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Communicating with Ghosts

Updated on December 12, 2013

Talking with Ghosts

Death is a part of life. What is death and what happens after a person dies is a question that has plagued man for centuries. To find the answer to these questions man has sought answers with the dead. For thousands and thousands of years man has sought a means of communicating with those that have ceased to exist. Among the most common methods of communication are meditation, channeling and seances.

Channeling Ghosts and Spirits

The dictionary defines channeling as passing anything from one place to another through a conduit, a route through which anything passes. Paranormal channeling can be done through a number of different means.

The Witch board: These boards are often referred to as Ouija boards. Ouija is actually a brand name that is used to market witch boards. A witch board is a board that is used to communicate with those that have passed on.

Witch boards only need to have two components a pointer or indicator and a surface where the pointer can answer. The most simplistic boards have places where the pointer can either indicate a yes or a no. More sophisticated boards may have an alphabet and numbers.

Mediums: Another common method of channeling is using a medium. Many believe that a medium is able to make contact with those who have passed over. There are a number of different ways that mediums contact the spirit world. Some mediums claim to be able to directly link to those on the other side. They enter into a trance and make a direct link to the individual that they wish to talk to.

Other mediums use a spirit guide. This is a soul that they contact on a regular basis. They use their guides to help them make contact with others. There a number of people who prefer to make contact using object to focus their energy and abilities. Some like to use crystal balls while others prefer to use tarot cards. There are even a few who like to use candles.

Meditation: This is a method that may be used by anyone trying to make contact with spirits. A person is supposed to sit very quietly and still and then try to let their mind go blank and enter into a deep trance. Once in a state of trance you are then supposed to turn your thoughts towards the entity that you are trying to contact. Believers claim that if you are open to concept and willing to accept the possibility of ghosts you can then make direct contact.

Whichever method you decide to try you always need to put your disbelief on the shelf, at least temporarily. You have to open yourself up to the possibilities if you want to have any chance at success.

The History of the Ouija Board

The Ouija board has only been around since about 1891. There is some disagreement about who actually created the board. It is believed to have been the brainchild of either Elijah Bond or his partner Charles Kennard. What is known for certain is that a patent was awarded to Elijah Bond for his talking board on February the 10th 1891.

The name Ouija did not come into the equation until 1901, when William Fuld took over production of the talking boards and changed the name to Ouija. He also started manufacturing the boards on his own.

There are two beliefs about the origin of the word Ouija. One is that Kennard used the board and was told by the spirits talking through the board that the word Ouija came from ancient Egyptian and translated to mean good luck. The other more commonly accepted version is that Fuld used a combination of the German and French word for 'yes'. The German word for yes being 'ja' and the French word for yes being 'oui'.

The Fuld version of the talking or spirit board involved two basic pieces. A planchette and a wooden board. The planchette or pointer was placed on the board and all the people sitting around the table would lightly put their fingers on it. They were then supposed to ask the ghosts or spirits questions and the spirits responded by moving the planchette over the board.

The board itself had the words 'yes' and 'no' on it as well as the alphabet and the numbers zero through nine. The spirits could then answer questions by either responding with a yes or a no or by spelling out the words they wished to communicate.

The Ouija boards were considered to be a harmless, fun parlour game until the 1920s. It was then that a famous medium by the name of Pearl Curran began using the Ouija board during her séances. At this time the boards became almost synonymous with the occult, witches and magic. Many people began to believe that the boards were evil and that if you used them you could be opening your house and yourself to evil spirits and demons.

The Fuld family continued to produce their Ouija boards until 1966 when they sold the rights to the game to Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers is still producing Ouija board today and have expanded their boards to include a number of different models including one that glows in the dark. They also manufacture the boards in a number of different languages and sell their boards all over the globe. The Ouija board has been and continues to be one of their most popular items.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are often used to tell the future. Mediums use them to help answer a question a person might have about the future regarding a job, their love life or maybe even travel. But tarot cards can also be used to speak with those that have passed on.

One of the most common methods that is used by mediums is a three card spread. The medium carefully opens the deck and shuffles the cards. The deck is then cut and the deal begins. The three cards are laid out in front of the psychic and the spirit reading begins.

The card on the left is read first. This card is said to be the past or the history of the spirit. Quite often this card is a reflection of what happened to the spirit at the time of death. It may also reflect a tragic or traumatic event that occurred during the spirit's life.

The next card to be turned over and read is the center card. This card is the "present card". This card does not mean what is our present but what the ghost considers to be the present. If the spirit is a repeating ghost then the present would be whatever action they are repeating over and over. If on the other hand the ghost is an active ghost and knows that is among the living the present might be right now.

The last card to be read is the card on the right. This is the symbol of the ghost's near future. Quite often the card that appears here during a reading is that of the Ace. This card means a new beginning. In spirit terms this might indicate that the entity is now ready to move on to the next realm of existence. On the other hand if the ghost is not ready to move on the card may be almost anything. Should the card that is turned over be that of a sword card, that is a clear indication that the entity is conflicted and is not willing to move on.

Tarot cards are open to a good deal of interpretation and often do not provide a very clear picture. A good medium can also pick up other things from the ghost which will help them to read and understand what the cards and the ghost is trying to say.

This type of reading can also be done using the five or the nine card spread. In the five card spread the two left cards are the past and the two furthest right are the future. The more cards in the reading the more information you are supposed to get.

Some mediums actually like to do almost a complete reading of the cards with the spirit. They use the exact same layout with the ghost that they do with a living person. However they ask the initial question out loud and then proceed to lay the cards out in whatever layout that they prefer to use.

Layouts or spreads might include the Celtic cross, the wheel or the large spread. Most psychics have a spread that they prefer to use and that they find the easiest to understand and read.

Have you ever tried to communicate with the spirit world?

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What did you use?

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Personal Note

In keeping with the season and the challenge I decided to create all five of my lenses with the same general topic. When I began researching ghosts and discovered the enormity of the subject I realized that having only one lens could not truly do the material justice therefore I decided to break my Ghost lens into five separate ones with each one focusing on a particular ghost subject.

Please note that my lens was written with the fun of Halloween in mind. None of the content is meant to be offensive in any way to anyone or any religion. They also do not necessarily represent my own beliefs or practices.

Share your views, thoughts or scary stories..

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    • JeffGilbert profile image


      5 years ago

      Well, this is a very interesting lens, too bad it's not getting a lot of love. But this scares a lot of people, so maybe that's why. Great lens!! :)

    • Mircles profile image


      7 years ago

      "Very nicely written Jane". I have an article published right now called Demonic Ouija Boards (its not as scary as it sounds), but a fun to do for an understanding about spiritual communication. I'll be trying to publish another article soon about "Crossing Over, Death and Dying", however I am sort of stuck on where to locate the placement for it (any suggestions?). If you do know of anyone that is ill, then please have them watch for this article, it may help ease their mind (after all the spirits do know how to communicate to us in their own fashion).

      Have a Wonderful weekend!


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