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Cheap Theatre Tickets

Updated on July 11, 2010

Cheap Theatre Tickets

Although this hubpage is called "Cheap Theatre Tickets" it's going to be mostly about dispelling some of the myths that have grown up around the idea that you can always get cheap theatre tickets to shows in London.

Cheap Theatre Tickets in London

I live in London and I do manage to get to the theatre from time to time but it amazes me that so many people imagine that it's going to be possible to find cheap theatre tickets as if there are loads of themn just floating about in big piles waiting for the canny people to save lot of money.

Where did the myth of cheap theatre tickets come from?

One possibility is that it stems from the sight of all those discount theatre booths around Leicester Square many of which even have names like "Cheap Theatre Tickets" and "Discount Shows". But let me assure you, that's just the name of the shop! The tickets on sale in these establishments are either at full face value or even more, but for shows that are particularly sought after, or else they are for the cheap seats. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with occupying the cheap seats if it's a show that you really want to see. I'll rephrase that - for a musical that you sreally want to listen to! The cheap seats in some of the grand old grade ii listed London theatres are often very high up in the third tier, along the side and behind a big pillar. There are also some right at the front whoch sounds fantastic doesn't it? In reality this means that you are down in a pit staring up at just the front part of the stage, looking up the leading man's trouser legs.

Half Price Theatre Tickets

Most Londoners know that the only official half price theatre booth is the one which is inside Leicester Square itself. That one is called "TKTS" and it's run by the Society Of London Theatre, the same people who arganise the annual West End Live show in Leicester Square during July. That was a great day out this year, there were appearances from the cast of Jersey Boys, We Will Rock You, BuddySound of Music plus a new one I hadn't heard of before called "Betwixt" which was a bit odd.

How to buy cheap theatre tickets

If you're going to get half price tickets from there, what you have to do is to turn up at around half past ten in the morning and read the postcards on the noticeboard outside the booth. That tells you what's available for the day and I have to warn you, it's only a limited selection from that which London's West End has to offer altogether. So go prepared with a second and third choice, be flexible. The tickets themselves are usually for pretty good seats, the best ones being in the middle of the stalls about seven or ten rows back in my opinion. Some people quite like the front of the dress circle as well, but I prefer the stalls becasue that seems to me to be where the actors are projecting their performances towards. Once you've got your half price or relatively cheap theatre tickets then you've got all afternoon to wander round central London and look forward to the show.

Have a great time now!

cheap theatre tickets display board

Browsing the cheap theatre tickets available for the day
Browsing the cheap theatre tickets available for the day

Cheap Theatre Tickets to see HAIR in teh West End with the original Broadway cast while it's still available.

Which shows are worth paying full price for?

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  • Linnit profile image

    Linnit 9 years ago from London

    I'd pay full price for Marguerite or Zorro, both well worth it!