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Christian Hymns for Lent and Easter

Updated on April 18, 2014

Inspirational Piano Music Fills My Soul

My favorite piano music to play are Christian Hymns, especially during Lent and Easter.

I have played the piano since I was eight years old and took seven years of piano lessons. I was the choir piano accompanists in high school, and aside from a short stint in college, I have played the piano on a regular basis for over thirty years.

For almost twenty of those years I have been blessed to play the piano in church during Lent and Advent Wednesday night vespers at Trinity Lutheran church. When I began I hadn't played in public in over ten years and it was just a little bit nerve wracking, but now I am much more comfortable and can't wait until the Lenten season to arrive.

The piano is located at the front of the church, just a few feet from the lectern where the Readings and Gospel are read. Pastor Brent Kuhlman reads an AMAZING and POWERFUL Passion which brings the listener into the journey of Christs Passion and Crucifixion. You can't help but be inspired after listening and and chills often radiate through me as I absorb the meaning and message.

Music during the Lenten season is more reflective, somber and serious. Lent is a time to reflect and ponder Christs message of forgiveness and examine ourselves in a solemn manner. No hymns declaring Alleluia are played or spoken during the season of Lent, the celebration of Christs resurrection is celebrated with great Alleluias and praise is saved for Easter.

My Favorite Sheet Music of Hymns - I play these hymns during Lent every year

This piano book is my all time favorite, I have played it every year during Lent for over ten years and it's dog eared, marked and just plain comfortable. It is my go-to book when I want to sit down at home and play with feeling and passion.

These hymns are so familiar and comfortable to play I can really pour emotion and feeling into the phrasing and passages. Every year I say I'm going to get a new book and mix things up a bit, but I keep going back to the congregations favorites such as This Is My Fathers World, and How Can I Keep From Singing.

When I want to be challenged I will play the more advanced arrangement of How Great Thou Art, normally it's at the end of church during the dismissal when people are not paying too much attention to the music and any mistakes I may be making.

The Heritage Collection II
The Heritage Collection II

Lorie Line is a talented pianist and composer and the Heritage Collection II has been my favorite piano book for over ten years.

She has an arpeggio style of playing which is easy to play and rates each piece in the book on skill level from beginner to advanced

My Favorite Arrangements: Be Though My Vision, Take My Life and Let It Be, Be With Me Lord


Additional Sheet Music for Lent and Easter - Christian Music for Special Holidays

I tend to gravitate to intermediate rather than advanced piano arrangements as I like to be able to sit down and pretty much sight read a piece from beginning to end the first time through. If I can stumble through a piece the first time that means just a little bit of practice and polish I will be able to actually play it with confidence and style in front of an audience.

Sunday Solos for Piano: Preludes, Offertories & Postludes
Sunday Solos for Piano: Preludes, Offertories & Postludes

This piano music book combines piano solos of traditional hymns and more contemporary worship music. You can find music for just about every church season and celebration from Lent, to Easter and throughout the year. For intermediate piano students.

Traditional Hymns: Be Thou My Vision, Blessed Assurance, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Contemporary: Here I Am to Worship, Open the Eyes of My Heart

Easy Hymn Solos - Level 3
Easy Hymn Solos - Level 3

An Advanced beginner piano book of traditional hymns appropriate for preludes and postludes during church service. Ideal highlighting piano students during service and encouraging them to offer their musical gifts to God.

Traditional Hymns: Come, Thou Fount of Every, Amazing Grace, Blessing, I Sing the Mighty Power of God, Jesus Loves Me

A Solo a Sunday - Volume 2: Piano Solo (Book)
A Solo a Sunday - Volume 2: Piano Solo (Book)

Many church musicians have given a Solo a Sunday rave reviews and praise this book for needing little to no practice. Most church musicians are intermediate to advanced pianists and this book has a wide range of hymns to select for services throughout the year.

This piano book gives hymnal suggestions for Lent, Easter, Communion, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Offertory, Christmas and Thanksgiving along with Baptismal suggestions and more.


What is A Hymn?

A Hymn is a song or adoration sung to God meant to be sung by a church congregation. The arrangement is meant for all voices and theological in nature.

Popular Spiritual songs are normally solos, but express a persons experience and feeling. Although hymns can be sung as a solo.

Enjoy Music With a Quality Instrument - Piano or Keyboard, it doesn't matter

When I first moved into my small house I could not take my large traditional acoustical piano. I practiced my Lenten services at church and missed being able to play at home.

I soon purchased a Yamaha portable keyboard, BUT my criteria had to have 88 keys, the same as a full size piano and a piano-like action with a rich sound. I loved my Yamaha keyboard for several reasons. One, it never went out of tune, two, I could control the volume and tone (concert hall or grand piano), and I could use head phones to play without disturbing others in the room.

Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano with Stand and Power Adapter
Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano with Stand and Power Adapter

When I first moved into my small house I could not take my large traditional acoustical piano. I practiced my Lenten services at church and missed being able to play at home.

I soon purchased a Yamaha portable keyboard, BUT

Yamaha RH5MA Studio Monitor Headphones
Yamaha RH5MA Studio Monitor Headphones

Hearing a digital piano playing directly in your ears is a WONDERFUL experience. The music sounds as if it's a part of you and becomes part of your brain and feeds your soul.

Don't get a digital keyboard without a pair of headphones. You will be so glad you did, besides you can get up in the middle of the night and play when music inspires you without waking the rest of the household or neighbors.


