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chatting for kids promote or abort

Updated on August 26, 2011

trapping face

All the glitters are not gold-same hold true for strangers in chat room
All the glitters are not gold-same hold true for strangers in chat room

chat hypnotism

Can any one forget the incident happened few years back a medical student killing a masseur in hotel room? We all know it is through the craigslist advertisement the women came to know about that person. This is only one incident there are lots of incident happening every day. Recently in Boston metro news came about how a married man 60 es cheated several women and extort few million dollar.

If adults are falling in such trap what about our kids—it is high time to monitor the activities of chat room –especially for kids

Public chat is an internet created environment, where you can strike conversation by typing texts with many people simultaneously. In some public chat room, during chatting you can just use your real name or id and in others, you can represent yourself as avatars (or characters). In public chat room you can communicate with people anywhere in the world according to your own choice. You can discuss any issue or get advice about any issue you like to bring up in public. In public chat rooms there are different options or topics where people can express different opinions or exchange information in their own preferred language.

There are several ways to enter in the cyber world. There are lot of internet site like yahoo, Google, msn messenger offer dedicated public chat room for your convenience and entertainment. You can choose an official public chat room by geographic location, language, age group and lot of other criteria. Sometimes it is really easier to find out like minded people in chat room. Public chat room is the easiest way to exchange thoughts, get advice and sometimes spreading message virtually. There are two types of public chat room; first one is Internet Relay Chat discussion or IRC and individual web page chat rooms for public. Most of the public chat rooms are primarily for entertainment and having not much education benefits.

Supervision levels of chat room are not always appropriate and uniform. There are type chat rooms with virtually no supervision and some of them use a system which monitors the electronic conversations and scan for inappropriate words and then issue an automatic warning. Some public chat room has virtual webmaster, who can able to scan the inappropriate language, and it can easily banned the user from using it and enter into the subsequent discussion or forums.

Some great advantage of using public chat rooms are you can easily communicate your thoughts and feeling without directly hearting anyone’s sentiment. It is also a great stress buster. Sometimes you can express your grief or anger on certain issues which otherwise it may be heard to disclose personally. In public chat room you can be fortunate enough to communicate directly with person, which in otherwise is difficult to talk or exchange thoughts like community leader, social worker, experts or your favorite teacher. It is the easiest media to know people just by their mind and thought, as in most cases you don’t disclose your identity like your age, gender or your appearance. So public chat room is totally unbiased environment you can discuss about any particular issue.

Recently we have seen lot of incident which are very unfavorable and brought up by inappropriate usage of public chat. Sometimes the discussions in chat room can be abusive or violent, or they can promote hatred and other totally inappropriate message which is detrimental for whole community. Making online relationships with strangers in public chat rooms can lead you to grave danger. People became prey of heinous crime act or being cyber stalked and being forced to get into a risk taking activities. Sometimes kids get exposed to abusive, explicit and raw content and being pressured to engage in non ethical act.

Recently some real fact has been exposed about public chat room from a survey. This survey showed that almost half of 11-12years old school going children visit public chat rooms every other day and one-third of them visit the private or adult public chat areas. They also have shown that more than 40% youth have already shared their photo, phone number, street address or school etc in the chat room with anonymous. 15% of young kids have physically met internet friends alone without disclosing the issue with their parents and 10 % of them suffered the bad outcome for this desperate step.

By using some small measure we can easily avoid these odd things in the internet. Public chat room if used appropriately can have the lot of positive impact on individual and on society. The most easiest way to avoid these problem is using monitored chat room, protecting identity in chat room, ignoring leading question about gender, age and address, avoid leaving public chat and enter into private chat and definitely last but not least is avoid meeting stranger from chat room.



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