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Coin Dozer Halloween

Updated on October 7, 2012

Coin Dozer Halloween

Who likes this iphone game?

For me, this franchised release after Coin Dozer is my most played game on-the-go. Cute graphics, cool background and even eerie sounds really accentuate the Halloween theme. This game is very addictive, easy to play and really kills time. Now, let's take part in voting some interesting parts of this Coin Dozer Halloween, shall we?

a) Please find UPDATES on the lower portion of this lens.

b) For those who prefer other version of Coin Dozer, you may like to vote for your favourite ones at the bottom of this lens.

ALL NEW Coin Dozer World Tour

Have you install the NEW Coin Dozer World Tour yet? Enhanced graphics and earn passport to China and Japan!

Coindozer Halloween

How many Coins do you have now?

Shown on the Top Right Hand (Big Circle) of Coin Dozer Halloween

..that can be dropped..

See results

How many Coins have you dropped?

Shown on the Top Center of Coin Dozer Halloween

should be a lot....

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What is your favourite "Bonus"?

or feature that makes the game so fun...

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111454 coins I'm that addicted :)

111454 coins I'm that addicted :)
111454 coins I'm that addicted :)

My girlfriend tells me "Don't play Coindozer because the man keeps laughing at you at the Coin Gutter"!.....Gosh!!


Do you like or hate the Giant Coin that destroys everything?

Let's not take in consideration "The Types" or "Colours".

Which "gift" do you find the most rare?

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My favourite background "Sound"

They sure sound cheesy, aren't they?

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Just how addictive are you? this is fun...

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Some questions on the game.

Ques 1 : What does the little numbers mean on the top center?

Ans : The star will display the level which you are at. The set of numbers on the right of the star will increase as you drop coins. Once you have hit the required numbers(shown on the right side of the pair), the number in the star will increase. As you play more, you will find that it will take longer to hit the required numbers to reach, for example, Level 200.

Ques 2 : What about the top right circle logo?

Ans : If you hit the required number to go next level, you will obtain the Bonus, like the Coin Wall, Giant Coin, +1 Regeneration Limit..etc

Ques 3 : What does +1 Regen mean?

Ans : It means you can have max coins available from 40 to 41

Ques 4 : What does XP Coins mean?

Ans : XP Coins, or Extra Power Coins, will give you more boost in your Top Center numbers. It will make it faster for you to reach the required numbers to go to next level. In Coindozer Original, the (Red) XP Coins can be as much as 100XP!

Ques 5 : In the Prize Section, what does the 6 little stars on the right mean?

Ans : When you first play, the stars will not be lit because you have not collected any Prize. For example, if you had collected 4 Umbrellas of different colours (Coindozer Original), 1 of the 6 stars will be lit. But you must collect all 6 of 6 stars to be able to UNLOCK their individual feature. Certain feature are very useful, like the Gutter Saving feature. It will honour all prizes that falls even through the sides.

Ques 6 : I'm sick of just 40 coins. Is there a cheat code to increase my Coins available to play?

Ans : Trick 1~ Go to iphone setting and change the date to tomorrow and all your coins will be regenerated automatically, then open the game to see, and then just change your date back to actual date. Trick 2~ Go to Setting>General>Auto-Lock>Never . This is good when you charge your phone. New coins will regenerate faster! (However any incoming sms will disrupt it)

Ques 7 : What is GC coins in Coindozer Asian New Year?

Ans : At this moment, it has no meaning. This bug have not been fixed.

Ques 8 : Will there be a max level?

Ans : There is no Cap. I have read about people reaching level as high as 286!

But the developer seems to be improving on all the Coindozer series. Like the Original version, they have added Puppies and Fishes as Prizes. So always lookout for App Store upgrades on your Coindozer games.

Ques 9 : Should I sell my Prize?

Ans : No right or wrong answer. But personally, I feel selling a prize for a measly 5 coins is not worth it. I would rather go for quick fix (see Ques 6)

Ques 10: Should I drop 3 or 4 coins at a time?

Ans : That is depending on your preferences. I have a rather serious gamer that only drops 2 coins each time. She says it gives her "better returns". ^_^ For me, I drop all 4 as I already accumulated an abundance of coins which will never dry up.

Ques 11 : Why it seems many people have thousands or hundreds of thousands of coins in Coindozer Asian New Year?

Ans : In Coindozer ANY, there is this special feature whereby when you UNLOCK the 4 Dragons, your coins will regenerate non-stop till it hits a limit of 2880. While playing, it regenerate every 10 sec and when offline, every 1 min. (That is fast!) Thus, even if you are asleep, coins will come in so much faster. So what you see, in fact, are not (all) winnings but the "works" of clever regeneration. Yes, wake up every 2 days to a fresh 2880 coins!

Over 108,700 coins collected Coindozer NY

Over 108,700 coins collected Coindozer NY
Over 108,700 coins collected Coindozer NY

The crucial all important 4 Dragons!

In Coindozer Asian New Year, once you have UNLOCKED the 4 Dragons, your coins will spawn NON-STOP! Yes, it will not hit a limit. That is a time where your coins will GROW even without playing! Every two days you will have a new 2880 coins! Try to achieve that!

Over 200,000 coins achieved!

Over 200,000 coins achieved!
Over 200,000 coins achieved!

The New 100XP Coin in Coin Dozer

The New 100XP Coin in Coin Dozer
The New 100XP Coin in Coin Dozer

New Prize Line : Puppies for Coin Dozer

New Prize Line : Puppies for Coin Dozer
New Prize Line : Puppies for Coin Dozer

FAVOURITE Coin Dozer Type

What is your FAVOURITE Coin Dozer Version in iphone?

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