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Cool gifts for musicians

Updated on September 17, 2014

Presents for the musician in your family.

Got a musician family member or friend and want to buy a gift for them but stuck for ideas?

As a musician I understand that we can be a little difficult to buy for (and we can only take so many mugs and keyrings).

This lens should help you find something that is both affordable and useful to your muso.

What gift to buy for a musician.

So apart from the mundane mug or keyring what can you give as a present for a musician?

Well you have a few options.

Consider a new musical instrument that compliments what they already play. For example if they are a guitarist perhaps you could give them a harmonica which would work nicely in a holder.

How about a tuner, metronome or a set of new strings for their guitar?

Would they like to record their own music? That opens up a whole new world of gifts for your musician friend or family member. Read on to find out more.

Gadgets for your musician.

Here are just a few gift ideas to get you started in finding the best gift for your musician.

  • Harmonicas - great for the guitarist, easy to learn and very portable.
  • Shakers - come in all shapes and sizes for the drummer, solo artist or just to set a groove.
  • Guitar string winder/cutter - a useful gift for any guitarist.

Stuff for recording.

If your musician friend is interested in creating their own album you have a lot of scope for a gift here. From a basic recording interface that plugs into their computer to a microphone or small multitrack recorder the options are numerous. Below are a few examples.

Music recording gifts.

Most musicians dream of creating their own album and with today's gear that dream can become a realiy.

Here are a few top picks that you can add to the birthday or Christmas list.

MXL Studio1-USB USB Desktop Recording Kit
MXL Studio1-USB USB Desktop Recording Kit

For singers this unit plugs right into your computer so yu can get started voice recording straight away.


Books for musicians.

Still stuck for ideas? Try a music related ebook. Not just any book though - something that will be useful that they can refer to.

Your musician could take advantage of material that will show them how to promote their music for example or how to mix their music.

There are a few books out there I recommend featured on my website (link below in the resources section).

Music lessons DVDs

Perhaps your musician is just a beginner or wants to expand their skills. A training DVD would be a welcome gift. You can get DVDs on just about any subject such as learning drumming, keyboard, guitar, congas, harmonica.

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