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Best Celebrity Photo Tools

Updated on February 20, 2016

Celebrity Photo Fun

What better way to satisfy your celebrity fascination than by playing with celebrity photos. Try on their hairstyle. Morph your photo into a celebrity photo. Stretch and have fun with the photo to the left. Trek yourself. The universe of fun is endless!

Celebrity Hair Makeover

Hollywood Hair
Hollywood Hair

Hollywood Hair Makeover by allows you to try on your favorite star styles and colors before you make a trip to the salon. Just upload your photo or choose a model and let the transformations begin. Print your favorite looks and e-mail them to friends. Hollywood Hair Makeover is free - but you have to register. Behind the scenes it is powered by Taaz, just gives you some more "Hollywood" options.

Doctor Warp - Cameron Diaz as the Joker!

Click below to visit Doctor Warp
Click below to visit Doctor Warp | Source

Morph Celebrity Faces

Morph Thing combines two faces into one. You can combine two celebrity faces into one - which is free and does not even require signup. You can also combine faces you upload with celebrity faces and that is also free - but does require you to register. If you decide to upload your own photos, follow the guidelines below to get the best morphs (and avoid weird results) with Morph Thing.

  • The images you upload should have the following:
    • Face forward. Make sure the person in the picture has their face held upright and looking directly forward. I know you've got "the angles," but they make bad morphs.
    • Neutral expression. Smiles, frowns, and other expressions don't morph as well as a neutral, poker face - like a passport photo.
    • Have the entire face in the image - from the top of the hairline to the chin, and from side to side of the head.
    • Shut your mouth! Use photos of people with their mouths shut; having an open mouth or showing the teeth will give weird results.
    • Have nothing on your face. No glasses, heavy makeup, hair, cigarettes, etc. should be in your face. They will mess up the results!
    • Well lit. Make sure the image is not too dark, and that the face is well lit on all sides. Don't use images with strong shadows.
    • At least 300 pixels by 400 pixels big. This will give the best results, with less distortion.

Celebrity Warping

Celebrity Warping is as simple as moving a mouse. You slide the mouse across the photo and the photo stretches based on your mouse movement.


Click Below to visit Hairmixer
Click Below to visit Hairmixer | Source


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    • najem lm profile image

      najem lm 6 years ago

      I prefer celebrities in original shape :=

    • profile image

      diamondtools 6 years ago

      Funny tools, I like them. The last image you have listed with the bearded woman made me laugh. I think the comment at the bottom of the pic is kind of unsettling hehe.

    • tenraj lm profile image

      tenraj lm 6 years ago

      Interesting lens. Enjoyed a lot!

    • profile image

      Anjumalik 6 years ago

      celebrity may also suffer from hair loss problems, ILHT has done so many

      celebrity hair transplant

    • profile image

      DanSuciu 7 years ago

      Very funny apps, the photos with Sandra Bullock with muscles are disturbing, lol. Celebrities Nude