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Childless Comfort - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on September 24, 2014

Childless Comfort is a family Korean Drama which has deeply touched my heart. With my limited Korean, I marathon-ed this beautifully-written three-generations family drama on mvibo and I can't wait until they finish subbing this drama.

Kim Soo Hyun is well-known as an eloquent scriptwriter who raises many important life issues. Childless Comfort is no exception. This drama illustrates the family conflict through flawed characters, the characters who the viewers can relate to (as a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, brother, son, daughter-in-law, etc). And most importantly, it paints the single mother in a positive light. She can become a single mother and a successful woman too (in terms of career and education). Single mother is a taboo's topic in South Korea's society, women who have child out of a wedlock are being treated unfairly in the society, the majority of them are forced to abort or give their baby for an adoption and it's saddening that sometimes her family also receive unfair treatment.

Soo Young (Uhm Ji Won) is a successful career woman, but she quit her job when she was pregnant. Because of the prejudice against single mothers, she didn't tell her family about her pregnancy & the fact that she left her prestigious job. The father of her baby left her for another woman for the sake of money. Fortunately, Shin So Rim (Kyun Mi Ri) saw her a month before her due date. After contemplating & discussing with her husband, they decided to tell her parents (Ahn Hee Jae (Yoo Dong Geun) and Lee Ji Ae (Kim Hae Sook)).

When her parents discovered that their perfect daughter will soon become a single mother, they didn't want to accept her decision to raise her daughter up by herself (this touches the society's prejudice towards single mother and her family).

My heart aches when her brother told her that she brought disgrace to their family. It's not her fault that she felt in love with a man, and it's not even her fault that this man left her for a richer woman who bought apartments for his farmer parents. As a 36 yo woman, she can decide what's best for her life and her unborn's baby life. Many people believe that motherhood starts as soon as the woman is pregnant, so I'm glad that she decided to follow her motherhood's love and chose not to abort her baby.

In the beginning, Soo Young refused her family's help. Until her baby was sick and couldn't stop crying; she decided to go to one of her uncle's house and rest there. I could see that the weights on her shoulders have been lifted up as she shares her burden with the family who accepts her as who she is - no strings attached.

Soo Young's single mother journey is not the only plot in Childless Comfort.

They have the grandparents, Ahn Ho Sik (Lee Soon Jae) as the head of the family who owns a gas station. He's harsh with his words, but it's because of his wisdom. I felt like watching my grandfather giving me life advice. As he has went through 8 decades of life, he's like a walking dictionary. He may be very annoying to his wife Choi Geum Shil (Seo Woo Rim), but deep down he really loves her (he's annoyed when she snores, but gets really nervous when he couldn't hear her breathing).

The oldest son's family, An Hee Jae live with them. An Hee Jae has three children: Soo Young, Sung Gi and Jun Gi.

The second son's family, Ahn Hee Myung live close-by. He's the breadmaker in his family and his wife is a selfish, stingy woman. She's a control-freak and I feel really bad for her only son Dae Ki and his wife Hyo Joo.

The youngest son's family (the Childless Comfort couple), Ahn Hee Gyee also live close-by. Hee Gyee's wife, Shin So Rim suffered multiple miscarriages and countless heartbreaks; so they decided to live their lives to the fullest and enjoying their marriage life although they don't have children. This couple is so far my favorite couple, the way they openly show us how they love each other is so cute and adorable. And I believe that couples should be like them. Problems in marriage are avoidable, but we need to trust and openly communicate with our partner. Understand their feelings and try not to do things that our partner hate.

If you love family drama, I highly recommend Childless Comfort. I honestly learn a lot from this drama; and I'm patiently waiting for the wonderful subbers to finish subbing this drama.

I'm glad that this drama receives much love from Korean viewers (it's one of the highest rating cable drama ever, recording a massive 9.4%. Hopefully once the subbers finish subbing this drama, international viewers will also give Childless Comfort much love because I don't know when we'll ever see another family Korean drama as realistic and as heartwarming as Childless Comfort.

Have you watched / are you currently watching Childless Comfort?

Details & Casts



Number of Episodes: 30 (extended to 40)

Also Known As: Childless Good Fortune

Genre: Family, Romantic, Comedy

Original run: October 27, 2012 - March 17, 2013 every Saturday and Sunday 20.50KST

Lee Soon Jae as An Ho Sik

Seo Woo Rim as Choi Geum Shil

Eldest Son Family

Yoo Dong Geun as An Hee Jae

Kim Hae Sook as Lee Ji Ae

Uhm Ji Won as An Soo Young

Ha Suk Jin as An Sung Gi [Dental Surgeon]

Lee So Young as An Jun Gi [Barista]

Second Son Family

Song Seung Hwan as An Hee Myung

Im Ye Jin as Ji Yu Kyung

Jung Joon as An Dae Ki [Foreign Investment Banker]

Kim Min Myung as Kang Hyo Joo [Pharmacist]

Youngest Son Family

Yoon Da Hoon as An Hee Gyee

Kyun Mi Ri as Shin So Rim

Jun Yang Ja as Shin Young Ja (So Rim's mother)

Oh Yoon Ah as Lee Young Hyun

Son Na Eun as Oh Soo Mi

Lee Sang Woo as Ha In Chul (Father of Uhm Ji Won's daughter)

Director: Jung Eul Young (A Thousand Days' Promise, Life is Beautiful)

Scriptwriter: Kim Soo Hyun (A Thousand Days' Promise, Life is Beautiful, Mom has grown horns)

Official Website: Mujasik

Highest Rating (based on AGB Nielsen): 10.715% [Nationwide] (Episode 35) | Childless Comfort Rating

Last Episode Rating: 10.052%

Where to Watch Childless Comfort with English Subtitle? mvibo

Image Credit - English by deyani

OST List

OST Part 1 - Released November 23, 2012

1. Candy Kiss by Yoo Sung Eun


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