playing the music video in public or for DJ-ing. Some website may not be too keen on having access to the content on more than one computer. Make sure you know the rules for each place you download from.

3. Make sure you have a video player that can play the format that the music video is in. Different online retailers will offer you different formats - some may be more conventional, and can be played in a simple Windows Media Player or an equivalent, but others may be a little more tricky. Make sure that you will be able to play the video you are downloading.

4. Try comparing quality and price between several different websites. While one website may offer a music video at a much cheaper rate, you may discover that the quality is terrible. Check to see if you can get a sample of the video before you purchase it so you can compare.

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