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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Action Figure & Movie Merchandise

Updated on May 23, 2016

Captain America 2: The Winter Soilder

Welcome to the Captain America 2 movie Hub Page. Here you will find the trailer, a movie review and movie merchandise relating to the film franchise, including collectible Captain America action figures. Also known as "Captain America 2" this film is the second movie of Captain America series, following on from Captain America: The First Avenger starring Chris Evans from The Fantastic Four reboots.

Captain America 2 is also called The Winter Soldier and follows the adventures of Captain Steve Rogers, AKA "The Cap" as an individual superhero but also leads on and connects with the formation of The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the release of the third installment of the franchise, Captain America: Civil War, I write a hub looking at the action figures from Civil War, As such i also decided to made some updates and refinements to this hub page since its original creation in 2014. I hope you enjoy it and if you are interested in other "Cap" actions please also visit my Captain America: Civil War Action Figures Hub.

Captain Amercia 2 Aka Captain America: The Winter Solidier

Captain America, The Winter Soldier is the second film in the franchise with the story taking place two year after the events of The Avenger Movie, and The battle of New York city. Still struggling to adjust socially to modern day life and working with S.H.E.I.L.D, Steve Rogers spends time with Natasha Romanoff Aka Black Widow to find a purpose beyond being a superhero and life as Steve Rogers. However when Nick Fury is assassinated by the Winter Soldier, and fines out SHIELD has been infiltrated by enemies, He realizes SHIELD and the modern world he now lives in is more complex and not what it seems. With Natasha's help Steve soon gets entangled in a political conspire and begins finding out more about his past and connections with the mysterious Winter Soldier.

Like other Marvel films, Captain America, The Winter Soldier is a good lead in to its other films. With Natasha playing a greater role in this film and further character development. The Falcon is also introduced, as well as a flashback from Peggy Carter. Below is the trailer for the film as well as a good review of the film by "beyond the trailers".

Cast your vote for Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America 2 - Sneak peeks & trailers

Captian America The Winter Soldier Movie Review by Grace Randolph

Captain America 2 Diamond Select 7 inch Action Figure


This Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier figurine is quite a unique and is designed, sculpted by Gentle Giant based on the 2014 film by Marvel Studio. First of all it is a 7 inch action figure which makes it a bit larger then regular action figures which are normally only around 6 inches as well as this one is only available at selected specialty stores too. The figure is based on the The Cap's stealth uniform from the film and has a realistic looking Chris Evans appearance to it.

The figure has 16 points of articulations which makes the figure very flexible and able to arrange it numerous battle poses. The paint work and details on this figure is quite good but could be improved in terms of adding more texture to the sculpture to give it more details such as in the Marvels Legends series of action figure. The paint work may overlap in places and just the result of the production process. Its not a point i tend to focus on too much since if you after perfect paint work and details you need to be buying and paying in the hundreds of dollar range.

Included is the Cap's Shield as well as a backdrop for displaying your figurine in this set. A good choice for any collection but also a great action figurine for playing in terms of its larger size and details as well.

Review of the Captain America Diamond Select Marvel Action Figure

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Captain America & Steve Rogers 12 Inch Collectible Action Figure Set

The Captain America & Steve Rogers 1/6 scale action figure set is a movie-accurate Captain America collectible set of two figurines depicting authentic likeness of Chris Evans. Developed by Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. The figures are around 12 inches tall and features very detailed costumes, metal battle damaged shields, and a Captain America helmet. Other accessories that the figures come with include multiple positioned replaceable hands and a display stand. This set is also available as individual figurine too.

Each figure has good articulation, so these are not the collectible statue figurines. Clothing are weathered in parts and very detailed. If you are looking for more then the plastic painted action figures then this set is for you. However this action figure is probably for for the big kids and fans rather then kids to play with in the sandbox. Especially with a price of around $300 for the set. For more details and unboxing experience see the video below.

Captain America & Steve Rogers 1:6 Scale Action Figure Unboxing

Captain America Winter Soldier 1/6 Scale Action Figure


Finally we can not have a hub page about Captain America: The Winter Soldier without including a Winter Soldier action figure. And by far this is my favorite figurine in featured this hub. This is the Hot Toys 1/6 Scale movie-accurate Winter Soldier based on Sebastian Stan from the film. This action figure unlike some of the others includes lots of accessorizes, including two interchangeable heads, a total of 9 replacement hands, detailed costume, weapons and display stand.

First this figure is not a collectible statue and has good points of articulation, however it could be better and is limited by the costume in parts. The uniform is very detailed and movie accurate, with nylon pouches, buckles and holster for the Winter Soldier's weapons. And it is this that sets this action figure apart. Included are an array of weapons, such as 3 knives which fit in sheaths on his outfit. The winter Soldier also has a number of functional gun from the film and each with functional parts like extendable stock for his rifle, they can be cocked too and his machine gun can even holds a grenade in the launcher, and to tops this all of some of the guns has removable magazine clips too. While with just the number of details accessory this set comes with you could have hours of pleasure arrange this figure.

For more details and unboxing see the video below. And if you are interested in other Captain America & Marvel action figures please also visit my Captain America: Civil War Action Figures Hub.

The Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan 1/6 scale Action Figure Unboxing

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