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Songs that Come Full Circle

Updated on September 11, 2013

Around and Around we Go!

Iâll bet you didnât know there many songs with a circle or circles in them.

I am not talking about songs with circular meanings. That is, songs that have things that come back around, like a yo-yo or a boomerang; I am talking about songs that actually mention a âcircleâ or âcirclesâ in them.

Many of the songs with circles that I remember were from the 1960âs. I have compiled my collection of circle songs on this website. If you can think of any more, please feel free to comment and add your own in the list below!

Thanks for coming full circle with me!

Flickr Commons

Wagon Train
Wagon Train

"Circle 'round the Wagons, Boys!"

Circles can be a person's best friend.

While you "circle around," on the "on-deck circle" and feel you are "going around in circles," don't "talk in circles" when you are "running in circles around someone" or you could create a "vicious circle."

I would prefer to say, I might just run around like a "chicken with his head cut off."

Now that you are in the same zone as I am and want to have a little fun, nothing makes you feel better than a song with a circle in it.

That being said, please have fun with this and if you want to have more fun, circle around to the beginning again and listen to the tunes again.

Thanks for visiting.

Wikimedia Commons

Circle of Life - From the Lion King Soundtrack

The Lion King Soundtrack - Includes "Circle of Life"

The Lion King: Special Edition
The Lion King: Special Edition

I was never into the animated movies but one day, I had to watch this movie with some children that I was with.

It turns out, it brought back memories of my early childhood and the music was wonderfully done.

This soundtrack, which won an Academy Award and Grammy, has some fantastic music.

One of my favorite songs is "Circle of Life," which is not only a nice piece of music, it is very dramatic.

If you love music, you will love this recording!


Everyone has a Favorite Shape; What is Yours?

What is your favorite shape?

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Will the Circle be Unbroken - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”

C.S. Lewis

Will it go Round in Circles - Billy Preston

The Circle Song for Children - Dave Mitchell

“If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end.”


Circle of Love - Steve Miller Band

"Our task must be to free widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

Albert Einstein

Circles - Mariah Carey

Circle - Harry Chapin

Are you a Circle or just a Shape-Shifter? - Either way, please leave some comments!

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    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      @anonymous: Hi! Thanks for visiting and please circle back around anytime you want!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Well, let's do the polka, how perfect! You've created a circle of fun here...."All my life's circle....the years keep rolling by..", Harry Chapin is a delight, everyone that was there must have smiled for days...just like I'm smiling right now, thank you!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 4 years ago from USA

      Love the idea here. I haven't heard some of these songs for years. The background was fitting also. Sometimes I'm a circle I guess and others a shape-shifter, but I suppose we all are.