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Classic Rock Trivial Pursuit Review

Updated on December 10, 2013

Do you like classic rock trivia? Do you know the answers to these questions without even having to hear multiple choices:

What was the original name of the band Led Zeppelin? Who was the first drummer for the Beatles? What famous artist wrote Janis Joplin's classic hit song, "Me and Bobby McGee"? On what song did Mick Jagger sing backup to Carly Simon?

These few questions are some of the easier ones from the Classic Rock Trivial Pursuit game.

I am a big fan of music from before I was born in the early 1960's until the 1990's, the 30 years of music that are most encompassed by this great collection of music trivia.

Classic rock fans of all stripes will find their knowledge tested by these questions. Do no expect that they will be as easy as the few sample questions I threw out in the intro. They are not, those were all simple questions I knew the answer too off the top of my head.

This trivial pursuit version is one of the more popular ones. It will test the knowledge of even music aficionado's, while giving your some lessons in obscure classic rock trivia facts.

If you are like me, you may not even want to wait for a few buddies, or family members to gather around for a game. You may find yourself wanting to play even while alone.

If that is the case I recommend trying out this classic rock trivia app available for iOs: Check it out.

Classic Rock Trivial Pursuit is certainly something that has worked it's way into my family game night rotation. It is not as popular with the kids, who do not know as much of the trivia, but it is a fun game for me when I get a chance to play it with a few adults who know their stuff about the classic rock genre.

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Can't get enough classic rock trivia? Take a glance at some more good stuff you may enjoy.

Most people know how to play trivial pursuit by now. It has been one of the most popular games around for over 30 years, since the days classic rock wasn't "classic" it was just "rock".

But maybe you have never had a chance to play this game.

This video gives you a breakdown of the rules of play for the basic game of trivial pursuit. All the special versions do differently is change the style of trivia question that are asked.


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