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City Hunter - Korean Drama 2011

Updated on December 16, 2014

Drama about Revenge, Anguish, Sacrifice, Betrayal, Hero

After watching the whole 20 episodes, I highly believe City Hunter deserves to be the best Korean drama in 2011!

City Hunter is an action drama combined with a mischievous comedic scenes & cute sweet romantic scenes of Yoon Sung & Kim Na Na. It's a drama about revenge, anguish, sacrifice, betrayal.

I was so excited when I heard that Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flower would be back on the TV screen as an action hero. He was scouted by one of my favorite PD (Production Director) Jin Hyuk who directed Brilliant Legacy in 2009.

My husband is a big fan of City Hunter and he's read the manga City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. He knew from the beginning that City Hunter drama storyline would be different with the manga / comic's storyline, and he was succeeded in convincing me to watch the whole 20 episodes! And thanks to him, I'm addicted to City Hunter! Big thumbs up to the writer, the production team and especially the actors!

Now City Hunter is officially over with an open ending, I truly hope they will have City Hunter Sequel 2!

City Hunter Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

City Hunter Sequel? Yes or No?


"So goodbye, don't cry and smile"

The above is my favorite City Hunter lyric from City Hunter OST Part 2 So Goodbye.

For the first time ever, I feel an emptiness in my heart. City Hunter - a drama which has filed my life over the past 2 months (since May 2011) has finally over. It's indeed one of the best Korean Drama I've ever watched in my life and it's one of the drama which I will introduce to my future children.

I was satisfied that City Hunter only had 20 episodes long. These 20 episodes were sufficient enough to leave me with wonderful memories of City Hunter.

And I really hope that there will be City Hunter Sequel 2 next year! Same casts, same PDs, same writers, same production team, but different storyline. That will really make my day.

What do you think guys?

City Hunter 2?

See results

City Hunter - Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Original run: May 25, 2011 -- July 28, 2011 on SBS

Main Casts:

- Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung (City Hunter),

- Park Min Young as Kim Na-Na,

- Lee Jun Hyeok as Kim Yong Ju (Seoul District Court Prosecutor),

- Hwang Seon Hee as Jin Su Hee (Yong Ju's ex-wife and veterinarian),

- Goo Ha Ra as Choi Da-Hye (President's Daughter),

- Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jin Pyo

Official Youtube Channel: SBS City Hunter Official Youtube Channel

This video (with English sub) below created by Mariam and this is one of the best video which sums up the story of City Hunter.

Video Credit: luchiaichigogirl

City Hunter - Brief Synopsis

Lee Jin Pyo and Park Mu Yeol are best friends and two special agents hired by Choi Eung Chan to carry out secretive assassination of the North Korean officials in Pyongyang. Eung Chan is the leader of the five high-ranking government officials and they decide to send these two agents as North Korean spies. Even though their mission is successful, unfortunately, they have to betray Jin Pyo and Mu Yeol which caused the death of 20 people and Mu Yeol.

Feeling guilty and betrayed, Jin Pyo then snatched Mu Yeol's newborn son, Lee Yoon Sung from his mother and left a note that her husband has died. He raised him toughly in the Southern Asia with the hope that one day, Yoon Sung can avenge on behalf of his father.

Yoon Sung spend couple years studying aboard and he goes back to Seoul (after graduating from MIT) to carry out his revenge mission. He's trained himself so he can put Eung Chan and his 4 government officials in the prison.

However, Yoon Sung's revenge method is 180degree different with his step-father (Jin Pyo)'s revenge. He doesn't want to spill any more blood and doesn't want to kill these five officials. Therefore, he becomes a City Hunter and helps prosecutor Yong Ju (who's been assigned to investigate the corruptions issue within the government). With his witty and clever way, City Hunter always catch these officials and delivers them to the front of District Court Office (to prosecutor Yong Ju). Not knowing the motive behind City Hunter's good deeds, Yong Ju thinks that he's the evil guy and wants to catch him.

On the other hand, Jin Pyo who is still full of anger, he wants to kill all these five officials silently & cold-heatedly. He races with his own step-son (who's been trying really hard to protect these officials), and Jin Pyo even threatens to kill everyone who's in his way, including his own son's lover, Kim Na Na.

