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Cheap Cymbal Stands

Updated on December 11, 2012

Cheap Cymbal Stands - 3 Types Of Stands

You may think that a cymbal stand is a cymbal stand, however that is not the case. It is very important to choose quality when it comes to your stand, luckily, you can get a quality cheap cymbal stand quite easily.

In this lens we will be looking at the different types of affordable cymbal stands that you could choose from. Read through the article and think about exactly what kind of cymbal stand you are needing. Then go ahead and look at the cymbal stands that are on this page!

What Type Of Cymbal Stand Should I Choose?

Let's talk about cymbal stands!

What kind of stand you will purchase depends on what you will be needing it for. If you need a stand that you can move around a lot and carry with you light weight a cymbal stand is important.

You of course want a sturdy stand but have you thought about what kind of height you will need you cymbal stand to be? If you are not careful you could end up ordering a stand that isn't tall enough for your needs.

There are different kinds of cymbal stands, each type will give the player more control over how the cymbal is used. Choosing a good stand is important since it will most likely go through a lot of stress from playing and moving from place to place.

The three common types of stands are the straight stand, the boom stand and the convertible stand.

The Straight Cymbal Stand

The straight stand is like it sounds! The stand is straight until it comes to a slight angle at the top where the cymbal will be mounted.

These have always been the most popular choice for drummers, however that isn't necessarily true anymore. Drummers often like the flexibility of other stand types as opposed to this kind, but if you are looking for a good starter stand, or just a cheap stand this is the kind to go with.

The Straight cymbal stand is the cheapest and most easily found stand.

Looking to buy straight cymbal stands?

The Boom Cymbal stand

The boom stand is a bit like the straight stand except it gives the player more control over where the cymbal will be placed.

It has a sort of arm that can be positioned in more than one position unlike the straight stand that is limited to the only position it can hold. With this arm the drummer can place the cymbals at multiple angles so it can be more easily placed along with a drum set.

Many drummer prefer this type of cymbal stand due to its flexibility.

Wanting to buy boom cymbal stands?

The Convertible Cymbal Stand

The convertible stand gives drummers the best of both world with a flexible arm that allows the cymbal to be placed where they desire but still has the look of a straight stand. This gives you the placement you want with the look you love as well.

These are often the most preferred out of all the stands because they contain the best aspects of the other two common types of stands.

Cheap Cymbal Stands Can Be Quality Too

When people are looking for a cheap cymbal stand it is most likely because they are either on a tight budget or are looking for a starter stand for themselves or as a gift for someone they know.

While more expensive stands will always be a higher quality than cheaper stands, that doesn't mean you can't get the best of both worlds, as long as you choose wisely you will be able to find a good cymbal stand at an affordable price.

Which Is Your Preferred Cymbal Stand?

Out of the cheap cymbal stands we have discussed in this lens, which is your favorite type?

Your Favorite Cymbal Stand Is

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Your experience with cymbal stands?

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