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Carry On Jatta Songs

Updated on August 4, 2014

Find and Listen to the Best Songs From Carry on Jatta

If you liked the movie Carry on Jatta, then OF COURSE you've come to love the music of the film! The movie itself was rated one of the best Punjabi comedies in 2012, and Punjabi films always have excellent accompanying soundtracks. If you've heard any of them, then you know that it's impossible to get them out of your head. Even if you're not the best with the language, they're still catchy!

In the case of Carry on Jatta, most of the songs are performed by Gipp Grewal, who is also one of the stars of the movie. He's a very popular actor and artist in his own right, so it just makes sense that he would be the choice for leading role AND most of the soundtrack! Take a look below to find out more about this movie and the songs that go with it.

If you want to listen to these songs online, you can pick them up from It's really tough to find these soundtracks in stores in the United States, so this might be your best option. Enjoy!

Listento Carry on Jatta Songs Instantly!

Here's what you've been looking for! Take a listen to the soundtrack below. You can get these songs instantly through Amazon's downloading feature, or you can order a hard copy, if you would prefer. Regardless, I promise you won't be able to get these songs out of your head any time soon! The track listing is as follows:

1) Udai Ja

2) Carry on Jatta

3) Sada Hi Funda

4) Marjawan Unplugged

5) Marjawan

6) Rakhi Karde

7) Raula Pe Gaya

8) Sweety

9) Tera Naa

Carry on Jatta Trailer

The short trailer will make you understand why you need to see this movie, if you haven't already. If you have seen it, then you might remember a few of the best parts!

If you haven't seen the movie... watch the trailer and you'll see why you need to!


SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want to know what happens in the movie, then don't read below!

Carry on Jatta is truly a comedy of errors! If you don't know very much about traditional Punjabi culture, it may be difficult to grasp all of the comedy. You have to understand the cultural divide between the older and younger Punjabi. Basically, the elders in the film are always portrayed as wanting to do things the traditional way, and the way that their cultural norms says is right. The younger generation is definitely more lax on these things. The importance of marriage to the society comes across very strongly in the movie.

To start with, the main character, Jass, ends up meeting a girl named Mahie. They happen to meet at the wedding of a mutual friend. Through their conversation there, Jass figures out that Mahie is an orphan. She sees how the families interact at the wedding, and she says that she wouldn't be able to stand dealing with a mother-in-law and a father-in-law if she got married. She mentions that she wants to marry someone else who is also an orphan, so they wouldn't have to deal with all of that nonsense!

This is where the fun begins! Jass really takes a liking to this girl, so he decides that he will pretend to be an orphan like she is in order to get her to like him. Eventually, they do fall in love (all the while Jass has been going on with this charade!) Mahie's brother insists that in order to get his blessing on the marriage, the two of them have to get married right away, so they do.

Jass has to marry Mahie in secret without telling any of his family (some of whom he lives with) AND he has to live with Mahie in his house with his family without his family finding out about their relationship or her finding out who he is related to! You can see how this can get pretty crazy pretty fast! Jass's best friend helps to trick Jass's family so that they won't find out about the marriage.

Now it gets even more confusing... Jass's best friend (Honey) ends up having to marry his girlfriend secretly, too, because his dad doesn't approve. So Honey has to trick his girlfriends' parents into thinking that she is marrying Jass without Jass finding out! Everyone is deceiving everyone else, and it's hillarious!

Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal
Gippy Grewal

Grippy Grewal is one of the stars of Carry on Jatta, and he is also the artist behind most of the songs. He debuted in the movie Mel Karade Rabba in 2010 and has gone on to receive several awards for his movies since then. His first album, entitled Chakkh Lai, propelled him into a successful movie career. He is currently 30 years old, and he's married with two sons. You can find a link to his official website below. There, you can follow along with what he's up to.

Which Song is the Most Catchy?

Which song from the soundtrack do you think is the most catchy? Which one couldn't you get out of your head after seeing the movie? Vote below!

Have any thoughts about this movie, the music, Gippy, or Punjabi films in general? Let us know!

What do you think about Carry on Jatta?

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