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Buying Hip Hop Beats online

Updated on June 15, 2012

Tips on buying beats online

When your starting your mix tape you will need hip hop beats here are some place of where you can buy beats and tips on how to judge weather its worth your investment.

Most online producer have there beats on beat selling websites and the will sell beats in no-exclusive beats (a lease) and the exclusive rights.

Non- exclusive rights (lease)

Non-exclusive rights are much cheaper ways for an artist to get beats for there mix tape. The price on average will vary from $9.99 - $50 depending on the producer.This is a lease meaning once you purchase an non-exclusive right to a beat it means that you don't own the beat the producer still owns the rights to the beat and can continue to shop the lease of the beat to other artist. This will also limit you on the amount of units you can sell (most are 2000-3000 copies). You can sell your songs and mix-tapes and mp3 singles and profit from sales from live shows. The non-exclusive right (lease) is a great way for an artist to start off and make an name for themselves as at the start their budget may low and this is a cheap way of starting out .

Exclusive rights

This means that you will own the beat and you can sell unlimited copies and the producer can not resell the beat, but this also means that the the artist can not sell the beat on its own as well. Most exclusive right beats may cost from $500 and up depending the producer.The exclusive rights are used for artists with a large fan base as the have people ready to buy. The producers name must always be associated with the production of the beat and depending on the individual producer in question some may have different terms to their exclusive rights contract meaning the the may want a share of the publishing. (READ THE CONTRACT CAREFULLY )

Judging online producers

Before you buy beats online do a back round check on the producer first. A great way to see if they are legit is a link to the facebook page and check out the people they have spoken too see if there active in forms and with other artists. A producer with their own .com website is a good professional sign. See if they are on lots of sites and have established their own brand. Look at the comments on the pages and websites and see what people have said about them. Ask friends or professionals are their beats worth paying for.

See if they have some experience working with artists, working in a studio, college credentials most producers are extremely proud of their achievements and will display them in the biography. Most them are great to show video of how they make beats on youtube. Talk to them make deals with them most artist ask for free tracks and never get them if you pay for like 2-4 beats most of the time the producer will in turn look out for you and may feel part of your achievements and will be a trusted source for beats.

See if they have sold beats already and how the deal with artists. Some sites will display the number of beats sold by the producer and a trusted producer to buy from. Always use paypal to buy beats online its the safest way to pay for beats.


Rocbattle is one of the best beat selling sites on the Internet. The producers here are very talented, some have produced for industry artists and the producers that have sold beats here are well on their A game as of the beat battling tournaments that happen here meaning that most practice regularly and update new beats regularly. The site is endorsed by the talented producer Rockwilder. There is great community here in the forums of where you can check out for the producer of your choice. The layout of the site is easy to navigate and a trusted team of administrators if the any problems occur. You can purchase with easy use of pay pal and all beats sold here are Non-exclusive rights. Over one million dollars has been paid out the producers on this site as of September 2011. Beat prices av. $9.99 - $25

This is the Internets number one site for buying beats online. There are top notch producers here but as I said before do a back round check on the producer before you buy here. Look on the forums there and speak with producers before you buy. A good page layout is nice professional touch and the pay pal button is a safe option for payment. Most of the producers on the front page are top producers. Read there terms of the non-exclusive rights and exclusive rights agreements before you buy. Some producer of free downloads but the maybe tagged with the producers signature several times so opt for the lease and see if they will cut you a deal with a free beat. Beat prices $1-$50 leases av.

This site has lost its reputation there is no help desk to navigate the artist or producer here. There are lost of great beats here but id find a way of linking up with the producer before purchasing here. My verdict stay clear.

This site has a nice sleek layout and easy to navigate and pay for tracks. The beats here are screened by the administrators and care select the best beats for their site. They have quality beats here and come highly recommended and have weeded out low quality beats that maybe found on the the internet. The help desk here great for artists and they will find easy to find the the beat of choice. Beat price $40

This site is vastly becoming popular with artist for buying beats all the tracks are non-exclusive. Most of the feature producers are worth the listen as they have invested in there talent for the exposure. Pop and r&b beats here are particularly popular here. Administrators are pretty help full and the beat quality is pretty here and most of the top producers here are found all over the web and pretty trust worthy. Beat price av. $20-$50

Not so sure about this one the layout looks easy to navigate for the artist to buy from but the interface has been like that for along time seems like the administrators haven't bothered updating the site. Most of the top producers there aren't very active on the Internet. Maybe find a way to contact the producer before purchase. Beat price av. $20

This site is like a network hub for producers,artist and A&Rs. This site is more to cater to artists who have a large following and loyal fan base of people ready to buy their music. PMP is more where deals and agreements are made rather than the click of the pay pal button. Lots of industry artist come to shop for beats for albums and mix tapes here. But it has a high registration fee to keep the people who are not serious about their music out. You will find great relationships between artists managers A&R's and producers here and you will find the right people to network with your music.

I hope that this review will give the knowledge that you need when your looking for beats on the Internet. There are a lot of places to shop for beats you just need to remember not to trust everybody and be careful when purchasing beats on the Internet. Always do a back round check on the producer before you buy. Try to forum relationships with a producer and support them too as the will more than likely look after you in the long run.

Daniel Hartnett A.K.A the corporatethief beats

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      thnks for sharing

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      Buy Beats Online

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      Thanks for sharing, this is great. Very interesting and wonderful hub.