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Coco Martin, Guest in Sarah G. Live

Updated on December 30, 2013

The first time you see him talk too much

I just want to cover or capture how Coco Martin behave in Sarah G. Live last February 3, 2013. You will witness here the other side of him aside from the usual persona you see in teledrama (teleserye) or films.

If you remember, every episodes of the said show, Sarah had different guests and one of the memorable ones is the Prince of Indie Film.

Anyway, what you will find on this article are the following:

- Kulitan of Ashco

- Their superb and outstanding chemistry

- The possible team up in a movie

- And a lot more!

I hope you'll find this entertaining, interesting and useful as you go along scanning and reading this page. Enjoy!

Image credited to SarahGeronimo.PH site.

Before The Actual Scenes in SGL - Here's Coco's appearance in ASAP during Idol days

I just want to include here all the videos at the time they were busy promoting the Idol tv show. You will see that the appearance of him made people go wild and crazy. The noise and shout coming from crowd/audience is the proof how strong he is (charm). We all know the huge fanbase of the Popstar Princess and how faithful they are (the evidence is whenever she is nominated to certain polls, events or awards, Popsters/supporters are there to support and vote her). Whatever project she's involved with, fans and people keep on looking up to her and pay money just to watch her in the big screen. Remember these box office movies: A Very Special Love, You Changed My Life, Hating Kapatid, Catch Me.. I'm In Love, Won't Last A Day Without You and It Takes A Man And A Woman. All of them are super hit esp. the ITAMAAW (or the last one). You may check the Box Office Mojo site to verify if everything I said here is true. I'm not kidding here. I'm just stating the facts. ^_^

Anyway, let's power up the Cocoholic fever and Geronimo's charm now.

The Possible Team Up In A Movie

When that would be?

I am sure Ashco is waiting for this to come and the only question they have is when that would be?

There was a report 2 years ago that they would have a movie together but until now it is still an idea.

Anyway, the contract signing of the Popstar Royalty has been occurred recently and according to Boss Vic, Sarah's Big Boss and CEO of Viva, they are planning for this two to be in the big screen. It seems that they want to take risk and see if their team up would click to the people. But in addition to his statement, it's still unofficial because it depends on those people's schedule. So for those who are waiting for this moment, the only tool we can use is to pray. Pray until something happens.

Kulitan of Ashco - I don't know why the management is taking too long to notice their chemistry

This is the first time I witness how naughty and talkative Coco is. We are not used to see him with these behaviors/attitudes but the fact that he is like this, shows he's a human too. Also, the mere fact that he's behaving this way towards Sarah tells something. He's comfortable showing himself to this girl.

Anyway, whatever people see in him either on or off cam, still he is the apple of the eye of every girls as well as those with a girl's heart. In one of the videos below, they have a duet or solo singing. Just play, watch and let the kilig sink in.

Here's what I can leave to you, "Kilig to the bones"

Are You Aware Of Coco's Age?

What do you think?

I guess some of you are not aware or have no idea about his age (don't google ^_^), He has a baby face at all just like Piolo Pascual so you will have a hard time guessing his correct age.

His birthday is November 1, 1981. I know what you're thinking upon seeing the November 1 stuff. It's just a coincidence and it does not reflect to someone's attitude, looks or behavior the event or occasion we have on that date. Anyway (as of December 31, 2013), he is 32 and Sarah is currently 25. The age gap is big but he can be paired up with young ones like Julia Montes because of his youthful look.

Your Vote Will Say Something

Do you think Sarah-Coco has something to offer?

See results

Thanks For The Read! Please come back again. :-)

Let's be honest here and tell me what you think about this love team. Do you think ABS-CBN and Viva should experiment and take a risk on Ashco?

I Wanna Hear Your Opinion

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