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Comedy and Tragedy Theater Masks

Updated on June 29, 2015

Theater Masks

I am a POD ( print on demand ) designer. I feature my work at various places over the internet. I started out doing this when I was searching for a place to keep my photograph images. I thought why not try them on some products. I then started to work with fractal design and 3D art. My love of designing has taken over my entire life and trying to make a few dollars with my work is a full time endeavor. This lens is dedicated to one of my designs "Comedy and Tragedy". I love the way this looks and how it enhances so many of the products available. The masks are originally taken from Greek mythology. They now are used to represent the theater and acting in its many forms. I think that they are a nice representation of any one of the performing arts. Acting is the main one.

The History

As I said in the intro the masks are from "Greek Mythology". The mask of comedy was brought about from the muse of comedy "Thalia", a daughter of Zeus and tragedy from "Melpomene" who was just the opposite. The muse of tragedy. The theater came about in Greece as far back as 550 BC and 220 BC. Today every actor would like to say with real confidence that they are Thespian.

Black Masks

My first theater masks were black. Much of my work starts out as a simple vector design and blooms into something more exciting from there. I have found that this design give a very rich and classy look to just about any item you put it on.

Golden Flair

After I was done with the original design I was ready to add a little something to make the entire thing different. I did not want to add a background because that takes away from the final image. I decided that a little 3D magic and a golden tone would be perfect. That is how the 'Golden Masks of Comedy and Tragedy' came about. Just like the black design this one took to every product I added it to.

Click below to see all the home d├ęcor products and other gift items with these great theater designs. From t shirts and hats to wall clocks and lamps. I am now working on invitations with a theater flair.

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Greek Theater

A quick video education on the Greek Theater can be found on video. I add other videos that discuss the masks of Comedy and Tragedy.

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      toshia lm 4 years ago

      nice lens thank you for sharing