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Colton Dixon Rocks the Idol Tour

Updated on July 28, 2016

He Didn't Even Audition for American Idol 11

I think the story of Colton Dixon is one of awesome circumstance. He auditioned for the tenth season of American Idol and did not make the top 24 in that season. The show brought him a little bit of temporary fame allowing him to perform before millions.

After that fame subsided, he decided not to audition for the eleventh season of the show. He only showed up to show his support for his sister. The judges were not having that. They forced him to audition anyway. Both he and his sister were pushed through to go to Hollywood.

A Little About Colton

Life Before American Idol Stardom

Colton is from Murfreesboro, TN. He was born on October 19th 1991. He has a punk Rock influence. Some of his favorite musicians include former AI star Daughtry, Thirty Seconds to Mars (I have never heard of this band. I am going to check it out since it is among some of the other greats.) and The Fray.

He was in the Christian Rock Band called "The Messenger" where he sang the lead on albums like "Double Edged Sword" and "See You in Hell". Most of the songs he released in this group can be found on

I like the fact that he is a Christian. There few outspoken Christian singers right now. Many of them are trying to cross genres and speak lightly about their beliefs because they are afraid of what the populous might think. I don't know if his moment of thanks to God on the Top 10 episode where he said quote, "I've been praying before this whole thing because tonight was a big moment for me, and I was just collecting myself and saying, 'God, use me.' I want Him to shine through first and foremost." will affect people's votes, but I thought the gesture was refreshing.

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Colton Interview on Idol Tour - This Kid is in an Awesome Place in His Life

Colton Speaks in His Hometown - He Gives Encouragement to Follow Your Dreams

I think it is funny how Colton feels like he is not this someone who has made it to celebritydom. He is still finding it hard to believe that everyone recognizes him no matter where he goes. I wonder how long it will take him to start living like other celebrities. It will not take long for him to be making amazing amounts of money with his popularity. I think he will find ways to help and support others throughout the world with his newly found wealth.

Idology Interview about Colton on Idol - Great indepth interview

This is a great interview. Colton gets into a lot of the details about being on the show, from the strategy in his song picks and hair style to his relationship with Skylar. No They are not dating. It was a fun little way to get the fans talking about them. I think it helped both of them earn votes even if they didn't have any interest in each other.

I thought it was interesting that Colton has been watching American Idol since the very first season. He seemed to have an inside track on what it takes to win Idol.

Colton Gave God the Glory - When He was Voted Off American Idol in the Top 7 Redoux

I thought this was amazing. When he found out he was going home, he thanked everyone, then got on his knees and sang the song "Everything" to God. He didn't care who was watching. It was like he was spending a moment with the Lord.

I know there are a bunch of people out there who don't like Colton because of his faith, but I find his dedication to what he believes of the best things about him as an artist.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga - Sung on the Top 7 Redoux

I thought this rendition of one of Lady Gaga's songs was one of the best things Colton has done on American Idol. The judges didn't think so. They thought his outfit was a little dated and the rock and roll aspect was a little off. I don't know if I thought the outfit was bad. It kind of fit his style, his Mohawk.

September by Earth, Wind and Fire - Sung on American Idol Top 7 Redoux

This song was very tame for what Colton usually does. I wonder if that is why the Judges didn't like it that much. I have to say I didn't like it at first. It didn't seem to fit Colton at all. After listening to it several times, the song has grown on me.

Love the Way You Lie - Colton's Top 7 Song

I don't think this was one of Colton's best renditions of a song. He sang it well, but I don't know if it was the best song for him to sing. He still seems to stand out among the other Idol Contestants. I think he will be fighting against Elise and Jessica this year.

Colton Sings a Duet with Skyler - Islands in the Stream on the Top 8 Episode

This was a great duet with Skyler. He may have started with the first verse, but he made it sound like he was backing her up. He made her performance stronger. That only gave me more respect for him as an artist and an American Idol contestant. He is more interested in the music and the fans than he is about his own success on the show.

Colton Keeps Changing His Hair

It keeps his persona interesting.

When he started the season, he had the Mohawk without any color. Then he bleached the very front of the Mohawk to bring a little interest. Then as it grew out, he started to let the hair style get loose and the roots grow out enough to make the highlight not be so pronounced.

Then on the Top 8 Episode he let the hair designers go crazy and dye his entire Mohawk blond leaving the sides his natural color.

Everything by Lifehouse - Top 9 Episode

Wow! he sang a Christian song. I was not sure he was going to do it. Everyone was telling him not to. He is definitely using this opportunity to sing for God and ignoring everything the popular media and the producers are telling him he should not do. This is so much fun to watch. This is going to be something that will take him far in the competition, but I don't know it will be enough to help him win.

Billy Joel's Piano Man - An Awesome Version by Colton

I think the Top 10 Week was my favorite week for Colton. He already loved "Piano Man" by Billy Joel and when he learned it was Billy Joel Week, he jumped at the chance to sing this classic song.

Colton not only sang the song, but he made the song his. He sang it in a way no one has ever heard before. There was amazing emotion in the song and a feeling of complete takeover by the song itself. I think this song was probably the highlight, the best, the most amazing performance of the night.


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