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Compare Numark Mixtrack Pro Vs Traktor Kontrol S2

Updated on May 3, 2013

Numark Mixtrack Pro Vs Traktor Kontrol S2

These two DJ controllers are the pretty much the two most popular controllers on the market. Both of these are targeted at beginners/intermediate DJs and have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. Many people buying their first DJ controller often wonder which would be the ideal mixer for them (I did as well) so this lens will fairly compare them.

I myself am I bedroom DJ and the actual owner of both bits of equipment now, so it is fair to say that I can give a balanced viewpoint on both of them. To be totally honest I love them both and you will not be disappointed if you purchased either one!

Numark Mixtrack Pro

Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller with Integrated Audio Interface (OLD MODEL)
Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller with Integrated Audio Interface (OLD MODEL)

This updated version of the very popular Mixtrack DJ controller offers beginner and intermediate DJs a real quality DJ mixer at a real affordable price. This all in one box controller has everything you need to start becoming a rock star DJ in your bedroom. Plus it is lightweight and versatile enough to mobile disco with. You could be the DJ at house-parties everybody is talking about!

The mixtrack pro comes with Serato DJ software, all the cool features you would expect on a DJ deck plus precise jogwheels which replicate the feel of vinyl almost perfectly and is very user friendly - you will be mixing and scratching in no time.


Features Of Numark Mixtrack Pro

The best features of the Mixtrack Pro are:

  • Comes with full DJ software - Serato DJ intro version 1
  • Can be easily used with other software such as Traktor and Virtual DJ
  • Touch sensitive jogwheels - almost like the real thing
  • Very beginner friendly. Sync button makes beat matching very easy for a newcomers
  • Lightweight and compact. Ideal for parties and mobile DJs
  • Lights allow for more time looking at the decks rather than the software
  • Full EQ along with other features such as loops and cues
  • The platters are ideal for mixing and scratching so can be used on a variety of genres
  • Reliable
  • Very cheap for the functions it offers

Features Of Traktor Kontrol S2

The best features of the Traktor Kontrol S2 are:

  • Ease of use - You can be DJ minutes after getting the controller
  • High quality components. Jogwheel offers precise tight control while the x-fader is a joy to use.
  • You can map the dials and knows to your own style, offering flexibility
  • Portable- the S2 is perfect for mobile DJs and has a Booth Out
  • Traktor Pro 2.5 - Cutting Edge DJ Software FULL version bundled with controller.
  • Software integrates absolutely smoothly with the controller
  • TruWave and lights let you focus on the decks. Can mix tracks simply with advanced sync and TruWave..
  • Tons of features and effects which allows for creative DJ'ing
  • Professional kit, but beginners will find it easy to use and more importantly FUN
  • A top end kit at an immediate price.

How The Two DJ Controllers Are The Same

You have now seen the best features of both of them, so what features are the same?

Both come with full versions of DJ Software

Both are all in the box meaning you do not need anything else (bar a PC and headphones) and can be used straight away

Both are perfect for beginners and have sync functions so beat matching is not a worry.

Both are portable, so can be easily used for mobile DJs

Both can use different DJ software if necessary

How The Two DJ Controllers Are Different

So what makes the S2 and the Mixtrack Pro different?

S2 is more suited for professionals due to it's ability to be externally powered and having a booth output

S2 has sturdier better build of construction whilst the Pro is 100% plastic (although it is reliable)

The Traktor Pro software is superior to the software provided by the Mixtrack. You can also add effects decks to the S2.

The fader on the S2 is much better,the controls are just a bit tighter and has much more effect possibilities.

The Mixtrack Pro is much better value for money, but the S2 is a premium product at an excellent price.

Watch Video Overviews Of Both Products

Should You Buy The Mixtrack Pro Or The Traktor Kontrol S2?

This completely depends on a) your budget and b) the use.

Both of the decks are great great fun to use and are superb for learning how to DJ. You can experiment at your hearts content plus the ability to automatically sync the beats means you can experiment with effects and EQ levels so you can find your own unique style. Both are super for mobile DJ'ing.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro is perfect for any beginner bedroom DJ and is at a really great price.It has everything you need and you won't be missing out on anything fundamental. The extra cost is not really justified if you are on a budget and only planning to use it at home.

However, if you feel you want to take your DJ'ing to the next level then the Traktor Kontrol S2 has a greater potential due to it's ability to add an extra effects deck and is more suited for professional gigs to the Booth out. It has that extra quality in both design and in sound output (although you won't really notice this), and the DJ software although initially not as user friendly is more powerful.

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Compare Numark Mixtrack Pro Vs Traktor Kontrol S2
These two DJ controllers are the pretty much the two most popular controllers on the market. Both of these are targeted at beginners/intermediate DJs and hav...

Any questions? Any thoughts? Which one do you prefer?

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