Even though, Yoon Sung has been warned frequently for not falling in love with anyone as everyone in his life may be in danger, he still falls in love with Kim Na Na, a bodyguard who works in the same company (Blue House). He has to frequently protecting Kim Na Na while he's on a dangerous mission of plotting his revenge and it makes him harder to be a City Hunter.

So, will City Hunter be successful in plotting his own avenge and put all the five officials in prison?

Or will he has to give up on his avenge because of love?

Synopsis written by deyani. Please do not re-post without any link back to deyani-City Hunter page

City Hunter Trailer & Teaser

For those of you who still undecided of whether or not you're going to watch this drama, watch these Teasers first.

City Hunter Casts Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Introducing City Hunter Main Casts

Lee Min Ho has done a fantastic job playing Yoon Sung. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when I heard about Lee Min Ho's City Hunter casting news and now, I believe no one can portray Yoon Sung better than Lee Min Ho! I really hope he'll get the best actor award this year.

His acting is good from the first episode and gradually getting better as the drama progresses. He's able to express deep anguish, cute annoying spoiling guy, sweet boyfriend, and his action scenes are fantastic.

Park Min Young has also done her character, Kim Na Na, justice. She's not as good as Lee Min Ho, however, her acting is still good as I can feel the emotions of Kim Na Na.

But I have to admit, I love Kim Sang Joong's portrayal of Jin Pyo! I got goosebumps every time he appears, his character is pretty evil and his eyes expression truly show how evil & bad guy he is!

City Hunter Latest Episode Preview / Brief Recap

City Hunter Episode 12 - Kim Na Na, Don't Go

Thank God Kim Na Na is alive, but please, don't separate this couple! :'( Isn't it painful for them that they have to let go of each other because of the revenge and angst of Jin Pyo? Argghh..

I'm a big fan of back hug and this time, it's no different. Cried a bucket when I saw this scene, the powerful back hug. Their hurtful eyes expression. :'(

After so many cute romantic scenes this episode (especially the scene when Yoon Sung's carefully & lovingly wash Na Na's hair), then Kim Na Na will leave him? OMG...

*** Click on the second video thumbnail below to see the cliffhanger ending scene of Episode 12 ***

Video Credit: amoolq8901 & woraluck

City Hunter Episode 13 - Brief Recap

After the cliffhanger scene on episode 12, I'm relieved that Yoon Sung's quick reaction saved Na Na from the evil Jin Pyo! This episode is kinda slow for me, as they focused on the Yong Ju & his father's (KJS) storyline.

Jin Pyo was trying to figure out Na Na's relationship with KJS.

Ahjussi wanted to find Yoon Sung's mother and left a note of Yoon Sung's phone number (trickily telling her that he's her son).

And another cliffhanger scene this episode, someone (which Yoon Sung believes is KJS) hit Ahjussii and he needed surgery! Will he survive? And who hit him? arrrghh...

City Hunter Episode 14 - Brief Recap

Continuing last episode's cliffhanger scene, Yong Ju saw his father (KJS) crashed down and he took him to the hospital. On the other hand, Yoon Sung was extremely guilty that he wasn't brave enough to save KJS from falling down. He didn't intend to go this far, City Hunter will never kill his enemies. He told Jin Pyo that his avenge method is 180deg different with him. And he was surprised when Jin Pyo told him what he did to Ahjussi!

During last episode's Yong Ju's medal ceremony, YJ slipped a recorder to his dad's coat, so he's listening what City Hunter said to KJS in his car. He then realized vividly what happened in October 1983 and the fact that his father loves him so much as he asked City Hunter to let his son go. KJS is still unconscious. YJ was furious and told Yoon Sung that one day he'll arrest him.

Na Na who was still in a hospital taking care of Ahjussi saw KJS & Yong Ju. One of my favorite Yoon Sung & Na Na's scene this episode: Na Na's backhug when she saw Yoon Sung feeling guilty that he almost killed KJS and couldn't protect Ahjussi. Yoon Sung even asked Na Na to leave him as Jin Pyo will try to kill everyone's close to him. That's Jin Pyo's way to control Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung doesn't want three people he loves most in his life (Na Na, Ahjussi and his mother) getting hurt because of Jin Pyo's uncontrollable anger.

