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Don't Get Mad At Other Coaches of the Voice of the Philippines

Updated on August 11, 2013

Have You Felt this Feeling While Watching?

People get hooked on watching this new tv reality show: The Voice of the Philippines. Filipinos, not only in our country but also around the world, treat it as the new craze every weekend. I admit I'm one of those people and I'm proud to say I'm Sarah Geronimo fan, who happens to be one of the coaches there.

This is what we call the real competition of voices. Judges can't see the faces of those who have dreams and tried their luck to showcase their voice prowess. I can say this statement as they usually got our vote when we get to know they have gone and came from misfortune. In addition to that, good looks and appearances can add up too when we see them singing. That's why this show has a tag line of "Let your voice be heard" coz only their voices will be the basis of everything.

I already made a page of the voice here, so you'd better check that one too. Have a pleasure in reading!

It's Normal for Them to Argue

Esp. for contestant who has a potential

I read some of my Facebook friends' comments about their angst and observations to other coaches. They judged and misunderstood them toward the person they idolize. I won't make things difficult to understand as I will get to the point. I'm a Sarah fan and I felt the feelings of my co-supporters. Let's be open-minded to the show coz everything we see, except the choosing of contestant, is in line with the show's rules and regulations. Other versions of this internationally, the four judges or rather coaches were really fighting with each other just to get the participant's sweetest 'yes'. It's part of the show and it's normal for them to act that way. Of course, they did that in a professional way and manner. In short, nothing personal and no hard feelings.

We, watchers or supporters of this four coaches, couldn't see the real picture and watch their actions. And I believe, they respect one another on the achievements they attained.

Ms. Lea Salonga: a world-class and the famous Miss Saigon,

Apl de Ap: a world-class RNB performer and main vocalist of Black Eyed Peas,

Bamboo: a rock icon and became lead vocals of Rivermaya,

And of course, the one and only Popstar Princess of the Philippines and can do almost everything, Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

So everyone, let's just enjoy the show and don't let our emotions be affected by what we see and heard. They're just doing their job as a coach and at the same time giving us the best show that we will never forget.

Some of the Best Performances of each team

You will notice here that the number of contestants are not equal or balance. I just put all the best ones that leave mark to our mind. Enjoy!


I want to stress out that I'm not only referring to my co-supporters, as other fans of other judges might do and think that way too. So don't get me wrong and misunderstood my opinion on this. Love and peace will follow through.

A Repeat Poll on What Team You Would Want to Be In

I already asked this question on the other page I shared with above but I never get tired in asking this question.

If you happened to be one of the contestants and all of the coaches turned their chair to you, which team do you want to be part of?

See results

Thanks For The Visit! Please do come back. :-)

Regardless of what team you like, have you felt ill-feelings towards other coaches? What is it? And let us know.

Of course, we can express it here, forget and leave it as well. We don't want to make buzz and come to the point where, it might affect the relationship they have with another.

Let's Be Honest Here

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