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California's Gold - Huell Howser

Updated on January 27, 2015

Huell Howser's California Gold

Being a native Californian, I always got excited to see what new adventures Huell was going to take me on when I tuned in weekly to his program. Some of the places I had been. However, there were jewels that I was surprised was available in the great golden state. And if there was one that I missed or just wanted to have to review, I could order a video.

Not only do we get great up close coverage but we are entertained by his great Tennessee twang voice. I wish there were more Huell Howser types that were covering other state. I would be there watching. How about you?

Huell was born in Gallatin, Tennessee, October 8, 1945. His given name is Huell Burnley Howser. He earned a BA degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and served in the United States Marine Corps. Huell started his TV career doing "human interest" stories at WSM-TV Nashville.

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Some of Huell's Adventures

You must watch, at least, the last video. Huell is interviewed while out shopping in his own home town. But notice how he takes the lead!

This is amazing!

So Popular He Is On A Bottle Of Egg Nog!

A reader excitedly e-mails over that he's spotted Broguiere's Farm Fresh Daily egg nog with the face of California's cheerleader, Huell Howser, illustrated on the bottle.

He spotted it at Ralph's Fresh Fare in Marina Del Rey yesterday. Maybe you've seen it at your local store? If you didn't know, the farm is located locally in Montebello.

continued Huell Gets Immortalized

Long Beach Naval Station Falls

You have got to give the guy credit.

Huell tries to save historical Naval Station.

California's Gold Himself - Excellent Story

The Amazing Huell Howser

Interview - Pasadena Weekly

Interview with Huell

Photo by: Bettina Monique Chavez

Heroes to get Bravos

Huell Howser, host of California s Gold, will be keynote speaker at Bravo Award dinner.

BELLFLOWER - Courage will be honored in more ways than one on Thursday at this year's Bellflower BRAVO Awards.

In addition to the 17 people honored for their bravery and service, Courage, a German Shepherd who gained national attention when he was rescued from starvation, will make his first public appearance along with his rescue team.

The 3-year-old dog weighted just 37 pounds when he was rescued from a garage in Bellflower last year. Now with an adopted family, Courage is a healthy 90 pounds. His former owner, Kimberly Nizato, faces animal cruelty charges in Norwalk Superior Court.

continue Heroes

Oh my Gosh!

Huell Visited the Longest Burning Lightbulb

California"s Gold #11002 - Places I have Always Wanted To Go.

Join Host Huell Howser on an adventure to two places he's been wanting to visit for years! First up is a a stop along Highway 395 in the town to Lee Vining to see the Upside Down House. Built by Nellie Bly O'Bryan and inspired by children's books - it is considered Mono County's first man-made tourist attraction. Huell gets a tour from some of the locals who lovingly restored it after many years of decay. Next is a stop at the Livermore Fire Department to see the 107 (and counting) year old lightbulb. Learn how and why this bulb has been burning nonstop for over 100 years.

continue here

Fire on the Beach



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