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10 Country Songs to Honor Dad

Updated on May 16, 2015

Save Yourself Countless Hours of Searching for the Best Country Song for Dad with this Already Researched List of 10 Popular Tunes

I've done the work for you. As you know, it's very time consuming to try to find just the right song to express your feelings for your loved one...I know that first hand because I've spent hours and hours searching out songs for my dad who recently passed away.

To make your selection a little easier, you'll find a brief description of what the song is about in the title, then if it sounds like the type of country song you're looking for to honor your dad, you can read more about the song, listen to it, and of course, order the song online if you need to - all in one place.

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Photo: Dad's Love Ties Us Together Family Life Quote - Peel & Stick Vinyl Wall Picture Art - Size : 16 Inches X 18 Inches - 22 Colors Available

Dad Picture Frame
Dad Picture Frame

'A Song For Dad' by Keith Urban is A Dedication from a Son Who, As He Gets Older, Sees His Father in Him

This song is a good choice to honor a father whose passed away. The lyric 'The older I get, the more I can see

that he loved my mother and my brother and me, and he did the best that he could'. The song tells the story of a son who wants to be the kind of man his father was when he raises his own family.

This song choice is ideal for a son who wants to acknowledge that his dad still lives within him, so much so, that he sees himself becoming more like his dad every single day. The most moving part of the song is when the son says that when he feels he can't go on, he hears his dad telling him that everything's gonna be alright.

Photo: Malden Bronze Dad Picture Frame with One Opening

He's in My Eyes, My Heart, My Hands, My Soul (Lyrics)...

'I hope everyday I see a little more of my father in me' (lyric - A Song for Dad)

Golden Road
Golden Road

You'll find 'A Song for Dad' on this album, Golden Road, released in 2002.

The album contains 12 excellent tracks including 4 Hits; Raining on Sunday, Somebody Like You, Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me, and You'll Think of Me.

Keith Urban co-produced several of the songs on the album including 'A Song for Dad'.


'The Only Way He Knew How, A Father's Love' - A Father Who Showed Love by Doing Tasks in Lieu of Speaking the words 'I Love You'

The Video and Lyrics to This Song Will Choke You Up

Although I can't personally relate to this type of relationship, I cry watching this. It's moving in the simplest ways. In our home we always said we loved each other, and we said it often, but I know people in my life who've had a relationship like this with their dad, and that's what reduces me to tears.

This son's father shows him he loves him this way....He checked the air in my tires, the belts and all the spark plug wires

Said "When the hell's the last time You had this oil changed" (lyrics) and as the son grows into a man he realizes that this is his father's way of showing him love. The video captures a full life story of love being expressed this way all the up to dad's 65th birthday celebration.

It's heart warming to watch the son, now a grown man, understand that through his entire life, his father was expressing his love to him, the way he knew how.

'Hard to read, hard to please Yeah, that was my old man' (Lyrics)

'The Only Way He Knew How' was written and Released for Bucky Covington; High Valley Covered the Song on this Album

High Valley
High Valley

High Valley covered this song, 'A Father's Love' on their 2010 Album where you'll find 10 additional terrific song tracks. The song was written by Liz Hengber for country music singer-songwriter Bucky Covington of American Idol fame and released as a single by him, for an album that didn't get released. However, it was later released on Bucky's 2012 Album 'Good Guys'.


For Those Who Didn't Have the Deep Love of a Father - I Love You This Much, by Jimmy Wayne Delivers a Powerful Message

The song has a religious message near the end - tieing together the story of true love

It's about a little boy whose father was never around and how that little boy ached for his father's love. He couldn't understand why is dad didn't love him enough to want to be with him. When his father passes away, that boy, now a man, is left with the emptiness of never knowing, along with a long list of unanswered questions left for the eternal void. A light of hope and understanding is metaphorically gifted to him by God during his father's funeral; God says, however long it takes, I'm never giving up, no matter what, I love you this much (lyrics) - Forgive me father, he then realized he hadn't been unloved or alone all of his life.

It's a moving message of hope and love, despite the sad story of this father and son.

However Long it Takes, I'm Never Giving Up, No Matter What, I Love You This Much (Lyrics)

I Love You This Much is a Powerful Ballad about the Struggling Relationship between Father & Son

Jimmy Wayne [Enhanced CD]
Jimmy Wayne [Enhanced CD]

Country music artist Jimmy Wayne co-wrote this song with Don Sampson and Chris DuBois. It was the second single to be released from his 2003 album of the same name. The song did very well peaking at #6 on the US Country Charts and #53 on Billboard Hot 100.


A Good Man by Emerson Drive - Sung from Dad's perspective, it's Easy to Dedicate this one to Him!

Is Dad Your Prime Example of What a Good Man Is? If so this is your song for dad!

This song is one of my all time favorite songs by Emerson Drive!

On the day they lay me down, I want everyone to gather round, and say he was a father, brother, neighbor and friend, he was a good man (lyrics)

Since my own dad has recently passed away, this song sings to, dad, dad..this is my dad. So whether or not dad is living or unfortunately passed on, this song works either way. The words honor a dad whose been an awesome man throughout his life; yes, nobody's perfect, but if your dad gets pretty close to perfect in your books, then this is your song!

