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Coors Light Girls and Maxim Joined forces to look for the Next Coors Light Maxim Girl

Updated on November 21, 2011

Amateur Girls Try Out to Become The Next Coors Light Maxim Girl

Coors Light joined forces with Maxim Magazine to look for the next Coors Light Maxim Girl.

Thousands of girls showed up from around the New York Metroplex to take pictures for a chance to grace the cover of maxim magazine.

Coors Light wanted to create some buzz around their name so they decided to get hot girls to show up and participate in their promotion.

Maxim Magazine and Coors light decided to conduct a Nation wide search for the ultimate coors light maxim girl. The girls needed to be over 21 and must have the looks to make it on the cover of maxim magazines which is a top male magazine.

The girls were competing for money and to be on the Cover of Maxim Magazine.

I could not believe the number of girls that showed up. There had to be over a thousand girls in one weekend. I had some really hot girls show up and most were doing anything to have the chance to make money and get on the cover of the top male magazine.

Coors light and Maxim choose some of the hottest clubs in New York that the girls would show up to. We marketed the event months in advanced to make sure thousands of girls would show up and be ready to show their sexy side.

Coors light wanted to generate Buzz around Coors light and get their male targeted consumers involved in the promotion... Where there are girls, there will be guys very close by.

Coors Light Maxim Girl Search

In order to allow guys participate, we gave them the chance to become a judge.   Random Coors light drinkers were chosen out of the crowd and was able to be a judge.

You could tell that so many girls loved to be in front of the camera.  I was the camera man and every time I would take a girls picture, they would ask me if they could take more.

It started to get really heated in the clubs as some of the girls were trying to take off a little too much.. 

I had owners of the clubs begging me to come back and do more Coors Light Maxim Promotions. 

Coors light also accomplished their goal of generating buzz as we were able to get our local coors light distributors to show up and participate in our promotion.

We ended up choosing some really hot girls from the Westchester co. area to represent New York at the SuperBowl.

You can View more coors light maxim girl photos here.

Brazilian Amateur Hottie wanting to be the next Coors Light Maxim Girl

This was taken in Portchester NY at a Brazilian bar called Pantanals
This was taken in Portchester NY at a Brazilian bar called Pantanals

Do you think I should be the next Coors Light Maxim Girl?