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Cars: A family favorite movie

Updated on June 18, 2015
Cars | Source

This film is about so much more than cartoon cars

One of the best aspects of being a grandparent is being able to watch kids' films without people thinking you're a nutcase or that you're going through your second childhood. Yes, it's a truly lovely (and very unexpected) benefit.

And this one has racing cars too

We're a motor racing family. I definitely believe that one of my two granddaughters will be a racing driver, either professionally or as a wonderful and exciting hobby. So I wanted to introduce them to racing as early as possible. What better way to do so than this film?

Made with style

This isn't just any old cartoon. It's not that it's just beautifully made, (I do like the girls to experience quality) the film uses the voices of top actors and real motor racing heroes. How perfect is that? (Even legend Michael Schumacher who is, of course, the voice of a Ferrari). Great for kids, and great for adults.

Excitement and more

Naturally, the plot is terrific. And there are also several 'ahhhhhhh' moments - for example see the video below. Our 'hero' is leading the most important race of his life. However, behind him dirty deeds are afoot. The 'baddie', appropriately numbered 86, rams another car (43) and sends it into a huge accident. Poor 43 is a veteran driver in his last race.

Our hero sees the car, battered, broken and with flat tires stranded by the track. Just as he is about to cross the finishing line and take the chequered flag to victory, he screeches to a halt and lets the bad guy win. Why?

Then he drives back to poor old stranded 43 and pushes him over the finish line.

He didn't want the veteran not to finish his last race.


Cars 2
Cars 2

When you watch Cars, you really think that there could never be another film to follow it that could be so much fun. Wrong! The second Cars film is so good - it's a car-like spoof - a take on Austin Powers, James Bond and the whole British secret agent genre. Splendid film. This time, we have respected British actors voicing the cars (the chief spy being Michael Caine) and again, a host of racing drivers, this time including Lewis Hamilton.


Michael Schumacher in 'Cars'

As an avid Formula One fan,I have several racing heroes.Michael Schumacher is definitely one of them. In the video below, he voices the red Ferrari.

Of course.

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