My dreams aren't that complicated (lyrics) be A Good Man

Don't miss this song, it's worth listening to...wonderful lyrics

Love is Something You Gotta Earn (lyrics) - A Good Man by Emerson Drive


You'll find 'A Good Man' as one of the tracks on Emerson Drive's album, Countrified. There are 11 terrific tracks on this song! You can hear a sample of each track as well...just in case you need more convincing! Do you remember the hit song 'Moments', well it's also on this album. That's such a great song I also had to do a review on that song as well! Countrified was released in 2006 and reached number 2 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers.


Testify to Love, by Wynonna Judd - I had to Include this song to Honor all Love, Especially a Father's Love

The first time I heard this song was decades ago on an episode of 'Touched by An Angel'. Although this episode isn't exclusively about a father, it is about a family who understandably is having difficulty coping with the fact that their son is going to pass away. The song is the last item on the little boy's list of things to do before he dies. In tear-jerking format, the song is finished and sung in the little boy's honor, in the presence of his mother, father, sister and family friends.

If your dad loves completely and with all his heart, you can dedicate this song to him (whether he's passed on or still living). In fact, if you're one of the fortunate ones who has a father living while you live, then perhaps you'll want to blast this song from the rooftops in his honor.

Every Corner of Creation Lives to Testify

If you're grateful for all of the love in your life, especially the love of your father, listen to this song! One video is just the lyrics, and the other is a clip from the episode itself.

Testify to Love
Testify to Love

This very moving song is also referred to in the TV Episode of Touched by an Angel, as 'The 151st Psalm. However when looking for the song online, most people refer to it as 'Testify to Love'. You really can't listen to this song just once, and it's the perfect dedication to honor how dad loves, and how much you love him.


4 More Classic Country Songs to Honor Dad

You'll notice a brief description about each song and below that you'll get a chance to watch their corresponding videos as well as get the song online if you need it.

Listen to the four additional songs here:

One Wing in the Fire by Trent Tomlinson

That's My Job, by Conway Twitty

A Love Without End, Amen, by George Strait

He Didn't Have to Be, by Brad Paisley - A beautiful dedication from a Stepson for his Step Dad

This song is completely moving - in every single way - It honors all of the amazing stepfathers who didn't have to be amazing. It takes a village to raise a child, but it means so much to a child when their step dad loves them as their own.

I Wrote and Produced a Dedication Poem Video for My Husband When His Father Passed Away - It's Called When a Son Loses His Father

I hope you enjoy it; my husband was not as blessed as I was in terms of his relationship with his father - This song/poem tells that story.

© 2014 Barbara Tremblay Cipak

What's Your Favorite Song to Honor Dad ...doesn't have to be Country of course!

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    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 2 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      such a moving comment Lorelei, it's wonderful that you both were able to find a measure of peace and respect no matter what.

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 2 years ago from Canada

      My father was an amazing man and I sure miss him now. For personal reasons he and I did not speak to each other the last years of his life but I think he understood. I think that if I had those years to do over again it still would have ended the same but I think that he knew through that time how much I still admired him.

    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

      A wonderful selection for this very special day, I hope you had a wonderful day Sunday!!! Thanks :)

    • profile image

      GrammieOlivia 3 years ago

      Oh I think you have covered a lot of bases with these songs, all of them are great! Love this lens and the stories it help tell.

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Sweet songs and a beautiful Lens! Hope your day today is filled with good memories that keep you smiling.

    • Nithya Venkat profile image

      Nithya Venkat aka Vellur 3 years ago from Dubai

      Great song selection for dad in appreciation!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Wonderful list! I love the "Testify to Love" song and remember that episode of Touched by an Angel. Beautifully done tribute page for all fathers!

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      @David Stone1: thank you David

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      @Margaret Schindel: thank you Margaret sorry for your loss too

    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Barbara, I lost my dad 7 years ago and I miss him very much. Reading this beautiful page really touched a chord with me. I want to come back and watch/listen to the clips you've provided when I'm not feeling so emotional. My favorite song to honor Dad is "Leader of the Band" by Dan Fogelberg, although I can't listen to it without crying. This page is a beautiful and beautifully written tribute to all fathers everywhere and I'm sure it will resonate with every person who reads it. Thank you.

    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 3 years ago from New York City

      Beautfifully, touchingly done, Barbara, and thank you for the promo. I appreciate it.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      @Nancy Hardin: thank you Nancy, really appreciate that - your post reminded me that another good song is 'He Didn't Have to Be' by Brad Paisley - I remember you saying that song could be dedicated to your step dad

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      It's funny, I have no "Dad's Song," but my Dad played the guitar for fun, and would sing funny little songs to me. Sometimes he would play current country songs and have me sing with him. You've done a marvelous job on this my friend. This should go right to the top for Father's Day. Beautiful, just beautiful.