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What's up With Celebrity Pets?

Updated on September 20, 2017
Living the Lifestyle.
Living the Lifestyle. | Source

From adorable and cute, to awkward and odd. Many animals are finding a home on the same social media sites that have taken a hold over most people's lives. Almost every pet owner out there is guilty of snapping a few photos of their pets from time to time. In a few cases owners of unusually photogenic or extra adorable critters find themselves creating social media accounts specifically for their furry friends. Many owners even end up left in the shadow of a pet sensation that goes viral. Just what makes an everyday pet such a viral sensation?

Who Are They?

Most famous pets seem to have some sort of distinguishing quality about them. Some have unique markings or appearances, others can perform incredible tricks, an then there are a few who are just adorable.

Take for example Hamilton "The Hipster Cat" He has a white mustache mark on his face and even has his own clothing line. You can find this hip cat on his very own instagram page.

Then there's Lil Bub who is arguably the most famous cat on the Internet, Lil Bub has more than 2 Million Facebook likes and her own youtube channel. She was born a "perma-kitten" and a dawrf cat with abnormally short legs. She has no teeth which means her tongue is sticking out at all times giving her an adorable lolling tongue.



This is one of most famous cat's anywhere online Tartar Sauce a.k.a. Grumpy Cat moved past Internet fame when she appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in May of 2013. Her face is plastered all over the web in the form of memes and Youtube videos and she has more than 8,000,000 likes on Facebook. There's merchandise like plush toys, books, t-shirts, and more for this frowny meme cat. You can even spot this little kitten on tour across the us at various conventions and events.


Move over Lassie

Sporting over 17 million Facebook Likes BOO could be the most famous dog ever

Perhaps the original Internet celebrity dog, Boo’s mom created him a Facebook page back in 2009. (Boo's owner is known to work at Facebook.) In 2010, he rose to pawwer when singer Ke$ha sent a tweet that she had a new boyfriend, linking to the page, and Khloé Kardashian called him the “cutest dog on the planet”. Today Boo has his own Gund plush version of himself and four photo books.

Then there is Jumpy. One of the most talented animals you could imagine. This canine, who some have called "The World's Smartest Dog" has astounded many with the impressive number of skills he possesses. Jumpy's training video which shows him fetching underwater, riding a skateboard, and doing backflips, has risen to over 11 million views on youtube. in 2014 jumpy earned himself a new title as a "parkour" dog for his amazing running, jumping and pretty much flying through the air in the video featured below.

Jumpy the Parkour Dog

Cats vs Dogs

Who wins teh internets?

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