Thankfully Ahjussi survived the accident and told Yoon Sung the whereabouts of his mother. Finally, his mother meets with her son! I'm so happy for this mother & son reunion. It's a heartwarming mother & son moments as her mother cooked food for Yoon Sung and he ate it cheerfully. He also asked about his dad.

On this episode, both Jin Pyo & Yoon Sung are targeting their fourth target (Chun Jae-Man). Yoon Sung decided to work at CJM's office to enable him to investigate CJM. Moreover, Yong Ju who was asked to quit his City Hunter investigation case, also decided to investigate CJM secretly. He wants to know what really happened on October 1983.

Meanwhile, Kim Na Na is back working as Dae Hye bodyguard and Dae Hye was excited to see Yoon Sung back =) Cuteness overload and lots of jealousy scenes from Kim Na Na ^.^

Another cliffhanger ending scene: Yong Ju's poisoned by gas in his car. He almost died but thankfully he honked his car's horn and Yoon Sung heard it! He broke the car window and dragged YJ outside. Unfortunately, Yoon Sung didn't wear his mask and Yong Ju saw him! OMG.. Who put gas in his car? What will happen next? Will KJS wake up? Can't wait for next week!

City Hunter Episode 15 - Preview

City Hunter Episode 15 Preview is finally out. As we all know, Korean Drama is mostly live-shoot, means they shoot the latest episode sometimes the day before the episode is aired. So maybe this is the reason why SBS only released the preview on the day of the airing!

*** New Poll *** Yoon Sung's Dad?

Okay, I am now confused, it seems like both Jin Pyo and the President could be Yoon Sung's real dad! I remember that when he was born, Mu Yeol was not "that" happy when his wife has given birth to a son. So it's a big possibility that Mu Yeol is not Yoon Sung's real dad.

Jin Pyo has raised Yoon Sung up to be who he is today, but I can sense that Jin Pyo really loves him and doesn't want him to get hurt.

On the other hand, the "beans" clue which we have been seeing in the past few episodes (Yoon Sung separated the beans from his rice when he had his first meal with his mum & both the President and Da Hye also separated the beans from their rice); could mean that the President is Yoon Sung's real dad!

Who is Yoon Sung's real dad?

See results

City Hunter Episode 19 - Preview

My extremely brief impression of City Hunter episode 19

I totally did not expect City Hunter drama to go this way! Another cliffhanger ending, I hope he (I won't give you any spoiler of who "he" is) won't die! And I hope Na Na & Yoon Sung will finally be together. Happy Ending...

Unless the production team has already planning to make City Hunter Sequel, then, the final episode might have an open ending. Can't wait for the final episode tonight!

City Hunter Episode 19 Rating: 18.8% [Nationwide] | 19% [Seoul] Based on AGB Nielsen

City Hunter Final Episode

Park Min Young (Kim Na Na) has just tweeted "ByeBye Nana". I guess they finally wrapped their final shooting for City Hunter. I'm sad and already having City Hunter withdrawal symptom :( City Hunter has been big part of my life for 10 weeks and now I have to say goodbye :(

My Brief Recap of City Hunter Final Episode

Three people died in this final episode (as I don't want to give any spoiler, I won't mention their names here). The first person who died was totally unexpected, sad that he has to leave this world while his love has forgiven him and wanted to have him back in her life. Sad that he sacrificed himself so City Hunter could take the secret document. :(

The second person who was killed, deserved to die. And the last person, yes I expected him to perish as well. But I was totally shocked (literally screaming to the tv screen) when he shot Yoon Sung! Thankfully Na Na shot him and the others shot him as well. I will never forgive him if City Hunter / Yoon Sung dies!

The final episode was honestly, a bit slow. And suddenly, time jump to few months / few years later. Why Kim Na Na & Lee Yoon Sung didn't even have any hug / kiss?

