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Choi Byeol Yee () - Korean Model / Race Queen

Updated on August 31, 2010

Also known as Choi Byul-I

Introducing the amazing Choi Byeol Yee! Yet another Korean model pushing the boundaries of the cute and sexy combination ^^

Name: Choi Byeol Yee (aka Choi Byul-I)

Nationality: Korean

Height: 174cm

Profession: Model / Race Queen

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    • profile image

      bitchass 7 years ago

      oh my gosh, why are you so sexy

    • loaebook lm profile image

      loaebook lm 7 years ago

      @Milkcananime: Ji-won Ha? You're right... thanks I didn't know about her :D

    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 7 years ago from Singapore

      The main lead actress in "Sex Is ZERO 1" is beautiful too!