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Creating YouTube Videos Using Itunes Visualizer

Updated on November 27, 2015

Creating YouTube Videos Using ITunes Visualizer


Hello People. In this lens i am going to explain how you can upload your favourites songs to YouTube and have the music play along to the amazing visuals that are produce by iTunes visualizer.

The Software you will need to achieve this:


A Screen Capture Programme

A Video Editing Programme

A YouTube Account

What Is iTunes Visualizer

Music visualization, a feature found in electronic music visualizers and media player software, generates animated imagery based on a piece of music. The imagery is usually generated and rendered in real time and synchronized with the music as it is played.

Visualization techniques range from simple ones (e.g., a simulation of an oscilloscope display) to elaborate ones, which often include a plurality of composited effects. The changes in the music's loudness and frequency spectrum are among the properties used as input to the visualization.

Apple iTunes comes with it's own built in free visualizer and can be found by going to 'View' from the menu bar and then selecting 'Show Visualizer'.

Controlling iTunes Visualizer With Keyboard Shortcuts

N - toggle Normal or high-contrast colors

R - display a Random new visualization configuration

C - display information about the Current visualization configuration

M - select configuration Mode (random, user, freeze)

use "freeze" while toggling form, effect, and color

Q/W - toggle visualization "form" (shape of the wave lines that are keyed to the music)

(moving backwards/forwards through the list of 75 forms below)

it takes about 4 seconds until the new form is fully there

A/S - toggle visualization "effect"

(moving backwards/forwards through the list of 153 effects below)

it takes about 6 seconds until the new effect is fully there

Z/X - toggle visualization "color"

(moving backwards/forwards through the list of 64 color schemes below)

it takes about 8 seconds until the new color is fully there

SHIFT - 0 through SHIFT - 9 - save current configuration

0 through 9 - display saved user configuration

D - reset visualizations to Default

(careful - this also resets what's bound to the number keys!)

F - toggle the Frame rate display

T - Toggle the frame rate capping

H or ? - display Help menu

I - display track Info (title, artist, album)

arrow left/right - previous/next song

arrow up/down - change volume

Using Camtasia


Video Example 1

This is my favourite track from Max Richter's wonderful album Memoryhouse.

Video Example 2 - Morning Passages - The Hours

My favourite song from one of my favourite films. Morning Passages By Philip Glass From The Hours Soundtack.

Video Example 3 - Philip Glass - Melodia Africana III

Philip Glass - Melodia African II From The Album I Giorni.

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