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How to buy cheap mp3's legally

Updated on March 14, 2014

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How can I download cheap legal mp3's online?

This page is designed to tell you exactly how to! From this page, you will learn:

1. Where to buy your cheap mp3's on the web
2. What sites are better than others
3. That all the sites listed are 100% legal
4. How to save a bunch of cash in the recession!

So you want cheap mp3's. You want them to be legal. Well, you have probably used, or at least heard of, iTunes. If so, then you will know that they have what is more than likely the biggest collection of music online available to buy and download legally. They offer albums, singles, soundtracks etc as soon as they are released, and of course, their tracks work on your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iEverything!

So, with so many advantages, can there possibly be anything else that offers such a good service, with a better price? Well, as you probably guessed after reading the title of this HubPage, the answer is 'Yes'! There are a few sites that I would recommend to download music from:

  • MP3va
  • MP3 Million
  • Melodishop
  • Mediasack
  • Payplay
  • MP3Caprice

Each site has good and bad points, which I have tried to identify as best I can here, to give you the clearest picture of each site possible.


MP3va offer their songs for 15¢. And once again, offer less tracks, with over 3,658,713 in their library.

This site is very clean, clear and fresh compared to the othes. Their minimum deposit is $14.95 and you will receive 30¢ credit to your account after sign up. Just enough for two songs so you can use their site before you top up the full $14.95.

The song quality is very good, but it's worth checking the quality before downloading anything, as it can range from 168 - 320 kbps.

I like: They accept PayPal, have a low minimum top-up and the site looks clean and tidy
I don't like: Other sites have larger music libraries

(Want to read more about MP3va? - click the link below)

MP3 Million

MP3 Million offer tracks at 10¢ each, making it cheaper than MP3va, Payplay and MP3Caprice.

I love the bold colours of this site, it has a real buzz to it. Their minimum top up is $15.00, a bit more than MP3Caprice, but less than Mediasack. However, they do accept Paypal, which the others do not. After registering with them, you will get 2 free songs of your choice to download, this is enough for you to try out their service and see if you want to give them your money.

The quality of songs ranges from 184 to 320 kbps, so you shouldn't have any quality issues here.

I like: Cheap top up and they accept Paypal.
I don't like: They don't have the largest music library

(Want to read more about MP3 Million? - click the link below)


Melodishop, like MP3va, offer their songs for 10¢. They offer a boat load of tracks, with over 4,000,000 songs in their library. This site is easy to use, looks great and has very up-to-date albums.

Their minimum deposit is $20.00 and you will receive 4 free songs, along with 30¢ credit after sign up. Enough to try the site before you top up the full $20.00 minimum.

Song quality is very high and consistent; all songs are 320 kbps (CD quality).

I like: All music quality is very high
I don't like: One of the highest top up amounts

(Want to read more about Melodishop? - click the link below)


Like most of the others, Mediasack charge just 10¢ for each track. They offer a lot of tracks, over 4,200,000. Just less than Payplay. What sets Mediasack apart from everyone else is they don't just offer music. You can download movies too! So if you're after variety, this might be for you.

Their minimum deposit is $19.99, which is one of the highest. Unlike the other sites we review, you don't get any freebies after sign up.

The song quality is good, but as with some of the others, it's worth checking the quality before downloading anything, as it can range from 176 - 320 kbps.

I like: You can get movies too, meaning one site for all your media
I don't like: No sign up offer and high top up

(Want to read more about Mediasack? - click the link below)


Payplay are doube the price per song of most others, at 20¢ each track. However, they have the largest library by far, with over 5,400,000 songs and their album discount is 30%, everyone else is just 20%.

Their minimum deposit is $15.00 which is one of the lowest. After sign up, you will get 50¢ credited to your account. Seems a random amount to me, but it gives you enough for 2 and a half songs! Enough to try out the service and see if it's for you.

The song quality is one of the best, ranging from 192 - 320 kbps.

I like: 30% album discount
I don't like: High track price

(Want to read more about Payplay? - click the link below)


Tracks on the MP3Caprice site cost just 12¢ each. A little more than everyone else, but their minimum top up is just $10.00, which is very low compared to other sites. They offer over 3,500,000 tracks too, so it's a safe bet if you're new to the online world of music and just want to try out a service for very little money.

All songs on the site are at 320kbps, so there won't be any nasty surprises in quality after you've downloaded a song or album.

Unlike the other sites, there is no discount when you buy a whole album, rather than the separate tracks.

I like: Very high quality and very low top up price
I don't like: No album discount

(Want to read more about MP3Caprice? - click the link below)

Want to read more on any of the above websites: Click Here

So whichever site you decide to use, you now know where to get cheap mp3's online. Legally. You have seen which sites are better than others from the above reviews, feel free to take look for yourself and leave me any comments here, good or bad.

You can be sure all the sites above are 100% legal and safe. All have extensive F.A.Q's on their sites in case you are in any doubt.

And of course, using any of the above three sites will save you a load of cash compared to iTunes and buying CD's!

Good luck and happy downloading!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi to all music fans! I’m starting a music resale service. Since I have serious discounts in many music websites can offer you legal music at low prices. I am just starting out as a music resale agent so you can test my service and download one album and three music tracks for free! Ask your question and make orders at

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      yeah, sort of useful. None of these sites offer 320Kbps bitrate songs exclusively, so that is quite misleading!

      I have been using mp3million of years along with a few other mp3 download sites. It occurs to me every time I go to check out new sites, however, that all of these sites are at least affiliated if not more directly related. Just search for some obscure artist or album on a few of the sites and you will find the same album selections along with their being offered at the same bitrate. It could be that they download the mp3s they sell from one another. Whatever it is, it strikes me as odd.

    • profile image

      my life mp3 

      4 years ago

    • profile image


      4 years ago


      That was very useful. Btw are these legal all over the world or are some of them illegal in some countries?


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