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Updated on March 1, 2013

"I saw it. It's alive. It's huge."

Multiple Sightings Of Case Designate "Cloverfield"
Camera Retrieved at Incident Site U.S.447
Area Formerly Known As "Central Park"

The premise of this movie is that it's "found footage" discovered after a massive attack by a creature on New York City, all shot from the POV of the characters in it.  J.J. Abrams (Lost) is the producer, Drew Goddard (Lost, Alias) is the screenwriter and Matt Reeves handled the direction. (Abrams and Reeves created the tv show Felicity)

The Cloverfield DVD

CLOVERFIELD set a new movie opening record for the January MLK weekend and beat all industry expectations! In addition, it set a new record for all January releases, surpassing the previous record set by the 1997 re-release of STAR WARS!


Director JJ Abrams says this movie is really suited for viewing on the home TV screen due to the home video nature of the film. Extras will include alternate versions of the movie's ending.


Cloverfield Movie Poll

Just announced, Paramount Pictures is starting to discuss a Cloverfield sequel with the creators. What do you think?

Would you go see a sequel?

See results

TAKE A LOOK... - video trailers for "Cloverfield"

The official theatrical trailer is now available on the Apple trailer site! Or you can go to your local cineplex and check it out!

And be sure to stop by the Slusho site and check out their awesome commercial and contest!

(For Cloverfield monster clips, click here to hop down the lens)

The Movie Buzz

Here are some of the latest reports, with the most recent headlines and info listed at the top of this list of links. Watch out, some of these newer articles might be spoilers to you if you haven't seen the movie yet!

Hot Movie or Just A Lot of Hype?

When you start to type your answer, the options to pick "yay" or "nah" will appear.

Do you think Cloverfield lived up to the hype?

This artwork is the closest to what you see as the monster in the film

This artwork is the closest to what you see as the monster in the film
This artwork is the closest to what you see as the monster in the film

All Those Cloverfield Questions....

as always with JJ Abrams, not a lot of clear answers

What the f@%k was "Slusho" anyway?
- All we really see of this is a logo on the t-shirt worn by Jason. Some people said it was the company that Rob worked for (which never got mentioned) and some said that's what caused the monster (also never explained). You want to complain about it, go complain to JJ Abrams. You want more info, try this.

Where did the monster come from and what created it?
I missed this when I saw it, but more and more sites are saying that if you watch carefully at the end of the movie, when you see Beth and Jason's day at Coney Island for the last time, you see something fall into the ocean way in the background. Supposedly this is the monster crashing to Earth from outer space. (Guess we all have to either go back and see it again or wait for the DVD, eh?)

What happened to Jason (Rob's brother)?
- Jason is walking further ahead of the group when they are trying to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and is killed when the monster destroys the bridge. Whether he got specifically crushed by the monster's tentacle or not doesn't really matter, he didn't escape the bridge collapse.

What happened to Lilly (Jason's girlfriend)?
- She was the first loaded into a chopper, separate from the others, but then there was a monster attack right as her helicopter was taking off and I couldn't tell if her chopper really made it away ok or not. If it did, she's the only one who lives.

What happened to Marlene (the girl Hud liked)?
- Marlene was the one bitten by the smaller creatures in the subway tunnel. And those were some ugly bites. She was saying she felt sort of sick as they were working their way up out of the tunnels into the department store, right before our group ran into the army guys. You see a lot of wounded in that scene, including a really quick but gross shot of a soldier's body being wheeled past on a gurney with the entire torso looking like it was exploded from the inside. Then Marlene says she feels really sick and the camera turns to show her starting to bleed from her nose and eyes. The Army personnel all freak out, someone screams "We've got a bite!" and two guys in hazmat suits grab her and rush her into a containment area. We see their shadows behind a curtain. Then we see a MASSIVE splatter of blood. Despite some people posting that her head blew up, I'm pretty sure it was her torso that exploded, just like the dead army guy who was wheeled past just a minute before.

What happened to Hud (the cameraman)?
- After having all the funniest lines in the movie, Hud is the one who is outright killed by the monster. It either bites him, or grabs him and drops him, we don't see since he's holding the camera (which somehow still survives). We do see his face once he lands back on the ground and there's some blood on it. From Rob and Beth's reactions, along with the fact that they then take the camera, it's pretty clear he's dead.

What happened to Rob and Beth at the end?
- They were under a stone pedestrian bridge in Central Park, right near the creature as the Army began the bombing to utterly destroy it and the city. They record a final message on the tape, and then we hear lots of explosions starting. The camera is dropped, we see debris falling on it and we hear Rob and Beth say that they love each other. And then it's over. Having been to Central Park and walked under those bridges, you would think that no one could survive.

What happens at the end after the credits?
- I probably walked out just as this part was about to happen. (damn!) Some reports say you hear Rob's voice saying "Help us!" which would mean he and/or Beth survived. And then, if you supposedly play the sound clip backwards (which you can't actually do in a movie theater, it says "It's still alive."


The Movie Ending = Clips, Analysis and Aternatives

Here are some end clips and analysis of the sound. Plus, just added, alternative versions of the movie ending from the upcoming DVD release!

lens of the day

This lens was picked as the
Lens of the Day for January 17, 2008!


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