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Can Megan Fox Act?

Updated on January 11, 2013

Incredibly Beautiful - But Can Megan Fox Act?

There is absolutely no doubt that Megan Fox is a stunningly beautiful young woman.

She has appeared in a number of high profile films in the last 3 years -but the question on everyone's lips is "can Megan Fox act?"

This lens is going to ask the public's opinion, with a view of trying to answer the question.

Please view each of the videos to see her acting in action. I have made comments on my own observations after watching Megan's acting, but I would love to hear what you think as well.

Please don't forget to vote on your favourite Megan Fox film, and the burning question - Can Megan Fox Act?

Megan Fox - Starring In The Help & Hope And Faith - Exhibit A - Can Megan Fox Act?

So here is our first piece of evidence. Here is Megan Fox appearing in some episodes of The Help & Hope and Faith.

Megan played the role of Cassandra Ridgeway in The Help, for 3 episodes in 2004.

Megan then went on to star in Hope and Faith as Sydney Shanowski, between September 2004 & May 2006.

Here are few videos of her appearing in both roles.

Do you think that Megan played a convincing role, or a just another stereotypical role in a sitcom?

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Megan Fox - Starring in Transformers 1 & 2 - Exhibit B - Can Megan Fox Act?

Here we see a selection of scenes from the Transformer movies starring Megan Fox & Shia LaBoeuf.

Again, it's interesting to see that Megan is playing a very similar role to that which she played in Hope and Faith.

There also appears to be a pattern beginning to emerge, in the style of acting that Megan uses and how little clothing she gets to wear for each of her roles.

Megan has a tendency to deliberately sashay and over emphasize the natural movement to her hips when she walks.

There is also a considerable amount of hair flicking, head tilting, hair touching and pouting. Add in the arching of the eyebrows, looking up from under her eyelashes and gesturing with the hands. Finally and crucially, don't forget the flash of a smile and occasional nose crinkle for added cuteness/sexiness.

Does this constitute as acting? What do you think?

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Megan Fox Starring in How To Lose Friends & Alienate People - Exhibit C - Can Megan Fox Act?

In the swimming pool scene from How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, we have another hair touch, face touch, hair flick, head tilt, pout, smile, nose crinkle & looking up from beneath the eyelashes.

In the second clip, we have more head tilting, but an surprise improvisation of hair twirling this time!

Perhaps this is Megan expanding her acting abilities. What do you think?

Megan Fox Starring In Jonah Hex & Passion Play - Exhibit D - Can Megan Fox Act?

Megan Fox is again looking pretty sultry and pouty in both Jonah Hex & Passion Play.

Head tilting and hair flicking appears to have been kept to a minimum, although the common theme of revealing, or very little clothing is evident again.

Is it fair that the movie industry continues to exploit Megan in this way? Should she be cast purely for her looks and body?

What do you think?

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Megan Fox Starring In Jennifer's Body - Exhibit E - Can Megan Fox Act?

I believe that this is the most exploiting of all the movies that Megan Fox has appeared in so far.

It brings together every boys fantasy that Megan could be placed in. Again she is wearing either quite revealing, or next to nothing. She has returned to the head tilting, pouting, hair flicking and touching of the face and hair. However, to push the Megan Fox fantasy to the limit, there is the infamous lesbian kiss scene with Amanda Seyfried.

Is it possible that Megan could do so much better if she did not accept the same type of role over and over again?

What happens when Megan Fox is a little bit older, and her beauty begins to fade? We she still be able to cut it as an actress? Will she be taken seriously as an actress or will she be tossed onto the scrap heap once Hollywood has used her?

What do you think?

Can Megan Fox Act? Vote Now

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

You've had a chance to review the evidence, so now it's you chance to vote.

Can Megan Fox act - yes or no?

Can Megan Fox Act?

See results

If you are a fan of Megan Fox, I'd love to hear from you.

What do you like about her? Do you like her acting? Do you think she should break away from her stereotypical roles that she's been offered to date?

Tell me what you think!

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