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Country I Want You Back Songs

Updated on January 17, 2014

Want Someone Back In Your Life? These Country I Want You Back Songs Just Might Be The Answer

Now why in the world would you be reading a Lens about country I want you back songs? Let me take a guess: The big breakup you feared has happened and now you're wishing you could hit the relationship undo button a few times, it hurts, huh? You want your ex back.

I've been where you are and the way I've dealt with it is a little unusual (see my significant other's pic to the left. Who wouldn't love her? She's always smiling, never talks back and she's extremely low maintenance) but I realize a stuffed doll may not work for everyone.

I did learn this when I was in your shoes: Pining for someone only goes so far. It's time to play some of these powerful tunes. Maybe even send your ex boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, husband or whoever a particular song (or even just the words). Or maybe just listen to all the songs, glean the best advice from the lyrics and implement your plan of action!

Please forgive me if I inject a little humor into the situation. I love these songs too, but I'm thinking you could use a laugh about now?

Here are the Top Ten "I Want You Back" Country Songs:

1. Every Light In The House Is On- Trace Adkins Hmmm...I bet the electric company LOVES this one!

2. Don't Take It Away- Conway Twitty. Is he singing about not taking away the love? Or is he singing about that comfy sofa she's about to load in the moving van?

3. If I Know Me- George Strait. If you knew her a little better instead of thinking about yourself George, maybe you'd still have her? Just sayin'...

4. Back In Your Arms Again- Lorrie Morgan. If singing doesn't work maybe a little super glue on your elbows will lock those arms right on and he'll NEVER let you go! Because he can't.

5. She's Got You- Patsy Cline. Yes, she may have him but why the sad face? Wasn't he the guy you say had stinky feet, always forgot your anniversary and never lifted the toilet seat before urinating? Sometimes you gotta count your blessings, honey.

6. I Want You Back- Little Big Town. What a cool Jackson 5 cover! Moonwalk to this one backwards in front of your ex and I'm thinking it's a done deal.

7. Hello Darlin'- Conway Twitty. Hmmm...Having yet another of these long conversations where only you are talking and no one ever answers, like Conway apparently is? It could be one of those little signs you need to seek the help of a medical professional.

8. What She's Doin' Now- Garth Brooks. She desn't love you anymore, you miss her terribly, she's with someone else and you're wondering what she's doin' now? Trust me, Garth, sometimes it's better NOT to know.

9. These Days- Rascal Flatts. She left you to marry a rodeo cowboy and you don't even like horses? And you can't figure out why it didn't last? Really? Dude, I'm thinking when that ship sailed you weren't even near the ocean.

10. He'll Have To Go- Jim Reeves. "Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone"? Hmmmm...Whispering weird stuff to her in a phone booth while she's out with someone else...I'm sorry but that's a bit odd and kind of creepy.

Was Jim a stalker?

A Few Thoughts On Where You're At Now

Take Time To Consider

1. Analyze this breakup. Why did it happen?

2. Is breaking up likely to happen again?

3. Do you really want your ex back or are you going to end up in this same place, thus denying yourself the opportunity for true happiness elsewhere?

4. If they've made it clear they are moving on it may be best to move on yourself rather than waste years of your life wishing for something that can't be.

If Your Examination Reveals You Do Want Them Back

1. There are songs, tips, books and other things that you need to start learning from containing ideas and techniques you need to start implementing immediately. Do it today, before someone else gets their hooks in your honey.

2. You could be truthful and say, "Babe, I want you back."

But the again, where's the fun in that? Seriously, being too blunt usually results in them losing interest even more. A little game playing, a little mystery, are not necessarily bad things when it comes to love.

Keep In Mind

1. If nothing is different going in it probably won't work anyway and you can't count on a makeover on their end. Perhaps you need to change.

2. If you do make a change in thinking or behavior and it's something that was a problem in the relationship make sure they know it. That's often the deal maker that convinces them to relent and heals a shattered relationship.

3. Manipulation might work on some people but it may be resented later. Of course right now you're probably not caring about later : )

Don't Sit Around Overthinking It. Take A Break And Go For A Walk

Don't Sit Around Overthinking It. Take A Break And Go For A Walk
Don't Sit Around Overthinking It. Take A Break And Go For A Walk

More "I Want You Back" Country Songs

Honorable Mentions

1. Austin- Blake Shelton

2. Paint Me A Birmingham- Tracy Lawrence

3. I Miss You A Little- John Michael Montgomery

4. The Good Stuff- Kenny Chesney

5. Can't Be Really Gone - Tim McGraw

Sound off here if you're missing someone and want them back.

If you've loved, lost, then figured out a way to do something proactive to end up winning, please share your (devious, lol) techniques.

Note: We do not advocate doing anything sneaky but it sure is fun to read about it! Do post your sneaky, juicy tidbits here!

Stories Please! - Have You Ever Got Someone Back After Thinking It Was Over For Good?

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    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      love your collection of songs here too :)

    • Writingmystory1 profile image


      6 years ago

      You may feel like you've lost right now but after you find your real true love, you will look back on this and know this relationship was just a stepping stone to get you to where you needed to be.


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