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How Conjuring Crystal was conjured up!

Updated on May 15, 2014

I Know...You are asking yourself, Who is this crazy redhead anyway?

I am writing this lens because I thought, Yeah...I'm sure people want to know. I mean, Of course they want to know. Who wouldn't? Who am I? What am I? Why am I...?

As I said in my Bio, I am so many things. I thought for a long time that I had to pick one thing and stick to it; that I had to be defined by one single aspect. But I had such a hard time defining what that aspect was that it has taken me 41 years to realize that I can be all those parts of me at once. One day I am a dancer, the next I am a singer. At times I feel words flow through me and I become a poet. Other times I am so silly that the comic in me just spills out. Choices Have made me a mother and only my children can judge if I was a good one or not. Life experience has made me a mentor and teacher but I am forever a student.


Music Was My First Love

If I'm not singing I'm not living.

I have been singing as far back as I can remember. First was in church. I remember my first time singing a spiritual in front of a full congregation at age 9. I became so emotional that I choked up and could no longer make an audible sound. A friend of the family approached me after and said "it was great until you started bawling" And so sprouted my issues with stage fright and fear of judgement which can be crippling for an aspiring performer.

But that did not stop me. I continue to sing and landed a few small parts in community theater. But I could never perform well enough in an audition because of my deep seeded stage fright to land the rolls I knew I could play. It has taken years of hard work to get over the fear of judgement. I am just now realizing my talent and abilities enough to show them off at an audition.

I sang in a band for like one day - Enjoy

That was such a small stage.

so much fun


To Be Or Not TO Be....An actress that is.

Acting is my second love(very close second)

I loved to play act as a child. Cinderella was my favorite character to play. Maybe it was because I felt my mother made me do too many chores. When I was about 8 my father rented a video camera. Yes back in those days not everyone had them on their phones. Anyway, I decided we HAD to put on a play and I HAD to play Cinderella. I made my 2 older sisters play the Mean step mother and the ugly step sister. I made my little brother play the prince. My favorite memory was when he kissed me full on the lips at the "stroke of midnight" and I cracked up because I got lipstick all over hip face. Ah... the innocence of youth.

As I grew up I just couldn't stay away from the stage. I craved it. I ached for it! When I lived in southern California I had the opportunity to play some great rolls. Now I am on a new adventure to break into film, TV and commercials. All I have to say is, Tough business. But I still have plenty of good years left so I will keep the dream alive. Film and commercial auditions are fun so why not keep at it, right. Keep an eye out for a lens I will write about my experiences with all that. I are all holding your breath. if your curious here is the link to my agents website where you can find my info and resume. You know, in case you wanted to see all the fun I've been having. Crystal Sutton Talent Page I will continue to ad photos and announcements of any new performances I may be doing.

Below I have posted a link to a youtube video of me Performing "Memory" from Cats.

"Memory" Cats - I made the costume myself

The filming was not professional but I hope you enjoy anyway.

This was more fun than you can imagine!


I love to write music and poetry.

I learned I could write poetry after my first divorce and only a few years ago I realized I could also write songs. here is the link to my sound cloud account. check out the tunes man. sound cloud Please let me know what you think of my music in the comments section. Also, I love original poetry. Please share!

Here's one of mine:

I close my eyes and your face appears

My heart pounds

As though I have been dancing for hours

My breath is stolen from my mouth

It is your air,

Your love,

Your essence that I need

To help me find my breath again

I need not go far to find these elements

I need only to reach into my own heart

For that is where I hold your love

The breath of your love is sweet

And the air created by your essence is pure

My heart beats faster still

And the rhythm causes me to dance

I dance in your love

Your air

Your essence

And I breathe.....Again

By Crystal Sutton


I am black

I am white

I am dark

I am light

I am the spirit of togetherness

I am the spirit of unity

I am you

I am Me

I am humanity

By Crystal Sutton

Dancing is my Heart! - Earth goddess

I learned to belly dance from a close friend about 10 years ago. It quickly became a strong passion for me. I have never considered myself all that good but I love it none the less. I always try to put on a good show. I never choreographed my pieces. I always wanted to stay true to the music and my love for freestyle. I enjoy loosing myself in the sounds and rhythms and if I take an audience with me on that ride then the energy is incredible. I design and create all my costumes myself. the more I do the more creative I become. I enjoy mixing and matching colors that most would not fathom. Below are some videos of some of my favorite performance.

Many Faces of Belly Dance

The first one was interrupted by the thunder gods but it was by far my favorite performance.

I thought Someone had shot a gun!

My scary Halloween dance. I wish the lighting had been better for filming.

There's a dance for every season.

Do you feel that belly dancing would be a fun workout?

See results

More Belly Dance Photos - Never too many..

Click thumbnail to view full-size
I love costumesBelly dancing selfie
I love costumes
I love costumes
Belly dancing selfie
Belly dancing selfie

Awesome Belly dance gear - every dancer needs bling

I have recommended my favorite belly dance accessories.

Tell Me about your passions - I really want to know

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