Note: There have been many speculations about the ending, in which some fans believe that Yoon Sung dies. The scene when they meet in the airport was actually Na Na's dream. Honestly, I was a bit confused with the ending too. As I kept staring to the screen, wishing Yoon Sung would come, hug Na Na, marry her and live with Na Na & his mother. But I guess the writer keeps the ending as an open ending. Hope there will be a special episode explaining the reason behind these confusing City Hunter ending scenes.

Ahhh, the PD finally spoke to the media to clarify the City Hunter's Ending! :D You can read his interview on allkpop.

Anyway, thank you City Hunter for many wonderful memories of amazing actions and story.

City Hunter Episode 20 (Final) Rating: 18% [Nationwide] | 20% [Seoul] Based on AGB Nielsen

City Hunter Official OST Lists

City Hunter OST List

City Hunter OST Part 1 - Released May 20, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon or YesAsia

1. Sarang (Love) by Im Jae Bum

2. Sarang (Love) - Instrumental

City Hunter OST Part 2 - Released June 3, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon or YesAsia

1. So Goodbye by Jonghyun (SHINee)

2. It's Alright by Yanghwajin

City Hunter OST Part 3 - Released June 10, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon

1. Cupid by Girl's Day

2. Cupid (Instrumental)

3. Morning Garden

4. Dead or Live

5. Sad Run

6. Middle Point Sympathy

7. Nice Play

8. Red Water

City Hunter OST Part 4 - Released June 15, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon

1. Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung

2. Lonely Day by J Symphony

3. City Hunter (Instrumental)

4. Aria of the City (Instrumental)

5. Nana's Theme (Instrumental)

6. Glory of the City (Instrumental)

7. Mama's Crying (Instrumental)

City Hunter OST Part 5 - Released June 23, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon

1. I Only Look For You by Gyuri - Kara

2. I Only Look For You (Instrumental)

City Hunter OST Part 6 - Released July 6, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon

1. You and I by Rainbow

2. You and I (Instrumental)

City Hunter OST Part 7 - Released July 20, 2011 | Buy this OST on Melon

1. Can't Stop by Son Han Byeol

2. I Love You, I Want You, I need You by Apple Mango | I Love You, I Want You, I need You Sweet Acoustic Version by Go Hara

3. I Love You, I Want You, I need You (Instrumental)

City Hunter OST Piano Tutorial

Play your favorite City Hunter OST song (Sarang) on your piano using the piano tutorial below:

Video Credit: jgmb829

City Hunter Awards


Korea Drama Awards 2011 - October 2, 2011

- Best Actor & Hallyu Star Award: Lee Min Ho

SBS Drama Awards 2011 - December 31, 2011

- 2011 New Star Award: Go Hara

- Top 10 Best Star Award: Lee Min Ho

- Popularity Award: Lee Min Ho

- Best Actor - Drama Series: Lee Min Ho

Hunter Over Flowers

I came across this amazing fan-made video of Lee Min Ho. The fan combined Lee Min Ho's scenes from City Hunter & Boys over Flower to produce Hunter over Flowers!

Video Credit: & minozthailand

City Hunter Manga?

Have you read City Hunter manga / novel?

See results

What's your opinion about City Hunter so far? Do you like it?

Submit a Comment
  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Great info! Thanks. I'm planning to watch now..

    I would recommend this drama "New Tales of Gisaeng"! One of the best Korean drama I have watched so far. Good storyline and great acting skills. Even though is 52 epsiodes drama but very exciting and nice. I feel sad that it has ended now. Must watch! :)

  • bo-abo profile image


    8 years ago

    wow bener2 penggemar film korae :)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    great lens :)

  • littlelotus profile image


    8 years ago

    loved reading the manga.... maybe I'll watch the K-drama too..... good job on the lens ;):)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Breathtaking!!! Congrats to the entire cast and crew of city hunter...Good job!!! Lee Min Ho is one of the most natural actor i have ever watched.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I am a city hunter fan when it comes to the manga and the anime. I was surprised when I heard that they are making the Korean drama. I was skeptical at first if they can make the drama as good as the manga. But I believe they did make a good story and the acting is not too bad.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Don't like it. It looks too fake for my liking and the lead actors are inadequate for the roles of Ryo Saeba and Kaori.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I love it so far...


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