When you want the full rich sound of an electric piano to be heard in the quality Yamaha intended use a professional amplifier speaker sound system.

Behringer has state of the art electronic systems which will have your home sounding like a recording studio or concert hall for a lower cost than you would expect.


Listen to Christian Hymns from Lorie Line - Piano solos of Christian Hymns

To give you an idea of what Lorie Line arrangements sound like here are a few videos of not only Lorie Line playing the music the way she wrote and intended it, but also a few other videos of church services and home recordings.

I tried to pick some of the better recordings. A tip if you want to record your own piano music, set the camera on the other side of the room so you don't get reverberation and a twangy sound.

Lorie Line concert performance of Amazing Grace with vocals

A very nice church performance of Lorie Lines Be Though My Vision. one of my favorite piano hymns from her Heritage II collection. This is about the way I play it as well.

This is My Tathers World from the hymnal collection of Lorie Lines Heritage II piano book collection.

You don't often see videos of Lorie Line playing her piano pieces on the internet. This rendition of Canon in D is appropriate for not only church services, but is also popular for weddings.

You Raise Me Up cover from Lorie Line, recorded at home.

More Lorie Line Piano Sheet Music - Hymns and Christian Worship Music

Lorie Line must be Lutheran as almost all of her hymns can be found in the Lutheran hymnal. Many, if not most are classic traditional hymns which many will recognize.

Heritage Collection 1
Heritage Collection 1

My husbands favorite hymn in this piano book is What a Friend We Have in Jesus, he loves to sing as I accompany him in church.

The Amazing Grace arrangement is simply spectacular and a joy to play. A little bit advanced, but well worth the time to learn.

The Heritage Collection, Vol. 3
The Heritage Collection, Vol. 3

My favorite hymn in this collection is Eternal Father (The Navy Hymn) I am especially fond of since my sons are Marines and my youngest went to chapel during boot camp and this hymn was played. It reminded him of his home church and me playing the piano. I think it made him a little homesick, and made this Mom's heart melt a little when he told me the story.

Intermediate and Advanced

The Heritage Collection, Vol. IV: Traditional Hymns of Inspiration
The Heritage Collection, Vol. IV: Traditional Hymns of Inspiration

There are so many of Lorie Lines songs I play I just can't pick my favorite, but the one that stands out in this book is Abide With Me.

Her music is soothing and powerful, the beauty of her arrangements is you can make them your own, with additions or deletions of notes in the difficult passages.

Lorie Line - The Heritage Collection, Volume V (Heritage Collection (Hal Leonard))
Lorie Line - The Heritage Collection, Volume V (Heritage Collection (Hal Leonard))

This piano book has beginner to advanced pieces so every level of piano player can enjoy performing piano solos.

Contains: Now the Day is Over (great for Vespers), Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (wonderful for children's hour or choir), Blest Be the Tie That Binds, and many more


My Favorite Piano

Free Sheet Music and MIDI Hymns - Index of Hymns and Litergical Music

I am always looking for free sheet music to play at home or for our children's program at church. Many times I come home from church with a hymn stuck in my head and I want to listen to it again, or get the full piano arrangement of a hymn.

It is often a challenge to find resources for good solo piano arrangements as most hymnal music is written for the organ and to be sung by a congregation. The is the best site I've found so far, but many of the below sites have simple PDF downloads of just about any hymn you would want to find. ENJOY!

Traditional or Electronic Piano? - Which do you like better

Do your like playing a traditional piano or an electronic piano better

See results

Music CDs and DVDs - Listen Watch Christian Performers

If you don't play the piano you can still enjoy listening to your favorite hymns and church music. The selection below is a wide range of traditionally performed hymns, country and gospel selections for every taste.

More Than 50 Most Loved Hymns
More Than 50 Most Loved Hymns

A full orchestral music collection of hymns that includes Holy, Holy, Holy - London Festival Orchestra, For The Beauty Of The Earth, Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, Holy, Holy, Holy and more.

20 All-Time Favorite Hymns [2 CD]
20 All-Time Favorite Hymns [2 CD]

Country music artists and gospel singers combine on this two CD selection to perform the top 20 all time favorite hymns. You can listen to samples of the songs before purchasing which is a wonderful feature of this

Amazon selection.

Includes: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, What A Friend We Have in Jesus, Rock of Ages, All of Me, In the Garden


How to Find a Bargain on an Electric Piano - Find a deal on an electric keyboard on eBay

Bargains and deals on electric keyboards and pianos can be found regularly on eBay. Many people purchase a keyboard on a whim thinking they will learn the piano, join a band and become famous. Ok, maybe not famous, but they don't realize how much time and practice it takes to become good at a musical instrument.

These keyboards often are played only a few times until the buyer realizes, nope piano lessons on YouTube just aren't for me, and I need the money, so I'll sell it on eBay. So many piano keyboards get returned to music stores and pawn shops it's not even funny. So shop on eBay, or Craigslist if you're looking for an economical way to get into playing the piano for the first time.

Thanks for visiting, God bless you and your family this day and every day. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and If you have a favorite hymn or song I'd love to hear why it moves you.

Do You Enjoy Lent and the Easter Holiday? - What is your favorite Church season?

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    • lin444 profile image


      4 years ago

      Wonderful lense! I also like what you said about making sure you have headphones. Many times I practice late at night, and it's great knowing that with headphones that's an option.


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