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Christmas Gifts For A 5 Year Old

Updated on September 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts For A 5 Year Old

Not sure what to get a 5 year old boy or girl? You are not alone. And, you don't want to look foolish by getting the wrong gift in front of everyone at Christmas. It's happened to me! Let's face it, its tough to know what to get a child at this age, perhaps this will help.

We have several ideas for boys and girls that can help you look like a hero this Christmas 2010.

Chritmas Gift Do's and Don'ts For 5 year Old Boys and Girls

Okay, so you have to do some shopping for a 5 year old boy or girl. Great. There are many choices but what is going to impress a 5 year old. Here is some insight.


1. 5 year old boys DO NOT want toys that a baby or toddler would play with. Stay away from Barney, Wiggles, Dora or any of that kind of stuff. Most 5 year olds are tired of those toys at 5 years old.

2. 5 year old boys are active, and like sports, usually. If you know that is the case, sport related toys are a good choice.

3. 5 year old boys DO like Spongebob, Star Wars, Legos-(not Duplo) Ben-10 Alien Force, and even toys designed for older kids in the 7-10 range- even though they may not fully be able to play with those toys.

4. 5 year old boys have basic motor skills. Do not get complex video games. We have found simple games like those on the Nintendo DS great for young boys of this age.

5. 5 year old boys are tired of Play-Dough.


1. 5 year old girls like to feel grown up, and anything related to style, clothes or fashion is a great choice.

2. 5 year old girls like dolls including Barbie and Bratz dolls.

3. 5 year old girls Hanna Montana is an okay choice.

4. 5 year old girls are also active and anything related to hula hoops, soccer and baseball/t-ball or dance are great choices.

5. 5 year old girls do not like baby or toddler toys, just like boys.

6. 5 year old girls like video games too, and there are a great variety of games designed just for girls. Again, the Nintendo DS offers some good choices at this age.

Boys Gift #1 Star Wars Battle Pack

Many 5 year old boys love Star Wars. With the introduction of Star Wars, The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, action figures are very popular. The Star Wars Battle Pack is a great gift because if they have action figures, there is a good chance they do not have these, since you can only get this pack of action figures online only

Boys Gift #2 The Bakugan BakuSphere

Bakugan is HOT with 5 year old boys right now. The Bakugan "balls" are part of a game that is easier to play than Poke'man and more fun since the Bakugan "balls" are collectible. Now, the Bakugan BakuSphere is a great gift since most boys will have Bakugan "balls" but very few have the carry case. With this gift you can become the hero with a cool case to collect Bakugan.

Boy's Gift #3 LEGO Star Wars- Anakin Skywalkers Star Fighter

Anakins Star Fighter is cool for any boy of any age! This is a great gift because you get a double duty hit. Even boys that are indifferent to Star Wars love LEGO's, and if they happen to like Star Wars so much more the better.

Boy's Gift #4 18" Boys Tony Hawk HuckJam Freestyle Bike

Cool and stylish. This is a great gift since many boys of this age are growing out of their other bikes. 18' Boys Tony Hawk HuckJam Freestyle Bike

Boy's Gift #5 LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants - Sandy's Rocket

LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants - Sandy's Rocket This is another double duty hit for a 5 year old boy, it is a great hit with SpongeBob fans and LEGO lovers.

Girl's Gift #1 Hasbro My Little Pony Scootaloo On the Go!

Strap on her helmet, clip on her scarf and she's ready to hit the road with her bright pink and purple hair flowing behind her. Scootaloo is always on the move in her remote-controlled ride. A good pick since My Little Pony is a proven hit. This toy can be found online only.

Girls Gift #2 Barbie Beach Party Doll and Bicycle

Barbie Beach Party Doll and BicycleSo cute for a 5 year old girl! A Barbie doll rides the perfect pink beach cruiser bicycle with a basket carrying her puppy pal inside. As the bicycle moves, the puppy bounces up and down for the ride. A staple pick for girls this age.

Girl's Gift #3

Barbie 28' Skateboard Active girls can have fun with their favorite character, Barbie! A unique gift for any girl.

Girl's Gift #4 Disney Hannah Montana Gold Mix Max Digital Media Player

Disney Hannah Montana Gold Mix Max Digital Media Player For the girl who loves Hanna Montana, this is a unique gift. You will be the hero with this media player. It includes the following features:

This photo viewer and music/video player features a 512MB hard drive and simple navigation.

Disney Hannah Montana Gold Mix Max Digital Media Player:

* SD card slot for expanded memory

* Plug-and-play technology

* PC-chargeable battery

* 2.2" TFT LCD display screen

* 220 x 176 resolution

* Battery lasts up to 8 hours

Girl's Gift #5 16" Girls Huffy Disney Princess Bike, Helmet and Knee Pads Value Bundle

16' Girls Huffy Disney Princess Bike, Helmet and Knee Pads Value Bundle Any kid will love to see a bike under the tree. This year is a good time to upgrade since girls often outgrow their old bikes at this age, just like boy's

What Suggestions Do You Have? - Let Others Know Your Best Picks For Gifts This Christmas

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    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 7 years ago from Royalton

      At age 5 my kids loved learning to ride bikes. We took them to national parks to find safe places to learn while experiencing nature. Playdough was one of my kid's favorite materials to work with. It is good for building muscle strength in small fingers that will be doing lots of writing when they start school. We used the playdough to help create scenes and habitats for Star Wars characters or collections of My Little Ponies.

      Great ideas for 5 year olds!