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Country Songs that are Good for Graduation

Updated on June 9, 2015

Add These 10 Outstanding Country Songs to Your Graduation Playlist

Graduating can be summed up in two ways, either you're moving on or your shifting gears...and you guessed it...there are a number of country songs with lyrics that describe just about any situation involving growth and change.

In your search for graduation songs you're going to find a few common song recommendations like My Wish by Rascal Flatts and I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. Both of these songs are incredible, and the lyrics are ideal to celebrate growth and change. However, this collection not only includes these two standards, but also 8 additional less conventional song choices that you can add to your celebration playlist.

More Country Songs for a Graduation Celebration found here

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Find the Right Country Song for Every Emotion

Play Hard Dream Big Smile Often
Play Hard Dream Big Smile Often

If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go, by Dallas Smith

"If there's a will then there's a way to get there If you wanna stay close, if you wanna go far, Go on ahead and follow your heart" (Lyrics)

Dallas Smith has a terrific voice! And this song is upbeat and filled with inspiration in both music and lyric! If you're looking for a song that delivers hope with a little more fun and excitement rather than emotional reflection, then be sure to listen to this tune.

In your search for just the right graduation song, the lyrics encourage and remind Graduates that it's up to them to chase their dreams...and whatever that dream is, all that's needed is their own will to get there! Add it to the playlist for a dance or just use it as a theme song for the entire celebration!

"Yeah you're on the right road, if it gets you to where you wanna go" (Lyrics) - Here's Dallas Smith's Official Video of the song! The video below features the lyrics.

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Listen to 'If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go' by Dallas Smith

I've included a video featuring the lyrics so you can read and listen at the same time.

You'll Find 'If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go' on Dallas Smith's Album 'Jumped Right In'

Jumped Right In
Jumped Right In

This album is terrific! Maybe I'm biased....because I'm absolutely a Dallas Smith fan! There are 10 terrific songs. You won't be disappointed! Born in 1977, Dallas is a Canadian Country Music Artist from British Columbia. 'Jumped Right In' was released in 2012 and it includes his other very popular hits, 'Jumped Right In', 'Nothing But Summer', and 'What Kind of Love'. His most recent album release was in 2014 called 'Tippin Point' with a single of the same name released from it - Yep, another hit!


We Laughed Until We Cried by Jason Aldean

Oh man we were livin, sittin' there reminiscin' Yeah, we sang and talked and traveled back in time We laughed until we cried (Lyrics)

Whenever I hear this song, I almost cry. It's not because the song is necessarily sad, it's more the moving music combined with the sentimental lyrics that cause me to start remembering various important markers in my life...and without exception, graduation is one of those markers.

Although the words speak about memorable moments in our life .. ranging from youth to our own family ... it has a way of drawing us into remembering whatever recent milestone we're passing or going through. The lyrics cause feflection of our paths already chosen while at the same time deliver a sentimental message to the youth just starting will be building memories along every road you decide to take.

Listen to 'We Laughed Until We Cried' by Jason Aldean - It's like the best days under the sun Every emotion rolled into one A little of this, A little of that K

(Lyrics) Oh Man we were livin' didn't waste one minute, We talked and drank and danced and said goodbye


You'll find 'Laughed Until We Cried" on Jason Aldean's 2007 album 'Relentless'. It turned out to be his 5th single to chart on the Billboard Hot Country Charts in the USA.Writers of the song are Kelley Lovelace and Ashely Gorley.


I Was Here by Lady Antebellum

(Lyrics) And I know that I will do more than just pass through this life

If you're looking for lyrics that shout inspiration and purpose, then this is the song. When we're just starting out in this world we tend to feel this urge to leave our mark...we want to do something different, make a contribution and be remembered...the funny thing is, that as we age, our aim is still the same but our desired rewards probably change.

As our young Graduates walk up to the podium to receive their degrees or diplomas, the lyrics to this song serve as a reminder to all those witnessing their milestone, that these young people are the next generation of contributors and without a doubt we want them to find their place in this world and most of all to achieve their dreams as painlessly as possible.

What a joyous occasion it is to watch our children grow in knowledge and most of all to enter the next chapter of their life with a sense of themselves and what they can do...if they simply believe they can.

Song and Lyrics of 'I Was Here' by Lady Antebellum

Maybe I'll compose symphonies, Maybe I'll fight for world peace, Cause I know it's my destiny, To leave more than a trace of myself in this place (Lyrics)

(Lyrics to I Was Here) You will notice me I'll be leaving my mark like initials carved in an old oak tree

Act Of Valor
Act Of Valor

You'll find 'I Was Here' by Lady Antebellum on a compilation album called Act of Valor which includes 9 additional inspirational songs by various country artists. Their song was also included on the AT&T Soundtrack for the 2008 USA Summer Olympic Team. The lyrics are certainly ideal for Olympians!


Listen to 5 Additional Song Choices for Graduation

Long Live, Taylor Swift

See You When I See You, Jason Aldean

My Best Days Are Ahead of Me, Danny Gokey

I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack

Whenever You Remember, Carrie Underwood

Long Live by Taylor Swift

Available for Download Here:

See You When I See You Jason Aldean

My Best Days are Ahead of Me, Danny Gokey

I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack

Whenever You Remember by Carrie Underwood

So Close Now by the Eli Young Band

A choice song for the graduate attending school away from home. The words speak about leaving the town you've been in and heading out to chase your dreams. The truck is loaded and although it's hard to leave, it's time to pursue the path you've been destined to take.

The music is sentimental and reflective in nature. If you're looking for a touching, less traditional country song for graduation, this one fits the bill.

You'll find 'So Close Now' on Eli Young Band's 2005 Album 'Level'. The album features 11 terrific songs in total - Look for their most recent album released in 2013, '10,000 Towns'.

Listen to So Close Now by The Eli Young Band

(Lyrics)..."I can't sleep I'm dreaming way too loud, I'm so close now, so close now"...

If you have a favorite Graduation Song, feel free to post it here!

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    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Gosh I wouldn't know where to start. All I know is I cried my eyes out when my daughters graduated, and probably wouldn't have heard the music anyway! But you have some great selections here, inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.